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Saturday, May 31, 2008


December 28, 1962 --- President Diosdado Macapagal yesterday directed the Emergency Employment Administration to pay its laborers in accordance with the Minimum Wage Law. The Chief Executive made this move as the administration sought to resolve the controversy over the 2 pesos-a-day wage scale originally adopted by the EEA.Administrator Eleuterio Adevoso announced that starting Jan.2, EEA laborers will work on a two-shift schedule a day at four hours at 2 pesos each shift, morning and afternoon.

Today, after 45 years---
starting June 14, 2008 -382 pesos per day!!!

P20 wage hike in Metro
By Michael Lim Ubac,
Jeannette Andrade

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 02:17:00 05/16/2008

MANILA, Philippines--Jumping the gun on the wage board in Metro Manila, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo excitedly announced Friday before employers that the tripartite body had approved a P20 increase in the daily minimum wage of private workers, or P600 per month, to allow them to cope with soaring fuel and food prices.

The President also said the wage board in Northern Mindanao (Region X) had agreed on a P16 increase or "part of the integrated minimum wage," plus a P22 raise in cost-of-living allowance (Cola).

Ms Arroyo said the new adjustment would raise the daily minimum wage in the NCR to P382. But she said the board had yet to determine whether the P20 would be an outright increase in the minimum wage, or P15 for the wage plus P5 in additional Cola.

Workers have frowned on increasing the Cola instead of wages since the allowance is not considered in computing for bonuses, separation pay, longevity and other benefits.


The last of the Gagamba series, the 1969 movie, Gagamba at si Scorpio with two action superstars of the 60s, Bernard 'Palos' Bonnin as Gagamba and Eddie ' Lagalag' Fernandez as Scorpio.

Gagamba at si Scorpio (1969)- Stars Bernard Bonnin, Eddie Fernandez, Loretta Marquez, Vic Silayan, Bert Olivar, Rolly Aquino, Nora Nunez and Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ Directed by George Rowe

First issue of Gagamba Komiks Magasin

Friday, May 30, 2008


Malolos, Bulacan, April 3--- Annabelle Huggins took everything on the chin today as she was pummeled with questions about the rape she claims was committed on her by bulky jeepney driver Ruben Ablaza. Sympathetic spectators jammed the courtroom of Judge Samuel F. Reyes for six hours to witness Annabelle’s dramatic legal battle to convict Ablaza. Fifteen constabulary soldiers were posted around the courtroom. They were there, according to Lt. Col. Cesar Lucero, Bulacan PC commander because of the strong public sentiment against Ablaza.

An odd match

Sitting only a few meters away from each other, Annabelle and Ablaza would made an oddly-matched pair. The girl was frail, dark-eyed, and pale. She had a pretty way of tilting her head that showed off her high cheekbones and fine jawline. Yesterday, Colonel Lucero gave her to a beauty parlor treatment which resulted in a becoming upswept hairdo with bangs sweeping her forehead. Ablaza who says he wants her to be his wife was unwashed and unkempt after five days in the stockade of the Bulacan PC in this town. For five days, he had worn the same white shirt, white pants, and slippers. The “tail” of a pink comb stuck through the back pocket of his pants. He sat unmoving through the trial. Occasionally he would stare at Annabelle, his plump baby face impassive.

Hunger and blows

Questioned by Assistant Provincial Fiscal Pascual Kliatchko, Annabelle told how he was dragged into a jeep last Oct. 23,1962 by Lauro Ocampo and “Totoy pulis” Leoncio, with Ablaza at the wheel; how she was threatened with death if she dared to cry for help; how Ablaza took her to the house of a “compadre” in Iba, Hagonoy, Bulacan; how Ablaza tried to abuse her, but failed, on the first night; and how he finally succeeded in overcoming her because of acute hunger and the blows she received. Jugde Reyes ordered all spectators out of the room when the testimony came to the part where she was allegedly attacked. Only lawyers, court personnel, PC guards, and newspapermen were allowed to stay, but the crowd patiently waited outside until they were let in again.

