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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Philippine Daily Inquirer/ August 26, 2009

Baguio Movies in our Mind
by Frank Cimatu
Inquirer Northern Luzon

Baguio City
, Philippines—The start of the movie “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising” would put a smile on the faces of most Baguio City residents, nostalgic of the pre-Edsa Revolution years. It was a young man waking up to the sound of the AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and TV Services Network) which brings American tunes to United States servicemen all over the world. Residents of Baguio, site of the American rest and recreation center Camp John Hay, listened to the AFRTS not only because it gave them the Top 40 two weeks before Manila did, but also news, sometimes critical of the regime of strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

And watching “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising,” the 1977 movie, helmed by Mike De Leon, brings back the Baguio many old-timers wish to return to. Watching Christopher de Leon play the piano with the Apo Hiking Society on the University of the Philippines Baguio campus, having a picnic with Hilda Koronel among the limestone outcrops of the Dominican Hill and walking in the rain along Outlook Drive captured the essence of Baguio romance.

It is no wonder that when the Philippine Daily Inquirer asked several movie reviewers which film reminds them of Baguio, “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising (Moments in a Stolen Dream)” came out on top.

Prof. Rolando Tolentino, dean of the UP College of Mass Communication in Diliman, Quezon City, and author of various critiques on the movie industry, chose “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising” because it depicts a “picturesque Baguio that makes you fall in love, fall out of love, and gives the melancholia to make the loss linger.” The movie tells a story of a biology student (De Leon) who wanted to be a musician and met a young woman on the verge of a marriage breakdown. They briefly fell in love and broke up to live the rest of their lives.

Simon Santos, son of the artist Malang and the owner of Video48 in Quezon City which has an extensive collection of old Filipino movies and memorabilia, also chose “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising” for the distinctive Baguio scenery.

Mauro Tumbocon, a San Francisco-based writer on movies and popular culture for the past two decades, chose the movie because it was not “touristy” and did not use the popular tourist spots to convey the Baguio mystique. Tumbocon also chose “Magandang Gabi sa Inyong Lahat” by Lupita Aquino as his other Baguio film favorite. The 1976 movie is about a balikbayan played by Nora Aunor who met a former boyfriend, played by Tirso Cruz III.

Tolentino also chose “Dear Heart,” starring Sharon Cuneta and Rowell Santiago as students of the Brent International School, as well as another Mike De Leon movie, “Kakabakaba Ka Ba?,” a satire about a pair of lovers played by De Leon and Charo Santos caught in a search for cocaine by Chinese agents and Japanese drug lords with fake nuns as “mules.” Tolentino also cited Kidlat Tahimik’s “Bakit Yellow ang Gitna ng Bahaghari,” a documentary about the Baguio filmmaker’s sons amid the country’s political awakening that led to the 1986 People Power Revolution.

Santos’s other favorites are “Baguio Fever,” a 1959 comedy starring Nida Blanca and Nestor De Villa; “Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw,” a 1965 film starring Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces; and “Bato sa Buhangin,” a 1976 movie starring Poe and Vilma Santos. He said the changing Baguio through the decades could be discerned from these movies. Mario Hernando, another movie critic, chose “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising” as his best Baguio movie, as well as Cirio H. Santiago’s 1961 movie, “Mga Yakap na Walang Bakas,” starring Nestor De Villa and Aura Aurea, and Chito Roño’s 1996 “Istokwa,” starring Mark Anthony Fernandez and G Toengi.

Only New Jersey-based film archivist and film blogger Jojo De Vera did not choose “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising.” He picked Peque Gallaga’s 1995 “Baby Love,” starring Edu Manzano and Anna Larrucea; Baguio-born Tata Esteban’s 1995 thriller “Alapaap,” starring Tanya Gomez and William Martinez; Celso Ad Castillo’s 1987 movie, “Mga Lihim ng Kalapati,” starring Isadora, Tanya Gomez, and Marissa Delgado; “Nakaw na Pag-ibig,” a Lino Brocka 1980 adaptation of Theodore Dreiser’s “An American Tragedy,” set in Baguio and starring Nora Aunor and Hilda Koronel; and Romy Suzara’s 1980 film “Sa Init ng Apoy,” starring Rudy Fernandez and Lorna Tolentino.

