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Thursday, December 29, 2011


MANILA, Philippines—The gangster movie “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story” reaped the most number of awards, including Best Film, at the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival Gabi ng Parangal on Wednesday night.

The film, about notorious gang leader Nicasio “Asiong” Salonga, also won the Best Director award for Tikoy Aguiluz, who was not around to receive his trophy.

Aguiluz had protested the inclusion of his name in the film’s credits and promotional materials. He said “Asiong” had been reshot, reedited and rescored without his knowledge, therefore, it could not be attributed to him.

On Dec. 20, Aguiluz filed a complaint in the Intellectual Property Rights Office against producer Maylyn Villalon of Scenema Concept International for infringement of Republic Act No. 8293, the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. Aguiluz further accused the producers of “violating” his rights as the film’s director.

At the award ceremony held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World in Pasay City, it was “Asiong” associate director Gary de la Cruz’s name that was called out as Best Director. But onstage, lead actor Laguna Gov. ER Ejercito, on accepting the trophy, said he was doing so on behalf of Aguiluz.

“They (MMFF executive committee) just had to put in a name for director, but for all intents and purposes it was Tikoy who directed the film,” said Mark Meily, a director and committee member.

“Direk Tikoy worked hard for this film. He labored for nine months, for 40 shooting days …,” said Ejercito in his acceptance speech. “You’re one of the best and brightest directors in the country. “Pasensya ka na. (Forgive us). There were decisions the producers had to make to improve the film,” he addressed the absent Aguiluz.

Aguiluz won over Tony Y. Reyes, who megged the comedy-adventure “Enteng ng Ina Mo,” and Chris Martinez, director of the “Lunod” episode of the horror trilogy “Shake, Rattle and Roll 13.”

“Asiong” is a remake of the 1961 film that starred former President Joseph Estrada. It is based on the life of a Tondo gangster in the 1950s who was responsible for much crime but eluded capture using his wits and charm. The movie also won the Gatpuno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award, which is given to a film that “embodies the values of Filipinos and the country’s heritage, history and culture.” “This film has gone through a lot,” Ejercito said. “We didn’t even think we’d be included in the festival lineup.” John Regala won Best Supporting Actor for his work on the film.

Roi Iglesias and Rey Ventura won Best Screenplay for “Asiong,” while Best Cinematography was awarded to Carlo Mendoza. Best Original Theme Song went to Ely Buendia for the theme song “La Paloma.”

Mike Idioma copped Best Sound Recording for his work on the gangster movie, while Fritz Silorio, Mona Soriano and Ronaldo Cadapan won the Best Production Design award.
The Best Musical Score honor went to Jessie Lasaten and Best Editing, to Jason Cahapay and Ryan Orduna.

“Enteng ng Ina Mo,” featuring comedians Vic Sotto and Ai-ai de las Alas, won the 2nd Best Picture award. “Shake Rattle and Roll 13,” directed by Martinez, Jerrold Tarog and Richard Somes, bagged 3rd Best Picture.

Dingdong Dantes was named Best Actor for his compelling performance in the Joyce Bernal suspense-thriller “Segunda Mano,” which Dantes also coproduced. Dantes did not attend the awards show, so with Maricel Soriano, who was heralded as Best Actress for her work in the Jun Lana family drama “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

“Yesterday…,” a Regal Entertainment production, was disqualified from four categories—Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and the Gatpuno award—for “deviating from the pre-approved story line,” MMFF executive committee chair Francis Tolentino had earlier said.
Tolentino is also chair of the Metro Manila Development Authority, which hosts the annual ceremony.

On the morning of Dec. 28, Regal matriarch Lily Monteverde and director Lana met with some execom members to try and convince them to reconsider their decision. The committee denied Regal’s appeal.

“Shake, Rattle and Roll 13” won for Best Story for its “Lunod” episode written by Marlon Rivera and Chris Martinez. The film won for Bugoy Cariño the Best Child Performer award.

Eugene Domingo was adjudged Best Supporting Actress for the comedy “My House Husband: Ikaw Na” directed by Jose Javier Reyes. She dedicated her trophy to the film’s lead actors, real-life couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. The film, about a man forced to take care of the household and two kids after he lost his bank manager job, also won the Gender Sensitivity award, which is given to a film that “respects the many aspects of an individual without bias, especially on the topic of sex.”

