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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Richard Abelardo's eldest son, Sonny, thru an email many months ago, had fond memories of their dad. He and her sisters were so delighted that someone took the time to feature their dad's works.
"My sister Bambi mentioned another Richard Abelardo-directed movie entitled "Doctor X" starring Pugo and Togo. It's a mad scientist flick like Tuko.

She also remembered "Big Shot" with Nestor de Villa and Nida Blanca. This one showed the two stars dancing from the floor, to the ceiling, and back to the floor again - in one seamless straight shot! Only from the Master.

Along those lines, I remembered other movies he directed as well.

Shalimar - with Jaime de la Rosa and Delia Razon. A lot of matte shots here.

Krus na Bakal - one of his earlier films.

Kambal Sa Sinukuan - with a young Von Serna. Daddy mentioned to me once that this film included one of the best cinematic visual effect scenes in the Filipino film industry. I've seen the movie a long time ago and I think it still remains unsurpassed to this day, banning CGI effects.

I believe that copies of these films are very rare, if not lost, and we will truly appreciate it if you can do some more postings on these. Perhaps some clips, if at all possible.

I am bookmarking your blog for it truly floats my boat. Lots of awesome info here.

Thanks for your great post."

"Doctor X" (1950)- Starts Pugo and Togo, Tony Santos, Lila Luna/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

"Shalimar" (1951)- Stars Jaime dela Rosa, Delia Razon, Ben Rubio, Lila Luna/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

"Haring Cobra" (1951)- Stars Rogelio dela Rosa (ina a dual role), Lilia Dizon, Jose Vergara, Casmot/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

"3 Labuyo" (1953)- Stars Delia Razon, Mario Montenegro, Tony Santos,Alfonso Carvajal, Casmot, Letty Alonso/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

"Kambal sa Sinukuan"(1960)- Stars Norma Blancaflor, Celia Fuentes, Jesus 'Og' Ramos, Linda Madrid, Jess Medina and Von Serna/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

Monday, September 26, 2011


"Vontes V" (1979)- Stars Chiquito, Elizabeth Oropesa, Panchito, Tange, Soxy Topacio and Max Alvarado/ with Tintoy, Mely Tagasa, Anita Linda & Gary Lising/ Manuel Urbano, Jr.

Voltes 5, the popular Japanese animated cartoon series, made its first TV appearance and premiere telecast on May 5, 1978 over Channel 7.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Do you still remember Jeric Raval, a popular young action star of the 90s? Known for his leather jackets and pants, he was introduced in 1992 via “Valentin Zapanta Alias Ninong” starring Eddie Garcia. He gradually made a name for himself, his career peaking in the mid 90s. Though under the shadow of such action superstars that time--- Rudy Fernandez, Ramon ‘Bong Revilla, Jr. and Robin Padilla--- he proved to his fans that he can also deliver.

Jeric was forced into a temporary retirement sometime in the late 90s after a misunderstanding with OctoArts that led to a court case.  For two years, Jeric could not make a movie because of a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) from the court.

Lifted in 1999, he made a comeback but his career was never been the same again.

Jeric, in a recent interview, hoped to revive his career.

"Valentin Zapanta Alyas Ninong: Huling Kilabot ng Tondo" (1992)- Stars Eddie Garcia, Charo Santos, Johnny Delgado, Rina Reyes, Mark Gil and Introducing Jeric Raval/ witnRomy Diaz, Dick Israel, Zandro Zamora, Bomber Moran, Berting Labra, Rez Cortez, King Gutierrez, Rommel Valdez, Bobb Talabis/ Directed by Jose Carreon

"Boboy Salonga: Batang Tondo" (1992)- Stars Jeric Raval, Monica Herrera, Vic Vargas, Mark Gil, Rina Reyes, Jennifer Mendoza, Kevin Delgado and Francis M./ Directed by Junn P. Cabreira

