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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Simaron Brothers (1968)- Jess Lapid's last (completed) movie with Jun Aristorenas

Action star Jess Lapid, in the peak of his colorful movie career, was shot dead inside a nightclub in Quezon City. Here's the full account of that fateful incident in the early morning of July 13, 1968 --- from the front pages of The Manila Times.

By Cecilio T. Arillo/ The Manila Times/July 13, 1968

Movie actor Jess Lapid was shot dead at the Lanai nightclub on Quezon blvd. ext., Quezon City, shortly before 3 a.m. today. Lapid was gunned down during a heated discussion between two groups of movie actors and actresses.

The killer, believed to be also a movie star, fled in a Blu-Car taxicab. He left the fatal gun, a 9 mm pistol, at the scene of the shooting. The shooting occurred during a birthday party. With Lapid were Vilma Valera, Clarita Rivera, Miriam Jurado, and other movie celebrities. Lapid was hit four times in different parts of the body. He died on arrival at the National Orthopedic Hospital.

Witnesses said Lapid had a quarrel with the killer who was seated at another table. The man just whipped out a gun and fired at the actor, hitting him in the body. Lapid, who was then seated, tried to stand up, but the gunman fired four more shots in rapid succession. Jess Lapid used to play movie roles as a gunman. He started out as a movie “badman” but had lately been starring in action pictures.

A nephew, Manuel Lapid, 30, of 1340 P. Guevarra, Sta, Cruz, figured in a shooting incident Thursday night at a Zurbaran restaurant where one man was killed and two others wounded. Police were looking into the possibility that this morning’s killing arose from the Zurbaran shooting.

MAN HELD IN LAPID GUNSLAYBy Cecilio T. Arillo/ The Manila Times/ July 14, 1968

A Caloocan City businessman yielded at the Quezon City police headquarters early this morning for questioning in connection with the gunslaying of movie actor Jess Lapid. The suspect, Mario Henson, 30, a father of seven and son-in-law of the Caloocan City mayor, showed up with his lawyer, Alfonso Cruz. Earlier reports said Henson was picked up by the QC detectives in his home in barrio Bagumbong, Caloocan City, at 7:25 last night.

As Henson was being brought to the detective bureau, he was met in the lobby by Rufo Lapid, nephew of the victim, who promptly identified him as one of two gunmen who allegedly shot the actor. Henson, looking tired, worried and red-eyed, refused to talk as he referred reporters to his lawyer.

At press time, he was closeted with QC Police Chief Tomas B. Karingal, Capt. Ernesto San Diego, chief of detectives, and Lieutenants Leonardo San Jose and Conrado Arabit. The suspect earlier tagged by the police as the alleged mastermind, was scheduled to be paraffin-tested for possible powder burns at the NBI this morning. A confrontation with vital witnesses was also being arranged by the police at press time.

When he showed up at the QC police headquarters, Henson was wearing a yellow balon T-shirt and dark pants. Witnesses had earlier told police that a man wearing a yellow banlon T-shirt had confronted Jess Lapid shortly before the actor was shot at the Lanai Nightclub on Quezon blvd. ext., Diliman, QC, at about 3 a.m. yesterday.

Two gunmen participated in the shooting, witnesses said. The second, said to be a hired killer from Angeles City, remained at large at press time. Reported to be armed with a .357 magnum revolver, the gunman was being hunted by two teams of QC detectives in a Central Luzon province.

Lapid, 35, married and father of three, was hit five times and died on arrival at the National Orthopedic Hospital. His last words to a taxi driver who rushed him to the hospital were: “Dalhin mo ako sa pinakamalapit na hospital” (Bring me to the nearest hospital). Witnesses said Lapid was seated at a table talking with friends when the first gunman suddenly shot him from a table in front of him. Although hit in the left arm, Lapid swiftly stood up and drew his own gun. But the second gunman cut him down with two more shots in the back. Lapid spun around and tried to snap a shot at the other gunman, but the one in front of him shot him again, hitting him in the stomach.

