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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Jess Lapid’s climb to the top was not easy. He flirted with death in many of his pictures at the start of his career. As a stuntman, he doubled for an actor in hazardous scene. Jess was only 19 when he started in movies. He appeared as a bit player in Premiere’s “Larawan ng Buhay.” Soon, he was doubling for big stars in such feats as falling from speeding cars, jumping off horses, trees, and what-have-you that were too dangerous for lead stars to do. FPJ Productions gave him his first big acting part as a villain in “Pasong Diablo” in 1961, before being given a meaty role in "Sierra Madre" (1963) playing second lead to top action star Fernando Poe, Jr. But full stardom came a little bit later in 1964 when Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions casted him in a lead role as "Kardong Kidlat" opposite newcomer sex siren Divina Valencia. The gamble paid off as the movie broke all records in the box-office. Thus, a new action hero was born. His career was shortlived though. In 1968, he was gunned down inside a nightclub in Manila suburb.see link

A movie on his life, "The Jess Lapid Story" was made a decade later, in 1978 starring newcomer and stuntman Lito Lapid. This film became a stepping stone for the young Lapid to shine and the right vehicle for full stardom.

Sierra Madre (1963)


Kardong Kidlat (1964)


Guillermo Bravado (1965)


Labanang Lalake! (1965)


Huling Baraha (1966)


Pistolero (1966)


San Bernardo (1966)


Soliman Brothers (1966)


Kidlat Meets Gringo (1967)


Alamat ng 7 Kilabot (1967)


3 Hari (1968)


Killer Patrol (1968)

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