Near hysterical

Calm at the beginning of her testimony, Annabelle broke down when she was asked to narrate the details of the rape. She sobbed repeatedly when questioned about the experience. When defense lawyer Eufrocino Del Rosario badgered her with questions, trying to trip her up, Annabelle would raise her voice in near-hysterical answer. Throughout the hearing, Annabelle showed her dislike of Ablaza. He was a trouble-maker, she said, and never paid for the games he played at the billiard hall she looked after. He and his gang would barge in, stealing the balls, and tearing the felt on the billiard tables. She was slapped, struck and threatened with death when she resisted Ablaza, Annabelle said. The next morning, she woke up to find herself naked. And for breakfast, Ablaza offered cold rice and water. She refused to eat.

The lawyers

Attorney Del Rosario could not count on the traditional sentiment for the underdog, but he relentlessly probed Annabelle’s statements in an effort to establish inconsistencies. This is Del Rosario’s first big case. Only 30, he has been practicing for three years since his graduation from the Far Eastern University. Just as dapper s Del Rosario was Fiscal Kliatchko , whose name betrays Polish ancestor, has been assistant provincial fiscal for the last years. He has handled such sensational cases as the murder of PFFC agent Hector Crisostomo and the joyride-killing of teenage Brenia Nano.

The judge

Above the sad, sordid swirl of details sat Judge Reyes, as cool and fact-seeking as Spencer Tracy could ever have been in the movie “Judgment of Nuremberg.” He was impatient only at the grammar of court interpreter Avelino Joaquin Jr., who did a yeoman’s job of translating English into Tagalog and vise versa. Joaquin, who has been on the job for only three months, had to do such difficult things as translating Tagalog euphemisms into English euphemisms. Often, he fell prey to the traps laid by the Tagalog language for those who think in it but speak in English.

Minor plot

There was a minor plot in the drama, too. To one side of the courtroom sat advertising executive Lu Ocampo, worried father of Lauro, one of Ablaza’s co-accused. Lauro, 24, just got married last November, and was on a vacation from his job as a photo-engraver when he got involved in the abduction of Annabelle. The other person who, Annabelle said, forced her into Ruben’s jeepney is still at large. Jose “Totoy Pulis” Leoncio is said to be the son of a policeman in Caloocan City. He is reported to be roaming around, unarrested, because he is not named in Annabelle’s complaint. She said she did not know his full name.

Broken Home

Judge Reyes is determined to get the trial over with. Apparently, so is Annabelle--- this afternoon she refused to take a break after testifying for two hours, saying she wanted to go on with the hearing. It will be a short trial. But already anxious people were asking: What will happen to Annabelle? She is the product of a broken home. She was just three when her parents separated; her brother Elwin was two, and her sister Merle, one year old. The father, Roy Huggins, the son of an American lumberman, has another family in Ozamis City. The children’s mother, a former schoolteacher, is also reported to have a large family in Zamboanga City.

What of the future?

The three Huggins children were turned over by their father to his childless sister and her husband. They grew up in Iloilo, coming to Manila in 1954. Their uncle could not support all three of them, so Annabelle had to quit high school. Last year, she was given charge of her uncle’s billiard hall in Caloocan City, which was the hangout of Ablaza and his friends. Her relatives say that when everything is over, Annabelle will go back to school, to give her a chance for a better life. The girl herself is worried about her future. Colonel Lucero has become Annabelle confidante. And these, he says, are the questions bothering her: Will a child spring from her forcible union with Ablaza? Will anyone want to marry her? Will people let her forget?

See CFI Decision and Supreme Court Affirmation of the case
and Annabelle Huggins as a movie star

Thursday, May 29, 2008


The island of Boracay was a sparsely populated forest island when it first caught world attention in 1969. Hollywood filmmakers, who were scouting for possible location on their forthcoming project, were stunned and amazed with its beauty and decided to use the locale to shoot the movie, “Too Late the Hero.” The movie, which starred Cliff Robertson, Toshiro Mifune and Michael Caine, was shot partly on the airstrip in Caticlan on the mainland and in the still pristine island of Boracay.


