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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Like other big names in the movie industry, action star Robin Padilla (b.1967, Robinhood Fernando Cariño Padilla in real life) also started his colorful movie career in supporting roles--- to Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla, Jr. in Alega Gang (1988) and to Phillip Salvador in Delima Gang (1989). However, there’s no stopping Robin’s phenomenal rise to stardom. From lead roles in Carnap King and Hindi Pahuhuli ng Buhay, both in 1989, he went on to become the next hottest new action star discovery of 1989. From then on, he reigned supreme in the 90s playing some of the most iconic roles in movies such as Barumbado, Sa Diyos Lang Ako Susuko, Walang Awa Kung Pumatay and finally Bad Boy, the movie that made him one of filmdom's top box-office draw and bankable star.

Since then, the moniker ‘bad boy’ was associated to Robin’s name. His bad boy image plus his ruggedly good looks served him well in his booming career. These are some of the best assets which carried and catapulted him to the top. However, Robin's sudden surge of popularity made him susceptible and vulnerable to troubles. In 1995, he was arrested and sentenced to a jail term for illegal possession of firearms. After three years, he was released on parole. Robin now is a changed person and very busy as ever.

Alega Gang: Public Enemy No. 1 of Cebu (1988)- Stars Ramon 'Bong' Revilla, Jr., Princess Punzalan, Vivian Fox, Ronel Victor, Robin Padilla, Jorge Estregan, Bing Davao and Paquito Diaz/ Directed by Pepe Marcos

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Delima Gang (1989)- Stars Phillip Salvador, Marianne dela Riva, Robin Padilla, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Bobby Zshornack and Efren Reyes, Jr./ Directed by Pepe Marcos

Eagle Squad (1989)- Stars Edu Manzano, Ricky Davao, Julio Diaz, Robin Padilla, George Estregan, Jr., Monsour Del Rosario, Nick Martel and Jinggoy Estrada / Directed by Jose Carreon

Left- Carnap King?: The Randy Padilla Story (1989)- Stars Robin Padilla, Maita Soriano, Jobelle Salvador, Leni Santos, Rina Reyes & Perla Bautista/ with Charlie Davao, RR Herrera, Bing Davao/ Directed by Deo Fajardo

Right- Hindi Pahululi ng Buhay (1989)- Stars Robin Padilla, Dawn Zulueta, Johnny Delgado, Mark Gil, Philip Gamboa, Raoul Aragonn, Ruel Vernal, Eula Valdez/ Directed by Joey Del Rosario

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Left- Sa Diyos Lang Ako Susuko (1990)- Stars Robin Padilla, Amy Perez, Nanette Medved, Leah Orosa/ with Roi Vinzon, Subas Herrero, Marco Polo Garcia, Eddie Infante/ Directed by Manuel 'Fyke' Cinco

Right- Walang Awa Kung Pumatay (1990)- Stars Robin Padilla, Rita Avila, Conrad Poe, Dexter Doria, Zandro Zamora, Dick Israel, Bomber Moran Val Iglesia/ Directed by Junn P. Cabreira

Left- Barumbado (1990)- Stars Robin Padilla, Pinky de Leon, Michael de Mesa, Isabel Rivas, Lani Lobangco and Ernie Garcia/ Directed byWilly Milan

Right- Bad Boy (1990)- Stars Robin Padilla, Cristina Gonzales/ Directed by Eddie Rodriguez

Left- Hinukay Ko na ang Libingan Mo! (1991)- Stars Robin Padilla (in dual role), Nanette Medved, Cherry Pie Picache and Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Manuel 'Fyke' Cinco

- Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum(1991)- Stars Robin Padilla, Vina Morales, Rachel Alejandro, Kier Legaspi, Dennis Padilla/ Directed by Deo J. Fajardo

Left- Maging Sino Ka Man (1991)- Stars Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla/ with Edu Manzano, Vina Morales, Rosemarie Gil, Dennis Padilla, Orestes Ojeda, Suzanne Gonzales, Zandro Zamora/ Directed by Eddie Rodriguez

Right- Anak ni Baby Ama (1991)- Stars Robin Padilla, Eddie Rodriguez, Bembol Roco, Amy Perez, Ilonah Jean, Alan Paule, Rosemarie Gil/ Directed by Deo J. Fajardo, Jr.

Left- Manila Boy (1992)- Stars Robin Padilla, Aurora Sevilla, Andy Poe, Max Alvarado, Romy Diaz, Jorge Estregan, Berting Labra/ Directed by Antonio San Agustin

Right- Bad Boy 2 (1992)- Stars Robin Padilla, Monique Wilson, Cristina Gonzales, Vic Vargas, Dennis Padilla, Johnny Wilson / Directed by Bebong Osorio

Left- Miss na Miss Kita: Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum Part 2 (1992)- Stars Robin Padilla, Vina Morales, Kier Legaspi, Dennis Padilla, Dante Rivero and Charito Solis/ Directed by Deo J. Fajardo, Jr.

Right- Makuha Ka Sa Tingin: Kung Puede Lang (1993)- Stars Robin Padilla, Gelli De Belen, Dennis Padilla, Eddie Gutierrez, Marjorie Barretto / Directed by Deo J. Fajardo, Jr.

Left- 'Di Na Natuto: Sorry Na, Puwede Ba? (1993)- Stars Sharon Cuneta, Robin Padilla, Edu Manzano, Nida Blanca, Nino Muhlach, Timmy Cruz/ Directed by Edie Rodriguez

Right- P're Hanggang sa Huli (1994)- Stars Robin Padilla, Andrew E., Mat Ranillo III, Daniel Fernando, Donita Rose and Charlene Gonzales / Directed by Bebong Osorio


Anonymous said...

Iyung Bad Boy ay originally intended for Ace Vergel's comeback movie. In fact, Ace already shoots some scenes for that movie but personal problems ensued and Viva had no choice but to replaced the 'original' bad boy with up and coming superstar Robin Padilla.

Blessing in disguise or it is really a destiny. Robin captured the heart of filipino movie fans in Bad Boy and there's no stopping since then. Mga late 1990 itong Bad Boy then opening salvo ng Viva yung Anak ni Baby Ama in 1991. After that the mega hit valentines presentation "Maging Sino Ka Man" which sealed the status of Robin as the new box office king.

Ang pinagtataka ko, bakit wala ang Bad Boy sa mga VCD na ni-release ng Viva?

Unknown said...

Bakit walang copy ng Badboy1 1990 Movie? kahit ung sa youtube lang sana

Robin Padilla Movies said...

Robin Padilla seems to be the only remaining action movie star active today. That in itself is a huge achievement.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i saw you have a clips of robin padilla, we are doing some research to feature him on tv, may we use this pictures?


Anonymous said...

san kaya pwede mapanuod ung badboy 1?? patulong naman! salamat!


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