"Dalawa Laban sa Mundo: Ang Siga at ang Beauty" (1993)- Stars Jeric Raval, Ruffa Gutierrez, Eddie Rodriguez, Gloria Diaz, Shirley Fuentes Michael Rivero and Roi Vinzon/ Directed by Deo J. Fajardo

Left: "Biboy Banal: Pagganti Ko Tapos Kayo" (1994)- Stars Jeric Raval, Vic Vargas, Ronaldo Valdez, Miguel Rodriguez, Kier Legaspi, Almira Muhlach, Michael V. and Jennifer Mendoza/ Directed by Junn P. Cabreira

Right: "Barkada: Walang Atrasan!" (1995)- Stars Jeric Raval, Zoren Legaspi, Ogie Alcasid, Keempee de Leon, Hero Bautista, Jan Rivera, Paul Yllana, Sunshie Cruz, Jennifer Mendoza, Jenette Fernando, Lailani Navarro/ with Patrick dela Rosa, Marco Polo, Dan Fernandez, Jason Roma, Jean Saburit, Cita Astals, Dextoer Doria/ Directed by Junn P. Cabreira

Left- "Bunso:Isinilang Kang Palaban" (1995)- Stars Jeric Raval, Julio Diaz, Ricardo Cepeda, Robert Arevalo, Rey 'PJ' Avellana, Dan Alvaro, Jenette Fernando and Lailani Navarro/ Directed by William Mayo

Right: "Melencio Magat: Dugo Laban sa Dugo" (1995)- Stars Eddie Garcia, Zoren Legaspi and Jeric Raval/ with Jun Aristorenas, Rochelle Barrameda, Jasmine Reyes, Dick Israel/ Directed by Toto Natividad

Left- "Tawagin Mo Na ang Lahat ng Santo" (1997)- Stars Jeric Raval, Joan Pascual, Mark Gil, Tony Ferrer, Daniel Fernando, King Gutierrez, Dindo Arroyo, Ramir Arroyo, Conrad Poe and Dan Alvaro/ Directed by William Mayo

Right- "Kapag Kumulo and Dugo" (1999)- Stars Jeric Raval, Kier Legaspi, Daisy Reyes, Roy Alvarez/ Directed by Leonardo Garcia

Left- "Bala Ko...Bahala Sa 'Yo" (2001)- Stars Jeric Raval, Kier Legaspi, Via Veloso, Dindo Arroyo, Patrick dela Rosa, Dinky Doo, Jr., Don Pepot/ Directed by Pong Mercado

Right- "Pistolero (2002)- Stars Jeric Raval, Joanne Miller, John Apacible, Ramon Zamora/ Directed by William Mayo

"Lapu-Lapu" (2002)- Stars Lito Lapid, Joyce Jimenez, Jeric Raval, Mark Lapid, Roi Vinzon, Jess Lapid Jr., Vic vargas, Gloria Sevilla, Maria Isabel Lopez, Ian Venaracion, Julio Diaz, Bob Soler, Conrad Poe, Robert Rivera, Dinah Dominguez, Clod Robinson & Dante Rivero/ Directed by William G. Mayo

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Their first movie together in 1981, "Titser's Pet" turned out to be the start of a May-December affair as veteran comedian Dolphy wooed young nymphet Alma Moreno. The two lived together and their union bore a son, Vandolph. They parted ways sometime in 1987.

They made a total of eight movies...

"Titser's Pet" (1981)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Panchito, Eddie Garcia, Paquito Diaz and Michael de Mesa/ with Aruray, Conde Ubaldo, Max Vera, Alfonso Alba, Ben Johnson, Er Canton Salazar/ Directed by Frank Gray, Jr.

"Good Morning Professor" (1982)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Panchito, Ronnie Ricketts, Maila Gumila, Edgar Quizon/ with Bayani Casimiro, Georgie Quizon, Jerry Pons, Mary Walter, Eddie San Jose, Teroy de Guzman and Bentot/ Directed by Frank Gray, Jr.