"24 ORAS" (1966)

To those who grew up in the 60s would probably remember “24 Oras.” It’s a popular DZXL radio program dramatizing the harrowing and traumatic ordeals and experiences of individuals within a 24-hour period of their lives. A movie, consisting of four parts, was made in 1966 based on this popular radio program.

"24 Oras" (1966)- First Episode- Kidnapped: Stars Jess Lapid/ Second Episode- Killer on the Loose: Stars Lolita Rodriguez/ Third Episode- Serpent in the Night: Stars Suzanne Machelle/ Fourth Episode- Split Second: Stars Eddie Rodriguez

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"OXO VS. SIGE-SIGE" (1962)

OXO and Sige-Sige gangs are two of the notorious, vicious and brutal gangs in the Philippines. These gangs, outlawed in the streets of Manila, are accepted and recognized inside the National Penitentiary or the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa for the prisoners’ mutual protection. Riots and violence usually sparked among the various groups and one of this was in the early 60s between the Oxo and Sige-Sige gangs which was the biggest headline story that time. A movie was made in 1962 based on that infamous prison riot. The movie, which starred Von Serna and Rod Evans, was "filmed where it actually happened" and thousands of prison-inmates also took part in the re-enactment.

"OXO VS. SIGE-SIGE" (1962)- Stars Von Serna, Jess Medina, Rod Evans, Ernesto Santos, Martin Marfil, Jess Montalban and a cast of extras/ Directed by B.F. Ongpauco

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Camay, "the soap of beautiful women"--- Carmen Rosales, Myrna Delgado, Delia Razon and Nena Cardenas, four of our top and admired stars of Philippine movies in the 50s endorsing the New Camay soap.

New Camay Ads/ circa 1955

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Popular stars of the 50s together in a star-studded 1958 Lifebuoy ad. That's LVN's Nida Blanca and Nestor de Villa; Lita Gutierrez and Willie Sotelo; Sampaguita's Susan Roces and Romeo Vasquez; Amalia Fuentes and Juancho Gutierrez; Marlene Dauden and Tony Marzan; and Premiere's Shirley Gorospe and Zaldy Zshornack. Quite difficult for the ad agency to have them pose together, probably because of the stars' existing contracts with their mother studios. I'm pretty sure that these problems were strengthen out first (concerning all the legal issues) and the artist-in charge came up with this wonderful ad---

Lifebuoy Ad/ 1958

Friday, August 21, 2009


Screen idols, Christopher de Leon and Vilma Santos have starred in 22 movies in the span of 28 years. They first appeared together in Celso Ad Castillo’s Tag-araw sa Tag-ulan in 1976 and their last film was Mano Po III: My Love in 2004. Most of these movies made money, earned numerous awards and distinctions in various award-giving bodies, acclaimed by fans and critics receiving rave reviews. “Maybe that’s what you call chemistry,” says Vilma, during one of her recent interviews, when asked how she and Christopher managed to deliver powerful performances on screen. “Hindi ko talaga alam kung saan nanggaling ‘yung chemistry namin. But ever since the first movie we did together, ‘yung Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw, hanggang sa madaming pinagsamahan naming hindi ko alam kung bakit the moment na magsasalita si Boyet alam ko na ang sasabihin niya at alam ko na ang isasagot ko.”
One of their memorable screen confrontations was in the 1982 movie Relasyon--- Vilma to Christopher- “Simple lang naman ang hinihingi ko. Kung hindi mo ako marespeto bilang asawa, respetuhin mo naman ako bilang kaibigan. Kung hindi naman, respetuhin mo ako bilang tao!” The movie earned for Vilma her first Grand Slam Best Actress victory, winning the FAMAS, Gawad Urian, FAP and CMMA Best Actress awards; and for Christopher,
a Famas Best Actor nomination. More awards followed for the two stars. Other notable movies they made were Sinasamba Kita (1982), Broken Marriage (1983), Dahil Mahal Kita: The Dolzura Cortez Story (1993) and Dekada ’70 (2002).

