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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The 1971 movie, Asedillo was the featured film at Skycable-Cinema One and not Alyas 1-2-3 as previously announced. FPJ won his second FAMAS Best Actor award in this movie for his convincing and emotional performance as Teodoro Asedillo, a schoolteacher turned dissident. There will be a replay on January 29, Tuesday at 9 am.
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REGIE said...

hi just to let you know i always read your post and ty for the info and pictures.im avid fpj fan too ..i even went to your rental video 48 and bought some fpj and old films.I miss some of fpj films in cinema one like this Asedillo hope you have all the copy so i can order.
There is also some fpj old films in abs cbn now payperview site.Im trying to use a livestream copy software but it doesnt work in abs.
does anybody know how to copy ?I
love Pepeng Kaliwete ita in payperv
iew now.I hope some films collector will come out and share
their video thru torrent.
Again this is a great site continue posting...sabi nga ni FPJ ISANG BALA KA LNG este sabi ko pala ISANG SITE KA LNG bukod tanging para kAY FPJ. -regie form Ny

REGIE said...

sorry medyo namali spelling antok na ksi enjoy..

Video 48 said...

Thanks Regie! I'll be uploading more and keep you posted.

jacinto san isidro said...

regie, i use my old vhs player for recording fpj films shown on tv, then i transfer it to dvd discs.

RommelLlanes said...

Hi, Mr. Santos. Is this the movie where FPJ died and the muslims who were watching it in Mindanao rioted because they felt they were cheated by the moviehouse by featuring a movie where their idol died?

BTW, did that really happen? The Muslims who stoned the movie screen and tried to get their money back from the ticketbooth because they were angry.

Or is this just an urban legend?

Thanks! Love your site!


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