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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Jess Lapid Sr. made Kardong Kidlat in 1964 and propelled him to the top. His son, Jess Jr. was still young then when he did that movie. In 1980, after 16 years, Jess Jr. assumed the role that made his father famous, in a movie Ang Bagong Kardong Kidlat. Both films were directed by veteran Armando Garces.
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Kardong Kidlat (1964) - Stars Jess Lapid and Divina Valencia

Ang Bagong Kardong Kidlat (1980) - Stars Jess Lapid, Jr., Ann Villegas and Divina Valencia (as the mother)


Unknown said...

He is the father of Jess Lapid Jr. legendary actor & performer uncle of Sen.Lito Lapid star in various films during the 1960's until was gunned down in 1968 by a gunmen in Lanai Club in Quezon City Metro Manila 47 years ago he is the true legend & icon in Philippine film history. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

Unknown said...

His real name was Jesus Lapid Sr born in Guagua Pampanga Philippines(1940-68). Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

Unknown said...

Bella Flake Lapid wife of the late actor & former film producer mother of actor Jess Lapid Jr. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne


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