Left- Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw (1976)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Eddie Garcia, Lorli Villanueva, Joseph Sytangco/ Directed by Celso Ad Castillo

Right- Masarap, Masakit... ang Umibig (1977)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Mat Ranillo, III/ with Maan Hontiveros, Anita Linda, Amado Cortez/ Directed by Elwood Perez

Left- Ikaw ay Akin (1978)- Stars Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Nick Romano, Ellen Esguerra, Zandro Zamora/ Introducing Andrea 'Sandy' Andolong/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

Right- Disco Fever (1978)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Victor Laurel/ with Rio Locsin, Romeo Enriquez/ Directed by Al Quinn

Left- Nakawin Natin Ang Bawa't Sandali (1978)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Baby Delgado, Roel Vergel De Dios & Freddie Yance/ Directed by Elwood Perez

Right- Magkaribal (1979)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Alma Moreno/ Directed by Elwood Perez

Pinay, American Style! (1980)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon, Bembol Roco and Victor Laurel/ Directed by Elwood Perez

Left- Gusto Kita, Mahal Ko Siya (1980)- Stars Romeo Vasquez, Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Rosemarie Gil/ Directed by Emmanuel Borlaza

Right- Pakawalan Mo Ako (1981)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Anthony Castelo/ Directed by Elwood Perez

Relasyon (1982)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Jimi Melendez/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

Left- Sinasamba Kita (1982)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Phillip Salvador and Lorna Tolentino/ with Ramil Rodriguez, Norma Blancaflor, Irene Celebre, Kristina Paner & Eddie Garcia Directed by Eddie Garcia

Right- Haplos (1982)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Rio Locsin/ with Delia Razon, Eddie Infante, Rez Cortez, Juan Rodrigo/ Directed by Antonio Jose Perez

Broken Marriage (1983)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Orestes Ojeda, Lito Pimente, Tessie Tomas/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

Left- Paano Ba Ang Mangarap? (1983)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Amy Austria, Armida Siguon-Reyna, Vic Silayan/ with Perla Bautista & Jay Ilagan/ Directed by Eddie Garcia

Right- Minsan Pa Nating Hagkan ang Nakaraan (1983)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya

Left- Imortal (1989)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Cherie Gil, Liza Lorena, Tommy Abuel, Ricky Davao, Jacklyn Jose, Gellie De Belen, Roi Vinzin, Richard Reynoso, Raoul Aragonn/ Directed by Eddie Garcia

Right- Ipagpatawad Mo (1991)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon/ with Charito Solis, Bing Loyzaga, Amy Perez, Delia Razon, Ruby Rodriguez/ Directed by Laurice Guillen

Left- Dahil Mahal Kita: The Dolzura Cortez Story (1993) Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Eula Valdes, Maila Gumila, Jackie Aquino & Charito Solis/ Directed by Laurice Guillen

Right- Nag-iisang Bituin (1994)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Aga Muhlach/ Directed by Jose Javier Reyes

Hanggang Ngayon Ika'y Minamahal (1997)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Charito Solis, Pia Pilapil, Timmy Cruz, Ruby Moreno, Antoinette Taus & Melisse Santiago/ Directed by Ike Jarlego, Jr.

Left- Dekada '70 (2002)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Piolo Pascual, Marvin Agustin, Carlos Agassi, Danilo Barriors, John W. Sace/ Directed Chito S. Rono
Right- Mano Po 3: My Love (2004)- Stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Sheryl Cruz, Jay Manalo, Patrick Garcia, Angel Locsin, Angelica panganiban, Boots Anson Roa, Karylle, Carlo Aquino, Jean Garcia, Dennis Trillo and Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Joel lamangan

1. Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw (1976)
2. Masarap, Masakit ang Umibig (1977)
3. Ikaw ay Akin (1978)
4. Disco Fever (1978)
5. Nakawin Natin ang Bawa't Sandali (1978)
6. Magkaribal (1979)
7. Pinay American Style (1980)
8. Gusto Kita, Mahal ko Siya (1980)
9. Pakawalan Mo Ako (1981)
10. Relasyon (1982)
11. Sinasamba Kita (1982)
12. Haplos (1982)
13. Paano ba ang Mangarap? (1983)
14. Broken Marriage (1983)
15. Minsan Pa Nating Hagkan ang Nakaraan (983)
16. Imortal (1989)
17. Ipagpatawad Mo (1991)
18. Dahil Mahal Kita: The Dolzura Cortez Story (1993)
19. Nagiisang Bituin (1994)
20. Hanggang Ngayon Ika’y Minamahal (1997)
21. Dekada ’70 (2002)
22. Mano Po 3: My Love (2004)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Left- FPJ and Matet in "One Day, Isang Araw" (1988)
Right- "I Love You, Mama I Love You, Papa" (1986)- Stars Nora Aunor, Christopher de Leon, Ian Kristoffer de Leon,Lotlot de Leon and Matet / Directed by Maryo J. delos Reyes

Matet de Leon or simply Matet (b. October 4, 1983), Ma. Anna Nora Theresa Villamayor in real life, is an adopted child of Superstar Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon. She made her first movie appearance at age 3, in I Love You Mama, I Love You Papa (1986), starring the whole de Leon clan headed by Nora and Christopher. She caught public attention in her second movie outing, Inday, Inday sa Balitaw, with her impish, playful and mischievous antics. She was best remembered in Bunsong Kerubin, an offshoot of Tessie Agana 50s classic Keruibin, with Susan Roces in 1987 and One Day Isang Araw with FPJ in 1988. She made a temporary farewell to the movies in 1989 to give way to her schooling. In 2000, Matet, now 17, made a comeback in a Mario O’Hara film, Pangako ng Puso and followed this up the following year with Abakada...Ina with Lorna Tolentino. She also appeared in two John Lloyd Cruz- Sarah Geronimo blockbuster movies, A Very Special Love (2008) and You Changed My Life (2009) and an indie film Dalaw (2009). She is now happily married to John Michael Estrada, a former UAAP basketball player and has two lovely daughters.

"Inday Inday sa Balitaw" (1986)- Stars Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Matet, Armida Siguon Reyna, Roderick Paulate, Cyntia Patag and William Martinez & Maricel Soriano / Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

"Bunsong Kerubin" (1987)- Stars Susan Roces, Aga Muhlach & Gretchen Barretto, Ramon Christopher & Kristina Paner/ with Ronaldo Valdez, William Martinez, Roderick Paulate & Lotlot de Leon and Matet in her first starring role / Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

"1=1=12 plus 1" (1987)- Stars Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Lotlot de Leon, Sherl Cruz, Dranreb Belleza, Jigo Garcia, Matet and Roderick Paulate/ Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

 "Takot Ako, Eh!" (1987)- Stars Kristoffer Ian (de Leon), Lotlot (de Leon) and Matet/ with Caridad Sanchez, Richard Merck, Jaime Fabregas, Ronel Victor/ Directed by Mario O' Hara

"Takbo, Bilis...Takboooo!" (1987)- Stars Charito Solis, Ana Margarita, Ronel Victor, Jigo Garcia, Elvis, Rocky, Richard & Raymond and Ruffa Gutierrez/ with Matet and HerbertBautista/ Directed by Carlo J. Caparas 

"Bobocop" (1988)- Stars Joey Marquez, Matet, Panchito, Palito, Cachupoy, Atoy Co, Amy Perez, Willie Revillame and Kristina Paner & Cris Villanueva/ Introducing Alice Dixson/ Directed by Tony Reyes

"One Day... Isang Araw" (1988)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr. and Matet/ with Dawn Zulueta, Dencio Padilla, Paquito Diaz/ Special Participation of Rachel Anne Wolfe/ Directed by Pablo Santiago

"Kumander Bawang: Kalaban ng mga Aswang" (1988)- Stars Herbert Bautista, Matet, Mat Ranillo III, Mia Pratts, Jigo Garcia, Jay-Jay Salvador, Vina Morales, Joko Diaz/ Directed by Ramje


  "Magic To Love" (1989)- Stars Pops Fernandez & Martin Nievera, Manilyn Reynes & Janno Gibbs and Matet & Jimmy Santos / Directed by J. Erastheo Navoa


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