Left- "My Funny Valentine" (1983)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Panchito, Paquito Diaz, Max Alvarado/ with Janet Giron, Patria Plata, Georgie Quizon, Max Vera, Erwin Garcia, Sandy Kirchival & Conde Ubaldo/ Directed by Frank Gray, Jr.

Right- "Tengteng De Sarapen" (1983)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Panchito and Jaypee de Guzman/ with Raoul Aragonn, Bayani Casimiro, Teroy de Guzman, Palito Ben David, Rocco Montalban, Larry Silva, Allan Bautista, Max Vera/ Directed by Frank Gray, Jr.

Left- "Nang Maghalo ang Balat sa Tinalupan" (1984)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Panchito, Jaypee de Guzman, Angela Perez/ Directed by Ben Feleo

Right- "The Crazy Professor" (1985)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Aga Muhlach, Janice de Belen, Panchito, Ronnie Ricketts, Mon Alvir, Nadia Montenegro, Benedict Aquino/ with J. Antonio Carreon, Babalu, Bentot' Lillian Laing, Bayani Casimiro, Don Pepot, Teroy de Guzman, Jimmy Santos/ Directed by Frank Gray, Jr.

Left- "Balimbing (Mga Taong Hunyango)" (1986)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Richard Gomez, Lotlot, Panchito, Paquito Diaz, Rez Cortez, Tita Munoz/ Introducing Vandolph/ with Max ALvarado, Ann Villegas, Bayani Casimiro, Teroy de Guzman, Palito, Conde Ubaldo/ Directed by Jett C. Espiritu

Right- "Bata- Batuta" (1987)- Stars Dolphy, Alma Moreno, Panchito, Ricky Belmonte, Suzanne Gonzales, Rita Avila, Freddie Quizon, Odette Khan and Vandolph/ with Babalu, Teroy de Guzman, Metring David, Matimtiman Cruz, Conde Ubaldo, Jimmy Santos & Tatlong Itlog/ Directed by Jett C. Espiritu

Monday, September 19, 2011


Ronald Remy, Ronald Kookooritchin in real life, started his movie career in 1959 via "Aawitan Kita," a film directed by the great Gerry de Leon. A popular actor in the 60s , Ronald shared stellar billings with top actors that time, Fernando Poe, Jr., Zaldy Zshornack, Efren Reyes, Cesar Ramirez, Romeo Vasquez among others. He later turned into producing and directing films, including two joint ventures with Universal Studios, "The Longest Hundred Miles" and "Escape to Mindanao." Remy became one of the respected leaders of a born-again Christian movement until his untimely death sometime in the 80s or 90s.

"Aawitan Kita" (1959)- Stars Eddie Mesa, Rosemarie Gil and Introducing Ronald Remy/ with Lily Marquez, Oscar Keesee, Elvira Reyes, Pugak, Abraham Cruz, Nello Nayo, Al Quinn, Miriam Jurado/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon

"Ang Maton" (1959)- Stars Efren Reyes, Zaldy Zhornack, Lani Oteyza, Miriam Jurado, Ronald Remy/ with Jose Garcia, Max Alvarado, Blackie Francisco, Lilia Duran, Rosie Acosta, Diana Corral, Dencio Padilla, Bino Garcia, Jesus Lapid, Poleng Mendoza/ Directed by Cesar Gallardo

"Anak ng Bulkan" (1959)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Edna Luna, Miriam Jurado, Ronald Remy, Bruno Punzalan, Jose Garcia, Belen Velasco, Felisa Salcedo/ Featuring Ace York/ Introducing Elizabeth Rigor/ Directed by Emmanuel Rojas

"Akin ang Paghihiganti" (1960)- Stars Efren Reyes, Johnny Monteiro, Leonor Vergara, Aura Aurea, Carol Varga and Ronald Remy/ with Renato Robles, Vicente Liwanag, Mary Walter, Lito Anzures, Max Alvarado/ Directed by Danilo H. Santiago