Manila Times/ April 27, 1969

"Igorota" (1968)- Stars Charito Solis, Ric Rodrigo, Fred Galang, Eddie Garcia, Mario Monte(negro), Ben Perez/ Directed by Luis Nepomuceno
Best Picture - Igorota (Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Actor - Eddie Garcia (De Colores/ Arco-Iris Productions)

Best Actress - Charito Solis (Igorota)
Best Supporting Actress - Lourdes Medel (Salamisim/ Lea Productions)
Best Supporting Actor - Fred Galang (Igorota)
Best Director - Luis Nepomuceno (Igorota)
Best Child Actor - Zernan Manahan (Barbaro Cristobal/ FPJ Productions)
Best Story - Louise de Mesa (Kasalanan Kaya?/ Virgo Film Productions)
Best Screenplay - Emmanuel H. Borlaza (Psycho Maniac/ Regina Productions)
Best Cinematography (Color) - Loreto Isleta (Igorota)
Best Cinematography (Black & White) - Ricardo Remias (Kasalanan Kaya?)
Best Editing - Elsa Abutan (Igorota)
Best Musical Score - Tito Arevalo (Igorota)
Best Sound - Juanito Clemente (Igorota)

see FAMAS List of Winners
see FAMAS Unofficial website
More on FAMAS

De Colores (1968)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Amalia Fuentes, Leopoldo Salcedo, Vilma Santos, Gloria Romero, JunAristorenas, Divina Valencia, Mario Montenegro, Perla Bautista, Anna Gonzales, Eddie Garcia, Mila Ocampo, Paquito Diaz, Von Serna/ Directed by Armando Garces

Salamism (1968)- Stars Marlene Dauden, Eddie Garcia, Louredes Medel, Pilita Corrales, Lauro Delgado, Caridad Sanchez, Mary Walter, Roger Calvin, Jeanne Young, Gina Alajar, Tony Cayado, Nello Nayo/ Directed by Mitos Villareal


Another long lost treasure was a Pinoy sci-fi movie titled Anak ng Kidlat, produced and released in 1959 by Tamaraw-Hollywood Far East Productions with Cecilia Lopez in the title role. The movie was based on a komiks serial created by Virgilio Redondo and serialized in Espesyal Komiks.

Anak ng Kidlat (1959)- Stars Cesar Ramirez, Lillian Leonardo, Oscar Moreno, Rocky Rogers, Vic Diaz and Cecilia Lopez in the title role/ Directed by Mario Barri

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan" (1967)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Lolita Rodriguez and Marlene Dauden/ Directed by Fely Crisostomo

Best Picture - Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan (Virgo Film Productions)
Best Actor - Fernando Poe, Jr. (Mga Alabok Sa Lupa/ FPJ Productions)

Best Actress - Marlene Dauden (Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan)

Best Supporting Actress - Bella Flores (Kaibigan Ko'ng Sto. Nino/ Lea Productions)
Best Supporting Actor - Rod Navarro (Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak/ Nepomuceno Productions)

Best Director - Fely Crisostomo (Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan)

Best Child Actress - Gina Alajar (Kaibigan Ko'ng Sto. Nino)

Best Story - Louise de Mesa (Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan) )

Best Screenplay - Nilo Saez (Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan)

Best Cinematography (Color) - Luis Nepomuceno (Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak)

Best Cinematography (Black & White) - Ricardo Remias (Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan)

Best Editing - Gervacio Santos (Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan)

Best Musical Score - Tony Maiquez (Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan)

Best Sound - Juanito Clemente (Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak)

Special Awardees:

Dr. Ciriaco Santiago Memorial Award - Emmanuel Rojas

see FAMAS List of Winners
see FAMAS Unofficial website
More on FAMAS

Mga Alabok sa Lupa (1967)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Divina Valencia, Paquito Diaz, Lito ANzures and Johnny Monteiro/ Directed by Armando A. Herrera

Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak (1967)- Stars Charito Solis, Ric Rodrigo, Paraluman, Rod Navarro, Ben Perez/ Introducing Liza Lorena

Kaibigan Ko'ng Sto. Nino (1967)- Stars Gloria Romero, Luis Gonzales, Eddie Garcia, Bella Flores, Roger Calvin/ Introducing Gina ALajar and Roderick (Paulate)/ Directed by Armando de Guzman


Its UE's Robert Jaworski vs. UST's Danilo Florencio in the 1965 UAAP basketball finals. The two great basketball warriors later figured in many unforgettable cage wars in the amateur league (MICAA) and the professional league (PBA) in the 6os and 70s.


