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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Temptation Island (1980) - Stars Azenith Briones, Jennifer Cortes, Deborah Sun, Bambi Arambulo and Dina Bonnevie- one of his best films, praised by fans and critics.

Katorse (1980)- Stars Dina Bonnevie, Alfie Anido and Gabby Concepcion- the movie that launched Dina to full stardom
  • Joey Gosiengfiao (1941-2007)
  • He was best known for the sexy, campy box-office hits he directed for Regal Films in the late 1970s and 1980s: Temptation Island, Underage, Bomba Star, Katorse, 14: Going Steady, among others.
  • His films launched the likes of Dina Bonnevie, Snooky Serna, Maricel Soriano, and Gretchen Barretto to full stardom.
  • His favorite movie was ‘Bedspacers’ because it was based on his student life.
  • Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Lav Diaz described Gosiengfiao as “the eternal master of Pinoy camp.”
  • Died March 16, 2007, one day after suffering his sixth heart attack on his 66th birthday.

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Takbo, Vilma, Dali (1973)- Stars Vilma Santos, Miss Rita Gomez, Paquito Diaz, Max Alvarado and Romeo Rivera

Lipad, Darna, Lipad! (1973) - Stars Vilma Santos, Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez and Liza Lorena

Zoom, Zoom, Superman! (1973) - Stars Ariel Ureta, Miss Rita Gomez, Boots Anson-Roa, Rosanna Ortiz, Celia Rodriguez and Gina Pareno

Babae! (1977) - Stars Amalia Fuentes, Pilar Pilapil and Gloria Diaz

Bomba Star (1978)- Stars Alma Moreno, Eddie Gutierrez, George Estregan and Dindo Fernando

Kambal sa Uma (1979) - Stars Rio Locsin, Orestes Ojeda, Julie Ann Fortich and Al Tantay

Bedspacers (1979) - Stars Alma Moreno, Rio Locsin and Amy Austria- his favorite film

Iskandalo! (1979) - Stars Lorna Tolentino, Celia Rodriguez, Ronaldo Valdez and Al Tantay

Katorse (1980)

Under-age (1980)- Stars Dina Bonnevie, Maricel Soriano and Snooky in their first adult movie

Nympha (1980) - Stars Alma Moreno, Ricky Belmonte, Orestes Ojeda and Alfie Anido

Bata Pa Si Sabel (1981) - Stars Snooky (Serna), Albert Martinez, Joel Alano and Opalyn Forster

Takbo Vilma Dali (1972)
Lipad Darna Lipad (1973)
Zoom, Zoom Superman! (1974)
Sunugin ang Samar! (1974)
La Paloma: Ang Kalapating Ligaw (1974)
Ang Boyfriend kong Baduy (1976)
Babae! (1977)
Ang Kambal sa Uma (1979)
Iskandalo (1979)
Underage (1980)
Bomba Star (1980)
Bedspacers (1980)
Nympha (1980)
Katorse (1980)
Blue Jeans (1981)
si Sabel (1981)
Bakit Ba Ganyan (1981)
Piknik (1983)
14 Going Steady (1984)
When I Fall in Love (1986)
Rape of Virginia P. (1989)
Ligaw-Ligawan, Kasal-Kasalan (1993)
Night of Serafina (1996)


Unknown said...

Hi! Is this really the blog of the Video 48 store along West Ave? I've been looking for a copy of "Temptation Island" for the longest time, and was wondering if you had it in stock? Thanks!

Video 48 said...

Hi Ryan! Yes, this is the blog of Video 48 store at West Avenue. We have a copy of Temptation Island.

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Just wondering if you have Under-age in your stock of movies - I've been looking for this for a long period of time.

Hope to hear a reply from you.

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Hi Sir! I just want to know what films of Joey Gosiengfiao you have in stock (whether for rent/sale). I truly appreciate your usual immediate reply. Thanks and more power!

herbert chavez said...

do we have a video of bira,darna bira! of rio locsin!!!!

czeree said...

i would like to know how much does a movie copy costs?


Anonymous said...

hi, i'm interested to buy a copy of UNDERAGE...do you have a stock of it? and how much does it cost? do you do shipping nationwide?

Anonymous said...

sir simon may roon po ba kayong movie na bira darna bira ni rio locsin i want to buy a copy pls reply soon.

Anonymous said...

hello i would like to buy joey gosiengpiao old films:
si raquel at si rafael withj cristyoèher de leaon and amalia fuentes, 1976
lulubog lilitaw sa ilalim ng tulay, 1976 with amalia fuentes and cris de leon
ang bf kong baduy, 1976 with orestes ojeda, amalia fuentes

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Hi! I'd like to ask for permission to use your image of the "Temptation Island" poster for my blog post on the film, found here:




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