"Prinsesa Naranja" (1960)- Starring Fernando Poe, Jr., Lani Oteyza, Miriam Jurado, Ronald Remy, Lauro Delgado, Teresita Mendez and Johnny Monteiro/ Directed by Nemesio Caravana

"Kadenang Putik" (1960)- Stars Efren Reyes, Alicia Vergel, Leonor Vergara, Bob Soler, Ronald Remy, Lily Marquez and Tessie Quintana/ with Belen Velasco, Max Alvarado, Dencio padilla, Eddie Boy Serrano, Danilo Jurado/ Directed by Cesar Gallardo

"Sa Ibabaw ng Aking Bangkay" (1960)- Stars Ronald Remy, Ayra Aurea, Carlos Padilla, Jr., Quiel Segovia, Carol Varga, Rolando Liwanag/ with Francisco Cruz, Vic Andaya, Blackie Francisco, Dencio Padilla, Jesus Lapid, Rosa Santos/ Directed by Cirio H. Santiago

"Dakilang 9" (1961)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Ronald Remy, Ramon Revilla, Von Serna, Jess Medina, Renato Robles, Boy Francisco, Boy Sta. Romana, Tony Ferrer/ with Perla Bautista, Lina Prieto, Lana Morena and Max Alvarado/ Directed by Alex M. Sunga

"Pasong Diablo" (1961)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Zaldy Zshornack, Ronald Remy/ with Charito Solis, Lourdes Medel and Rebecca/ Directed by Armando Garces

"Bus To Bataan" (1961)- Stars Ronald Remy, Liza Moreno, Oscar Keesee, Bert Olivar, Vicente Liwanag and Introducing Paul Edwards and Sylvia Lawrence/ Directed by Lamberto Avellana

"Konsiyerto ng Kamatayan" (1961)- All Star Cast- 4 Stories/ 4 Directors

"Pusong Bakal" (1961)- Stars Lilia Dizon, Lillian Leonardo, Willie Sotelo, Lou Salvador, Jr., Lyn D'Amour, Oscar Keesee, Bert Olivar, Celia Rodriguez and Ronald Remy/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

"Krusaldo" (1961)- Stars Johnny Monteiro, Carlos Padilla, Jr., Rosemarie Gil, Carol Varga, Ramon D' Salva and Ronald Remy/ Directed by Nemesio Caravana

"Tablo Manalo" (1961)- Stars Ronald Remy, Von Serna, Linda Madrid, Rod Evans, Ernesto Santos, Lito Anzures/ Directed by Armando de Guzman

"Lakas sa Lakas" (1962)- Stars Romeo Vasquez, Ronald Remy, Lily Marquez, Oscar Keesee, Celia Rodriguez, Mary Walter, Jose Vergara, Alfonso Carvajal, Dadang Ortega/ Directed by Ronald Remy

"Ligaw na Daigdig" (1962)- Stars Ronald Remy, Willie Sotelo and Introducing Lalaine Bennett/ with Alfonso Carvajal, Jose Vergara, Bert Olivar, Edith Bailey, Ding Tello/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

"Matinik Lalong Kilabot" (1962)- Stars Cesar Ramirez, Ronald Remy, Adorable Liwanag and Cecilia Lopez/ with Quiel Segovia, Oscar Keesee, Vicente Liwanag, Africa dela Rosa, Francisco Cruz, Boy Montes, Poleng Mendoza/ Directed by Cesar Gallardo

Saturday, September 17, 2011


"Rosang Tattoo" (1965)- Stars Celia Fuentes, Von Serna, Rod Evans, Eva Montes, Mila Ocampo, Renato Robles, Martin Marfil, Lucita Soriano and Stella Suarez/ Directed by B.F. Ongpauco

"Rosang Tatoo" (1992)- Stars Monica Herrera, Ronaldo Valdez, Patrick de la Rosa, Beth Bautista, Jograd de la Torre, Evelyn Querubin and Allan Paule, Shirley Fuentes & Smokey Manaloto/ Introducing Rando Almanzor/ Directed by Dan Ilagan


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