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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here's the second wave of
Pinoy Superheroes of the 70s

Electrika Kasi,Eh! (1977)- the surprise hit of 1977- Stars Trixia Gomez (in the title role as Elektrika), Celia Rodriguez (as the Egyptian witch), Chanda Romero (as Narcissa, the evil Queen of the 20s), Ronaldo Valdez (as Professor Ynaqui, the archeologist) Orestes Ojeda (as Meduzzo-the four-eyed snakeman), Rez Cortez (as Lupus, the outer galactic sheriff), Nympha Bonifacio (as Hidrah, the flame thrower), Marlon Ramirez (as Asuwang, the Bridegroom), Vina Cansino (as Nefritiri, the Egyptian sorceress), Sandy Garcia ( as Sandalio, the gay mangkukulam),Cloyd Robinson (as Sprikitik, the Leprechaun) and Ernie Garcia (as Thornax, from planet Alchiba)

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Vilma Santos returns as Darna, her third Darna film in Darna vs the Planet Women (1975)- with Rosanna Ortiz, Zandro Zamora and Bentot, Jr. as Ding

Kapten Batuten (1977) - Stars Dolphy, Jean Saburit, Max Alvarado
and Bert 'Tawa' Marcelo

Chiquito retrurns as Mr. Wong in Mr. Wong and The Bionic Girls (1977)- with Tina Monasterio, Edna Diaz and Janet Bordon with a special participation of Ramon Zamora

Wonder Dabiana (1978) - Stars heavyweight Cecille 'Dabiana' Inigo, Ramon Zamora, Ike Lozada, Gina Alajar and Allan Valenzuela

Enter Superteks (1979) - Stars Dranreb (Belleza) and Bentot, Jr. with Rommel Valdez

Darna, Kuno? (1979)- Stars Dolphy, Lotis Key, Celia Rodriguez, Marissa Delgado


rarepinoyfilms said...

Wow!!!Please more! more! more! Superhero ads sir Simon! Thanks a lot, God bless sir!

akoc said...

mukhang nakalimutan po yata ang bira darna bira ni rio locsin. sa pagkakatanda ko, mga 1979 ipinalabas po yon.


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