"Last minute errors, swift steals decide nerve-wracking contest"

The best of three games for the 1965 UAAP basketball diadem went to the University of the East, but the hero of the third and decisive match came from the losing team. He was Danilo Florencio, a 19-year old UST forward, whom nobody could stop that night--- except the referees. And when Coach Caloy Loyzaga’s prized rookie fouled out in the closing minute after a spectacular 40-point performance, UST’s retention bid for crown crumbled under the terrific pressure put on by the mighty UE warr

Although spotty officiating hurt the Goldies more than it did the Warriors--- only one of the UST first stringers survived the game--- UE could not be denied its hard-earned victory. But for Florencio’s superb showing, Chief Warrior Robert Jaworski was the outstanding star of the evening, grabbing those rebounds like nobody’s business and scattering 29 precious points, the last two of which came off Florencio’s fifth and costly foul and tied the score at 84-all, with 10 seconds to go. At this stage, UST was a badly crippled lot, and Loyzaga had to scrape the bottom of a shallow bench; the reserves he sent in to face a still intact UE first team fell apart with a series of boners which enabled the Warriors to pull two sensational steals and put in four points to clinch the thrill-chocked contest.

The ending reminded fans of UST’s triumph in the first of the three-game championship series last Oct. 31, when Florencio made two lightning interceptions in the last few seconds to give his team a hairline 69-67 victory. The Warriors evened matters in the second game, 72-65, by blanking George Lizares, one of UST’s chief gunners. And Florencio was not so hot that time, making only 17 points, most of which came rather too late to check a determined UE crew.

Ironically, that night Florencio was at his hottest--- the entire UE team practically ganged up on him, to no avail--- UST lost the title and made Florencio the most frustrated hero in the history of UAAP cage competitions.

Source: Sunday Times Magazine
November 28, 1965

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


"Ito Ang Pilipino" (1966)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Barbara Perez,
Mario Montenegro, Gloria Sevilla, Johnny Monteiro, Vic Silayan
and Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Cesar Gallardo

Best Picture - Ito Ang Pilipino (Emar Pictures)
Best Actor - Joseph Estrada (Ito Ang Pilipino)

Best Actress - Amalia Fuentes (Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin/ AM Productions)

Best Supporting Actress - Celia Rodriguez (The Passionate Strangers/ MJP Productions)

Best Supporting Actor - Eddie Garcia (Ito Ang Pilipino)

Best Director - Eddie Romero (The Passionate Strangers)

Best Story - Augusto Buenaventura (Ito Ang Pilipino)

Best Screenplay - Eddie Romero (The Passionate Strangers)

Best Cinematography - Felipe Sacdalan (Ito Ang Pilipino)

Best Editing - Ben Barcelon (The Passionate Strangers)

Best Musical Score - Nestor Robles (The Passionate Strangers)

Best Sound - Demetrio de Santos (The Passionate Strangers)

see FAMAS List of Winners
see FAMAS Unofficial website
More on FAMAS

Ibulong mo sa Hangin (1966)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Romeo vasquez, Eddie Garcia, Johnny Monteiro, Mary Walter, Rosario del Pilar, Francisco Cruz, Quiel Mendoza/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon

The Passionate Strangers (1966)- Stars Michael Parsons,
Valora Noland, Celia Rodriguez, Vic Diaz and Mario Montenegro/
Written and directed by Eddie Romero

Monday, May 26, 2008


Newspaper ad on The Beatles
Manila concert-
Rizal Memorial Football Stdium/
July 4, 1966

In 1966, The Beatles landed in the Philippines from Tokyo for a two-concert stop. But what was anticipated to be The Beatles' second biggest concert ever became a dark spot in the group's history. Just exactly what happened on those fateful days remain confusing to many. Was it simply a case of miscommunication, lack of communication, false assumptions, opportunism? Whatever, the Philippine experience became one of the last nails on The Beatles' touring coffin as Neil Aspi­nall, a very close Beatle associate, put it.

On July 4, The Beatles held two sold-out concerts at the Rizal Memorial Stadium with a combined attendance of 80,000; the evening concert registered 50,000 paying audience, being rivaled only in size by the concert The Beatles gave at Shea Stadium in New York on August 15, 1965.

see The Beatles Controversial Visit Recalled
our very own Pinoy Beatles

The Manila Times/ July 4, 1966

The Manila Times/ July 6, 1966

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Best Picture - Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api (CineMasters Inc.)
Best Actor - Robert Arevalo (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)
Best Actress - Barbara Perez (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)
Best Supporting Actress - Leni Alano (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)
Best Supporting Actor - Paquito Diaz (Ang Mananandata/ FPJ Productions)

Best Director - Gerardo de Leon (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)

Best Child Actress - Ana Trinidad (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)

Best Story - Pierre Salas (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)

Best Screenplay - Pierre Salas (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)

