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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Lipad, Darna, Lipad (1973)- Stars Vilma Santos, Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez and Liza Lorena

Mars Ravelo’s Darna was first serialized in Bulaklak Magazine in 1947, later in Pilipino Komiks in 1950. It was so popular that it became a movie in 1951, produced and directed by Fernando Poe Sr. and starred Rosa Del Rosario. It was followed in 1963 with Liza Moreno, then Eva Montes in 1965 and Gina Pareño in 1969. The 70s saw Vilma Santos and Rio Locsin: and finally Nanette Medved and Anjanette Abayari in the 1990s. It was made into a teleserye aired in GMA-7 with Angel Locsin. But it was Vilma Santos, who starred in her first Darna movie Lipad, Darna, Lipad in 1973 (March 23), considered by fans the best Darna ever. It was the highest grossing Darna movie in Philippine movie history. Vilma did three Darna sequels --- Darna and the Giants (Dec. 22, 1973); Darna vs. the Planetwomen (Dec. 25, 1975); Darna and Ding (Feb. 08, 1980). See The First Darna
see Eric Cueto's Darna site

Darna and the Giants (1973)- Stars Vilma Santos, Helen Gamboa, Loretta Marquez, Rosanna Marquez and Dondon Nakar as Ding

Darna and the Planetwomen (1975)- Stars Vilma Santos, Rosanna Ortiz, Eva Linda, Zandro Zamora and Bentot Jr. as Ding

Darna at Ding (1980) - Stars Vilma Santos and child wonder Nino Muhlach as Ding


jluvra said...

YES!!! Vilma Santos, the BEST DARNA EVER!!!

shootgringoshoot said...

when i was in the philipines I saw a darna movie on tv. after seeing the movie I wanted to have a copy of it, bought several darna's on vcd and also a few on dvdr from your shop....but the one i saw on tv i couldnt find.

the one on tv had a talking goose in it......you knwo what darna movie that was?

Anonymous said...

that was "Super Inday" not Darna.


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