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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Roberta (1951)- Stars Tessie Agana, Bella Flores, Boy Alano and Van de Leon

Tessie Agana, the biggest child star of the 50s, whose Roberta literally rebuilt Sampaguita Pictures from the ashes after the studio was razed by fire in 1951. It saved the studio from bankruptcy. Agana, daughter of Actress Linda Estrella, is Marichu Vera-Perez’s second cousin and Marichu (daughter of Sampaguita patiarch Dr. Jose Perez or Doc Perez) fondly remembers how the child star would only agree to shoot if she was given a whole Max's Fried Chicken --- “but ate only the wings.” Agana was only 8 years old when she was tapped to do the lead role in Roberta.

Another child star, actor Boy Alano was only 6 when he joined the cast of Roberta. Alano recalled that he had to line up along with 40 other boys to audition for the role of Roberta's best and trusted friend. He cried real tears during his audition because drama actor Van de Leon hit him with a leather belt. “He brought a leather belt to the audition," Alano recalled of the late actor De Leon. "He hit us with it and watched our reaction. Doc Perez picked me because he said compared with the other boys, I cried most naturally. Why wouldn't I cry that way when I was hit in the thigh? It was painful." No other movie surpassed the success of Roberta the year it was shown and Sampaguita Pictures was reborned.

Rebecca (1952) - Stars Tessie Agana, Tessie Martinez, Rosa Mia, Gloria Romero, Boy Alano and Van de Leon
Ulila ng Bataan (1952) - Stars Tessie Agana, Mona Lisa, Sylvia La Torre, Boy Alano and introducing Ramon Revilla
Kerubin (1952)- Stars Tessie Agana, Linda Estrella, Chichay, Tolindoy and Van de Leon


neto/malikot said...

the shirly temple of the pinas,ang galing ni tessie agana sa movie na kerubin kasama dito ang kanyang mama na si linda estrella.


neto/malikot said...

ang galing din niya sa 'BATAS NG DAIGDIG"..nakakaiyak ang pagganap niya dito...

sad to say na '"roberta"..di na ito nakasurvive.


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