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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Probably the most successful tandem of husband and wife in Philippine movie history, Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces starred in at least 17 full-length films, all certified box-office hits.

1. Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw (1965)
2. Pilipinas Kong Mahal (1965)
3. Zamboanga (1966)
4. Langit at Lupa (1967)
5. Mapagkailan Man (1968)
6. Sorrento (1968)
7. Tanging Ikaw (1968)
8.To Susan With Love (1968)
9. Perlas Ng Silangan (1969)
10. Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin (1969)
11. Divina Gracia (1970)
12. Salaginto’t Salagubang (1972)
13. Karnabal (1973)
14. Mahal, Saan Ka Nanggaling Kagabi (1979)
15. Mahal, Ginagabi ka Na Naman (1979)
16. Manedyer... Si Kumander (1982)
17. No Retreat… No Surrender… Si Kumander (1987)

Lists of Movies

These last four films are their most loved films showing the couple's adventures and misadventures as husband and wife---

Friday, September 28, 2007


Ang Panday (The Blacksmith) is a series of fantasy films based on the fictional comics character of the same title created by Carlo J. Caparas and illustrated by Steve Gan in Pilipino Komiks. It was adapted to the big screen by Fernando Poe, Jr. and has played the character of Flavio, the hero and protagonist, at least four times. The Panday movie series were shown in the 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1984 Metro Manila film Festivals and each time adjudged the top grossers of the festival.

"When a meteor fell from the sky one night, Flavio (FPJ) forged the metal from the meteor into a dagger, the balaraw. When he raises the dagger to the sky, it magically grows into a sword. He uses this magical sword to fight the evil Lizardo (Max Alvarado) and other supernatural beings. Eventually, Lizardo and his minions are destroyed."

The Caparas novel as serialized in Pilipino Komiks in 1979


Ang Panday (1980)

Pagbabalik ng Panday (1981)

Ang Panday ...Ikatlong Yugto (1982)

Ang Panday IV (1984)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo, who is better known by her screen name Julie Vega (May 21, 1968 – May 6, 1985), was a popular and well-loved Filipino movie and television actress and singer. Her sudden death at the tender age of 16 triggered a massive outpouring of nationwide grief that is still vividly remembered by Filipino showbiz fans after several years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julie_Vega

Sometime in March 1984, I had this great and rare
opportunity of photographing Ms. Vega, upon the request of her parents. They will be needing the pictures for their various press releases. Of course, I obliged. It's a good break and something not to be missed! (That time, my career path was in the field of photography- setting up my own studio or a photo processing shop, but that didn't push thru as I ventured into a different field). I asked my friends from my group, Kameradare Camera Club to join and assist me, since I still don't have any background and experience photographing celebrities and this is my first time. That experience was memorable and I want to share some of these photos.

See The Angelic Julie Vega (Her Films)

My friends at Kameradare Camera Club during the photo session with Julie Vega ( with William Ong, Victor Sison, Kitty Gutierrez)


On and off camera, Fernando Poe, Jr. is known simply as Da King, a title he rightfully deserves. As an icon and living legend in movie industry, he ruled the local movie scene for five decades until his untimely death on December 14, 2004. He was proclaimed National Artist for Film. As a tribute to my idol, I want to share in this blog some of his selected movie ads which I compiled thru the years. Enjoy them!

"Anak ni Palaris" (1955) - His First Movie

"Lo' Waist Gang" (1956) - Poe's First Taste of Fame and Stardom

"Kamay ni Cain" (1957) - His First Nominated Film for Best Supporting Actor. He played villain to lead actor, Zaldy Zshornack. His first with Director Gerardo (Gerry) de Leon.

"Pepeng Kaliwete" (1958) and "Laban sa Lahat" (1958) started his colorful career as an action star.

"Tough Guy" (1959) - His Biggest Break

"Markado" (1960) - Established him as the country's Top Action
and Box-office star.

"Apollo Robles" (1961) and "Ako ang Katarungan" (1962), both directed by Gerry de Leon

"Batang Maynila" (1962) - Initial offering of FPJ Productions


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