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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"Milyonaria" (1949)- Stars Rogelio de la Rosa, Mila del Sol, Eusebio Gomez, Engracio Ibarra, Justina David, Armando Canseco, Rita Amor, Miguel Lopez, Tomas Esteban and Bayani & Menggay/Story and Directed by Susana C. de Guzman

Synopsis: Anita Amor (Mila del Sol) inherited a large sum of money and a flourishing newspaper and printing company from her late father, Don Pepe. The printing press is being managed by Don Pepe’s trusted man and editor Delfin Glorioso (Rogelio dela Rosa).

After years abroad, Anita arrives with companion and fiance Dr. Reyes (Eusebio Gomez). Her overseer and caretaker, Mang Gorio (Engracio Ibarra) briefs her of her father’s heroism during the war, his vast wealth, shows her and Dr. Reyes around and brings them to the printing press where they are introduced to the hardworking editor Delfin.

Delfin, who is deep in his work, ignores Anita's presence, which infuriates the lady. From then on, Anita is uncomfortable with Delfin and tells this to Mang Gorio.

The late Don Pepe is a philanthropist, cares for the poor and the needy and loves to donate to charitable institutions, while Anita is the exact opposite, who loves to splurge on dresses, gambles and spend lavishly. Before his death, Don Pepe instructs Delfin to continue his noble deeds and pass this on to his daughter.

Anita becomes more enraged when she sees her name in newspaper losing heavily in gambling. She castigates her editor, but the more Anita berates him, the more Delfin teaches her the social value of clean living.

Humiliated, Anita devises a plan to get even with Delfin. She fires Delfin’s male secretary. Anita disguises herself as Letty Carmona, a look-alike and distant relative of Anita. She changes her looks, wears eyeglasses and speaks with a native accents. She introduces herself to Delfin as her new secretary. Delfin is first hesitant, but Letty tries to convince Delfin that she is hardworking and capable of the job.

Though he has some reservation about Letty’s personality, he sets it aside. Delfin begins to fall in love with her and soon blossoms to a romance.

During a big party, Letty divulges her scheme and shames Delfin in front of her friends and visitors. Instead, it backfires and Delfin scolds and slaps her. He is deeply hurt of the revelation since he’s already in love with Letty/Anita.

He resigns from the company and stays out late most of the time drinking.

Job opportunities came when his former male secretary comes over with an offer similar to his former post. His new boss is likewise into charities and civic programs.

Anita later realizes her mistakes and tries to make amends to Delfin and family. Likewise, she dumps Dr. Reyes since she also realizes how much he loves Delfin.

To win back Anita, Dr. Reyes hatches an evil plan. He shoots Delfin and is critically wounded. Anita learns about the incident and seeks the medical help of Dr. Reyes. The doctor accedes on the condition that Anita marries him.

The operation is successful. Anita and Dr. Reyes decide to get married abroad. Delfin is informed later that the real boss he is working for is Anita.

Knowing that Anita will be leaving any moment now, he goes straight to the airport and intercepts Anita from Dr. Reyes. In a scuffle that ensues, the doctor draws his gun and aims at Delfin. “Sana pinatay na kita,” he blurts out (“I should have finished you off”). The timely arrival of the authorities prevents what would have been a tragic finale.

That’s the only time that Delfin and Anita learn about Dr. Reyes’ participation. The police authorities arrest the doctor and the two are reunited.

Delfin (Rogelio de la Rosa) and Anita (Mila del Sol) in their first meeting at the printing press office.

Delfin talks to his mother (Justina David) regarding Anita's unusual behavior.

Irked and angered over Delfin's interfering on her social activities.

A comic scene between Bayani (family driver) and Menggay (househelp)

Delfin and Anita in a riotous scene

Anita disguises as Letty, the new secretary

Delfin and Letty starting to have feelings towards one another

A song number

Letty in a heart to heart talk with Delfin's mother

Letty divulges her plan and shames Delfin

Delfin scolds and berates Anita

Dr. Reyes (Eusebio Gomez) plans an evil plot

Anita accedes to Dr. Reyes' condition to marry him

The final confrontation as Dr. Reyes draws and points a gun at Delfin

The two finally reunited

Monday, January 30, 2012


"Sor Remedios"
Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.

Release Date: June 3-12, 1948/ Dalisay
Story Susana C. de Guzman
Photography Cesar Silos
Music Constancio C. de Guzman
Octavio Silos
Cast Paraluman, Fred Montilla, Rosie Lorenzana, Maria Cristina

Sunday, January 29, 2012


"Hiram na Pangalan"
Premiere Productions

Release Date: August 12- September 2, 1948/ CenterPhotography Tomas Marcelino
Demetrio Santos
Santiago Suarez
Ramon A. Estella
Cast Jose Padilla, Anita Linda, Fernando Royo, Efren Reyes, Virginia Montes, Amelita Sol, Frankie Gordon, Mary Walter, Tony Tolman, Luis San Juan, Dodang Ortega, Luz Kahanding, Marcial Glorioso