Amancio Mirasol, 30, the taxi driver whose Blu-Car cab was used by the gunmen in getting away from the nightclub, was picked up yesterday afternoon for questioning. Mirasol told Lt. Conrado Arabit, chief homicide section of the QC police, that the two men boarded his cab in front of the nightclub and directed him to proceed to Manila. On reaching Morong and Speaker Perez sts., Sta. Mesa Heights, QC, the triggermen got of the taxicab after paying the driver 1.30. Mirasol said they walked toward the west of Speaker Perez st. and boarded a waiting car painted green and blue. The same car was seen by witnesses leaving the nightspot with two persons on board shortly after shots rang out.

Yolly Aquino, 34, a nightclub hostess, said the gunman-mastermind approached the actor after the former had paid his chits. Aquino said the actor had apparently sensed danger because he wanted to get out the club right away. In fact, police said, Lapid had sent out two nightclub hostesses to summon the actor’s friends who were at the Philamlife compound some half a kilometer away from the nightclub.

Margarita Gonzales, 21, one of the two hostesses, said Lapid had whispered to her that the men in front of their table were his enemies. “I cannot back out anymore,” Lapid had said in Tagalog to Gonzales. Gonzales and the other girl, Sylvia Naporada, 21, went to the Philamlife compound. But before they could reach there, the gunmen had already shot the actor. Paquito Diaz and other movie bit players were in the Philamlife comopund playing cards. They rushed to the nightclub only to learn that Lapid was dead.

Dets. Pablo Pascual and Marcos Viñas traced the movements of the victim yesterday. The actor with six companions, four girls and two men, went first to the Patio Flamenco nightclub on Roxas blvd., Parañaque, where they spent less than one hour. Lapid told three of his companions to go ahead to Lanai Club. After 30 miniutes, Lapid followed the group in his car, with Rufo Lapid, a nephew, driving. A guard, Simplicio Lubreza, 21, said the victim entered the club past 2 a.m. Detectives Pascual and Viñas said the gunmen and their three companions had apparently been following the actor.

Det. Cesar Dalanon said the killing was well-planned. Nobody else was hit by stray bullets although many were seated near the actor. Among them were movie actresses Vilma Valera, Clarita Rivera and Miriam Jurado. Police said one of the gunmen was slapped by the victim 10 months ago at the Premiere Productions compound in Caloocan City. A witness said the slapping victim was with four companions and tried to kidnap Nancy Roman, a movie starlet and niece of Lapid.

Bella Flake-Lapid, wife of the actor, said her husband did not tell her anything about the slapping incident. But sources said the victim in that slapping incident had vowed to retaliate. This developed yesterday afternoon as police cleared a movie bit player of any involvement in the killing.


James DR said...

Maraming incidents and controversies din ang nangyari noong 60s, isa nga itong pagbaril kay Jess Lapid. Ngayon ko lang ganap na naunawaan ang mga detalye, kasi nuong bata pa ako, hindi ko naman alam lahat ng pangyayari, basta alam ko lang nabaril daw si Jess Lapid.

Ang isa pang natatandaan ko ay yung away nina Stella Suarez at Lucita Soriano na nasugatan pa sa mukha si Lucita Soriano dahil sa pagbato ni Stella Suarez ng tasa ng kape sa mukha ni Lucita. Di ko rin alam ang mga detalye nun, nagkademandahan pa rin yata, tapos naayos din. After that, nagsama pa nga sila sa isang pelikula, di ba?

Anonymous said...

the lanai nightclub where jess lapid met his untimely death is now the Heartbeat KTV along quezon ave.

Anonymous said...

hi...this site is so good, madami akong nalalaman at natutunan na mga nagyari during '60s-'80s even up to the latest news and intrigues, I'm just wondering if to whom should i ask permission regarding the materials here?where doing a coffee-table book and photos here will be very helpful for the project that we're doing.Sino po and paano namin pwedeng hingin yung permiso para magamit yung ibang photos? thank you!

Anonymous said...

akala ko ang bumaril kay Jess Lapid ay siya ring pumatay kay Boy Golden!