“Ang Panday 2,” a co-production of GMA Films and Imus Productions, won the Best Visual Effects award for the group Riot Inc. It also won for Best Float in the Parade of Stars that was held on Christmas Eve.

“Enteng ng Ina Mo,” this year’s festival top-grosser, brought home only one award—Best Make-up for Florencia Penero, Nicolo Medina and Nilo Cruz.

In 2010, the MMFF began showcasing independent films under the New Wave category to give viewers wider choices. This year, the animated film “Pintakasi” won for Best Full-Length Film under this section. Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos, who produced “Pintakasi,” said it took her team, Creative Media Society of the Philippines or CreaM, four years to make it. “I salute those who support original Filipino animation, music and content,” she said.

JM de Guzman won the Best New Wave Actor award for his performance in Marcos and Nelson Caliguia’s “Pintakasi,” while Iza Calzado won as Best New Wave Actress for the Neil Tan film “HIV.”

The Gender Sensitivity Award (full-length category) was given to “HIV” and “Speechless,” a project of Miriam College, under the student category.

“Payaso,” megged by Kris Anne de Luna of De La Salle Lipa, and “Mate,” by John C. Nicolas of Colegio de San Juan de Letran, shared the Best Student Film award.

The Special Jury Prize was handed to “Biyahe ni Barbie” by Kookai Labayan of College of St. Benilde.

(Marinel R. Cruz/ Philippine Daily Inquirer)

"Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story" (2011)

"Enteng ng Ina Mo" (2011)

"Ang Panday 2" (2011)

"My House Husband (Ikaw Na!)" (2011)

"Shake, Rattle & Roll 13" (2011)

"Segunda Mano" (2011)

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (2011)


"Pintakasi" (2011)

"HIV" (2011)

Monday, December 26, 2011


"Hongkong Honeymoon" (1960)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Shirley Gorospe, Chiquito, Carol Varga, Celia Rodriguez, Teroy de Guzman, Ruben Rustia, Jose Garcia, Paquito Salcedo, Lita Cristobal, Dencio Padilla/ Directed by Ramon A. Estella

Synopsis: Warned that he has only a couple of months to live, Leon (Zaldy Zshornack) gets accumulated savings for ten years, goes to Hongkong for a desperate fling. He meet a flight stewardess, Betty (Shirley Gorospe) aboard the plane, they get friendly, bum around together in Hongkong, and after some drinks, tells her of his predicament.

Realizing she is in love with him, they decide to get married after her flight from Tokyo. Meanwhile, driven by loneliness, he goes to Macao, gambles, gets mixed up with spies and a roll of microfilm that gets into his pocket by accident.

Betty, on a full month vacation, makes plan to enjoy their honeymoon, but secret agents trail them. They are cleared just after Leon receive news that diagnosis of his impending death was a mistake due to exchange of x-ray plates.

(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ 1960)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Here's the seven entries to the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival slated to open on Christmas Day. Take your pick...

"Enteng ng Ina Mo" (2011)

---click image to enlarge---

"Ang Panday 2" (2011)

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"Shake, Rattle & Roll 13" (2011)
---click image to enlarge---

"Segunda Mano" (2011)
---click image to enlarge---

"Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story" (2011)
---click image to enlarge---

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (2011)

---click image to enlarge---

"My House Husband (Ikaw Na!)" (2011)

---click image to enlarge---

Sources: articles- Yes Magazine/ December 2011 issue; Movie ads- Various internet sites; trailers- You Tube

Monday, December 19, 2011


"Matimtiman (Babaeng Silangan)"
Pangilinan Productions

Release Date: April 8- 13, 1948/ DalisayStory Fred SantosDirection Fil M. PaculanCast Mona Lisa, Fred Santos, Gil de Leon, Aurora Dizon, Tolindoy, Amelia Saginsin, Ric Carlos, Sonia de Gracia

Saturday, December 17, 2011


In 1954, LVN Pictures popular love teams, Armando Goyena & Tessie Quintana and Nida Blanca & Nestor de Villa switched partners--- Tessie Quintana teamed up with Nestor de Villa in "Singsing na Tanso," and Armando Goyena with Nida Blanca in "Dalaginding." The so-called 'sawa factor' would have probably drove Dona Sisang to try another 'recipe' to attract moviegoers. I don't know how it turned and fared out in the box-office but I am pretty sure that the ploy was a success.