Best Cinematography - Mike Accion (Ang Daigdig Ng Mga Api)

Best Editing - Fely Crisostomo (Iginuhit Sa Buhangin/ Hollywood Far-East Productions)

Best Musical Score - Tony Maiquez (Iginuhit Sa Buhangin)

Best Sound - Flaviano Villareal (Iginuhit Sa Buhangin)

see FAMAS List of Winners
see FAMAS Unofficial website
More on FAMAS

Daigdig ng mga Api (1965)- Stars Robert Arevalo, Barbara Perez,
Ben Perez, Oscar Keesee, Dely Villaneuva,Many Ojeda/
Directed by Gerardo de Leon
Ang Mananandata (1965)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Van de Leon, Paquito Diaz, Dencio Padilla and Barbara Perez/ Directed by Armando Herrera

Saturday, May 24, 2008


"Geron Busabos, Ang Batang Quiapo" (1964)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Imelda Ilanan, Oscar Roncal, Vic Andaya, Boy Alvarez/ Directed by Cesar Gallardo

Best Picture - Geron Busabos, Ang Batang Quiapo (Emar Pictures)
Best Actress - Marlene Dauden (Sa Bawa't Pintig Ng Puso/ Larry Santiago Productions)

Best Actor - Joseph Estrada (Geron Busabos, Ang Batang Quiapo)

Best Supporting Actress - Celia Rodriguez (Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi/ People's Pictures)

Best Supporting Actor - Oscar Roncal (Lagablab Sa Maribojoc/Cesar Ramirez Productions)

Best Director - Lamberto V. Avellana (Scout Rangers/ Zultana International)

Best Child Actor - Boy Alvarez (Geron Busabos, Ang Batang Quiapo)

Best Story - Augusto Buenaventura (Geron Busabos, Ang Batang Quiapo)
Best Screenplay - Rolf Bayer (Scout Rangers)
Best Cinematography - Conrado Baltazar (Salambao/ Zultana International)

Best Editing - Gervacio Santos (Scout Rangers) )

Best Musical Score - Restie Umali (Sa Bawa't Pintig Ng Puso)

Best Sound - Flaviano Villareal (Sa Bawa't Pintig Ng Puso)

see FAMAS List of Winners
see FAMAS Unofficial website
More on FAMAS

Sa Bawa't Pintin ng Puso (1964)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Marlene Dauden, Alona Alegre, Sammy Barretto/ Vilma Santos in a special role/ Directed by Armando de Guzman

Lagablab sa Maribojoc (1964)- Stars Cesar Ramirez, Charito Solis, Johnny Monteiro, Maggie de la Riva, Oscar Roncal/ Directed by Ramir

Kulay Dugo ang Gabi (1964)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Ronald Remy, Eddie Fernandez, Eva Montes, Celia Rodriguez/ Directed by Gerry De Leon

Scout Rangers (1964)- Stars Romeo Vasquez, Eddie Rodiguez, Willie Soltelo, Tony Santos, Carlos Salazar, Ramon Revilla, Vic Silayan and Leopoldo Salcedo/ Directed by Lamberto Avellana


The "atomic monster" movie craze of the 1950s was probably inspired by the atomic bombs the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the hundreds of atomic tests done afterwards. Japan came up with the widely popular movie, Godzilla in 1954. Hollywood followed suit with several sci-fi 'B' movies--- It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955); Them (1955); The Monster that Challenged the World (1957); Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957); Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958); The Giant Behemoth (1959) and Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959).

Besides the 1959 movie Tuko sa Madre Kakaw, (see post), the 50s also saw the production of three more so-called Pinoy sci-fi 'atomic monster' movies--- Taong Putik (1956), Tokyo 1960 (1957) and Anak ng Bulkan (1959).

Taong Putik (1956)- Stars Alicia Vergel, Amado Cortez,
RubenRustia, Lani Oteyza, Crazon Noble, Vicente Liwanag/
Screenplay and Direction: Artemio B. Tecson

Tokyo 1960 (1957)- Stars Tessie Quintana, Eddie Del Mar and Zaldy Zshornack/ Directed by Teodorico C. Santos

Anak ng Bulkan (1959)- Stars Edna Luna, Fernando Poe, Jr., Miriam Jurado, Ronald Remy, Elizabeth Rigor, Bruno Punzalan, Jose Garcia, Belen Velasco and Ace York/ Directed by Emmanuel Rojas


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