FM said...

i remembered FPJ telling a story about the Lapid Sr. shooting incident. kinwento ni FPJ yung sama ng loob nya nung mabaril si LAPULU (his petname for Lapid Sr.) Da King regarded Lapid Sr. as a great gunman. kung hinamon lang daw sa sana si Lapulu ng parehas, di daw sila uubra kay Lapulu. Da King even called those gunmen who shot Lapid Sr. as the most coward people. what made Da King more sad is the fact that when Lapid Sr. died, he was saying, "ronnie, asan ka?"

Anonymous said...

Bakit kaya binaril si Jess Lapid Sr? Ano kaya ang dahilan? Bakit kaya wala mang tumulung kay Jess Lapid nung pinagbabaril sya.

Sa tingin ko mali si DA KING sa pagsabing the most coward people un bumaril kay Jess Lapid Sr. Ang tapang nga eh, kase di sila natakot barilin si Jess lapid ..eh sikat na artista un tsaka may pangalan pa.

Anonymous said...

Ngayon ko lang naunawaan ng maliwanag ang pagkamatay ni Jess Lapid. Iba ang pagkakaalam kong istorya noon pa. Bukod kay FPJ at Vic Vargas, si Jess Sr. ang isa ko pang paboritong artista. Lahat ng pelikula niya ay pinanonood ko at hanga ako sa katapangan niya sa pelikula man o sa tunay na buhay. Itong katapangan na ito ang matahil naging sanhi ng kanyang pagkamatay.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Jess Lapid, Sr.'s death.Kung kelan siya nagbago at tapusin ang relasyon at tumino, doon pa siya namatay.I hope he still goes to heaven.Sayang, he didn't see how great Jess Lapid, Jr. and his children are.Specially si Lito Lapid, who portrayed him in his own story.But God knows better and he has a great plan for him in heaven, I hope! I wondered what happened to the criminals who killed him? Medyo bitin yung story, sana may part 2, where they showed the court trial for these criminals and the true story of behind why they killed him?

Cec said...

Sana they can also feature more of his story.There is something missing there.At least they should interview or make a documentary, where Jess Lapid Jr., the wife, the mistress and the stars closed to him, including the witnesses to the crime scene can be interviewed.I know it is morbid, but at the same time, it will be a memorable and excellent documentary to watch.

Unknown said...


jess lapid, sr. death shook the moviedom in 1968. he is one of the most bankable action stars during his time alongside erap, fpj, zaldy, and many other action greats. he is also a classic example of rags to riches in showbiz starting from humble beginnings as a movie extra, a bit player, a contravida and eventually an action hero. we miss his classic black and white movies.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the killers were sent to jail .. Im sure since he is related to mayor he probably did not even spent time in jail.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the movie portrayal of the late Fernanado Poe as Director of the National Bureau of Investigation. A few days after the brutal death of Jess Lapid. Velasco set an entrapment operation at the same bar where Lapid was slain, Velasco arrested the four suspects. After reading the full details of the story which I found to be more relevant as to what happend on that fateful morning.

Unknown said...

Hanggang ngayon naiiyak pa rin ako pagnaaalala ko si Jess Lapid. I met him sa shooting ng Guillerma Bravado, he was such a gentleman just like FPJ who I also met at that time. They were my two most love action stars.

Unknown said...

paano po ba mag download ng movie ni Jess Lapid sr.? Leon Guerrero po sana at Wild Wild Jess....salamat po

Unknown said...

Kumpare ng dad ko si capt. Ernesto san diego. Kwento sa amin ng mom ko yang patayan n yan. Hanapin nyo rin yung story ni eddie fernandez kung bakit sya nakulong at nabaril nya bf ni rosanna ortiz

Unknown said...

may mga mali sa report..tito ko ang napagbintangan jan.. sa media magandang imahe sila pero tunay na kwento ng papa ko hindi sila ganyan

Unknown said...

Di mo Alam yung duwag sa matapang??.. Kaya tinawag na duwag dahil traydor Kung lumaban.. kaduwagan ang lumaban ng patalikod.. Alam mo na??


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