"Singsing na Tanso" (1954)- Stars Tessie Quintana, Nestor de Villa, Tony Santos, Alfonso Carvajal, Leroy Salvador/ Directed by Gregorio Fernandez

"Dalaginding" (1954)- Stars Armando Goyena, Nida Blanca, Florentino Ballecer, Patring Carvajal, Maring Paralejas, Tony Dantes, Emma Alegre/ Directed by Manuel Silos

Friday, December 16, 2011


Ulilang Bituin, another early Charito Solis starrer as she portrayed the role of a Korean war bride opposite debonaire Mario Montenegro.

"Ulilang Bituin" (1956)- Stars Mario Montenegro and Charito Solis/ Directed by Susana C. de Guzman

Monday, December 12, 2011


The movie "Barilan sa Pugad Lawin" was probably the second and last time the great Gerardo 'Gerry' de Leon ever directed Joseph Estrada. The first one was in 1961 in the movie "The Moises Padilla Story," where Erap played villain to lead actor, Leopoldo Salcedo.

"Barilan sa Pugad Lawin" (1963)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Liza Moreno, Lauro Delgado, Vic Diaz, Vicente Liwanag, Avel Morado, Jay Ilagan, Johnny Long/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon

Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Armando Goyena- Tessie Quintana screen tandem was one of the most successful love teams launched by LVN Pictures. The two stars were first introduced in 1948 via Puting Bantayog . At that time, the studio was already keen on building the pair as the next love team to watch--- “Ipinakikilala ang bagong magkatambal sa pag-iibigan,” says the movie ad. However, their next movie, Sa Tokyo Ikinasal, paired them with different stars, Tessie Quintana with Rogelio de la Rosa and Armando Goyena with Celia Flor.

In 1949, LVN finally decided to cast the two in Princesa Basahan, a gamble that paid off. The movie, their first lead roles as a love team, surprisingly made a killing at the box-office. The rest, as they say, is history, as the pair starred in one hits after another, in movies like Virginia (1949); Misteryoso (1950); Pagtutuos (1950); David at Goliath (1951); Talisman (1951) and Tia Loleng (1953), Goyena’s favorite movie. All in all, the two made 17 movies.

1. Puting Bantayog (1948)- June 23- July 2, 1948
2. Sa Tokyo Ikinasal (1948)- December 20- 29, 1948
3. Princesa Basahan (1949)- July 15- 24, 1949
4. Virginia (1949)- October 7- 17, 1949
5. Misteryoso (1950)- August 16- 25, 1950
6. Pagtutuos (1950)- September 30- October 10, 1950
7. David at Goliath (1951)- April 10- 20, 1951
8. Talisman (1951)- June 16- 25, 1951
9. Tia Loleng (1952)- February 20- 29, 1952
10. Isabelita (1952)- June 4- 13, 1952
11. Tenyente Carlos Blanco (1952)- June 19- 28, 1952
12. Philippine Navy (1953)- January 14- 24, 1953
13. Hawayana (1953)- June 11/ 14- 23, 1953
14. Ligaw Tingin (1953)- July 24- August 2, 1953
15. Damong Ligaw (1954)- September 2- 11, 1954
16. Palasyong Pawid (1955)- February 19- 28, 1955
17. Abandonado (1956)- June 13- 22, 1956

"Puting Bantayog" (1948)

"Sa Tokyo Ikinasal" (1948)

"Princesa Basahan" (1949)

"Virginia" (1949)

"Misteryoso" (1950)

"Pagtutuos" (1950)

"David at Goliath" (1951)

"Talisman" (1951)

"Tia Loleng" (1952)

"Tenyente Carlos Blanco" (1952)

"Philippine Navy" (1953)

"Hawayana" (1953)

"Abandonado" (1956)


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