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Friday, January 25, 2008


Orig Showbiz Magazine / April 21, 1983

Julie Vega was discovered at a Christmas party in Quezon Institute by renowned film director and National Artist Lamberto Avellana and veteran actress Boots Anson-Roa, thus starting her showbiz career at the age of six as a telivision commercial model of a hotdog brand. She first used the screen name Darling Postigo and appeared in her first film entitled Ang Pag-ibig Ko’y Huwag Mong Sukatin as the young daughter of Anson-Roa and Dante Rivero. It was not until she appeared in her first major lead role in the 1978 film Mga Mata ni Angelita that she started using the screen name Julie Vega through the recommendation of Dr. Larry Santiago . She had been chosen from over 200 applicants to play the role of Angelita despite placing only third among all applicants. It would prove to be the role that would launch her to full movie stardom.
Vega won two FAMAS acting awards --- Best Child Actress for Mga Mata ni Angelita and Durugin si Totoy Bato and was nominated for Best Child Actress for Mga Basang Sisiw and Best Supporting Actress for Isang Bala Ka Lang!. see link

More on Julie Vega

Mga Mata ni Angelita (1978)- Stars Julie Vega in her first title role / with an all-star cast that includes FPJ and Dolphy / Won the Famas Best child actress award

Anak ng Atsay (1979)- Stars Nora Aunor, Julie Vega and Dante Rivero

Durugin si Totoy Bato (1979) - Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Charo Santos, Julie Vega and Roland Dantes / Won the Famas Best Child Actress Award- second in a row

Angelita... Ako ang iyong Ina (1980) -Stars Susan Roces and Julie Vega

Kape't Gatas (1980) - Stars Chiquito and Julie Vega

Pompa (1980) - Stars Julie Vega in the title role based on a popular komiks serial by Elena Patron

Flor de Liza (1981) - Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Daria Ramirez, Julie Vega and Janice de Belen

Iiyak ka Rin (1983) - Stars Julie Vega, Edgar Mande, Rey PJ Abellana, Leni Santos

Don't Cry For Me, Papa (1983)- Stars Charito Solis, Liza Lorena, Ric Rodrigo, Snooky, Gabby Concepcion and Julie Vega

Isang Bala Ka Lang! (1983)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Marianne Dela Riva
and Julie Vega

Roman Rapido (1983)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Janice De Belen, Sheryl Cruz, Helen Vela and Julie Vega

Dear Mama (1984)- Stars Charito Solis, Gloria Romero, Laurice Guillen, Alicia Alonzo, Rey PJ Abellana and Snooky, Julie Vega, Janice De Belen

Daddy's Little Darlings (1984)- Stars Dolphy, Snooky, Maricel Soriano, Julie Vega, Janice De Belen, William Martinez, Albert Martinez, Edgar Mande, Rey PJ Abellana


Monica said...

I love this area where they have posted movie posters of my favorite actors from the Philippines

WeNGGaY said...

I SO LOVE and ADORE JULIE VEGA... i will never ever forget her... thanks for remembering her...

chay said...

Hello! do u know where i can get copies of her movies? thanks!

Anonymous said...

other than julie, there were other popular and competent child performers during her time. janice de belen as "flordeluna" was of course julie's tv (and later, movies) archrival. herbert bautista came into his own as reneboy in "flordeluna" and bistek in "2+2" not to mention the impish boy in "kaluskos musmos". before she became known as nasty wilma in "flordeluna", marites ardieta had been in movies like maligno (with susan roces), little christmas tree (with fpj-nora) and kamay ni hilda. and just take any of those talented kids from "kaluskos musmos" like lovely rivero, maila gumila, etc. etc. who later branched out into the movies.


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