Saturday, January 28, 2012


"Halik sa Bandila"
Premiere Productions

Release Date: April 13-23, 1948/ DalisayDirection Consuelo P. OsorioCast Jose Padilla, Jr., Ester Magalona, Fernando Royo, Amelita Sol, Virginia Montes, Tolindoy, Dely Atay-atayan, Mary Walter, Fernando Santiago, Simplicio Serafin Casupang, Alfonso Reyes, Alvaran, Totoy Torrente, Efren Reyes

Friday, January 27, 2012


"Mga Busabos ng Palad"
Nolasco Bros. Pictures

Release Date: August 12- September 2, 1948/ CenterDirection Luis F.NolascoCast Leopoldo Salcedo, Vida Florante, Bimbo Danao, Leila Morena, Fernando Royo, Rosa Aguirre, Gil de Leon, Ben Perez, Don Danon and Quiel Segovia

Thursday, January 26, 2012


"Ang Selosa"
Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.

Release Date: April 8- 13, 1948/ CenterStory Inigo Ed. Regalado
Music Tito Arevalo Direction Eddie Romero
Cast Carmen Rosales, Ely Ramos, Lillian Leonardo, Roberto Rosales, Rosie Lorenzana, Vicente Liwanag, Oscar Frazenda, Arsenio Almonte, Ely Nakpil, Ramon Toledo Jr., Dick Tuazon, Liberty Ilagan

Sunday, January 22, 2012


"Tatlong Patak na Luha" (1960)- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Carlos Salazar, Greg Martin, Liberty Ilagan, Zeny Zabala, Lito Legaspi, Boy Planas, Ven Medina, Pablo Guevarra, Aring Bautista, Matimtiman Cruz, Ely Roque, Lillian de Leon, Jose Villafranca and Juvy Cachola/ Directed by Carlos Vander Tolosa
Synopsis: Hoping that Julia’s (Lolita Rodriguez) marriage to Martin (Carlos Salazar), son of a wealthy businessman, would give her the comforts of life, Lucio (Ric Rodrigo) gives up his own love.

Julia marries Martin because she badly needs money for her sick mother. But Martin’s father objects to the marriage and disown him. Martin dies in a car accident leaving his widow and two children penniless.

News of Julia’s ill fortune reaches Lucio who sees her just as she is about to be assaulted by a hoodlum. The hoodlum dies while Lucio tries to defend Julia, and the death is blamed on Lucio.
He is imprisoned, but is able to escape, clears himself and finally gets reunited with Julia. (Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


In an article interview with Intrigue Magazine dated January 27, 1994, action king Fernando Poe, Jr. willingly shared and revealed to a group of movie scribes his most hated movie and candidly tell all about it... one of Da King's wittiest moments...

(Thanks to Eric Nadurata for the article)
Siyempre, kung mayroong pelikulang gustung-gusto alalahanin at gawan ng sequel, o kaya’y maging basehan sa isa pang ulit na matinong pelikula, meron ding pelikulang gusto nang kalimutam ni FPJ.
“ ‘Yong ginawa namin sa Amerika. Kaming dalawa ni Erap (Vice President Joseph Estrada),” sabi nga ni FPJ, kahit best friend niyang itinuturing si JE na ngayo’y Chairman pa ng PACC (Presidential Anti-Crime Commission).
“You know, ni hindi ko ibinenta sa GMA ‘yon, sa kahihiyan,” kuwelang banggit pa ni FPJ, na ang tinutukoy ay isang pelikulang may pamagat na Los Palikeros.“Kami ni Erap pang bida. Los Palikeros ba ‘yon? pag-ulit ni FPJ. “Title pa lang, o talo na! First day, last day na ‘yon. Kami ni Erap pang bida.” Would you believe, ang pinaka-hate na pelikula ni FPJ ay kinunan pa sa Amerika?
“Pumunta kami sa States to do that movie. Actually, mahabang istorya ‘yan, eh,” nag chain reaction nga lang daw, according to FPJ pa rin.
Siyempre, kuwento ulit.
“Pumunta kami ni Paquito (Diaz) sa Tokyo, “ bungad ulit na kuwento ni FPJ, “nabalitaan ni Erap. Bakit daw ang kasama ko lang si Kits? “O, sama ka na, Erap,” pagyaya na rin ni FPJ. “Tapos no’n, nabalitaan ni Pablo Santiago (director). O, pupunta ka ro’n, di pumunta na tayo sa Hawaii…”
“Parami nang parami. So, pumunta kami, around-the-world, para gumawa ng dalawang pelikula,”natatawang wika ni FPJ.
“Ano’ng makikita mo sa ginawa namin?” pagkuwa’y tanong naman niya. “Tumatawid lang kami ni Erap sa kalye, gano’n. Tapos ‘yung corridor ng Sampaguita hotel, du’n natapos ang pelikula! Naka-amerikana pa kami."
Mula sa kuwento ni FPJ, alam mo agad na total disaster ang naturang pelikula nila ni Erap (hindi siguro ‘yon kasing ganda ng napanood naming Ang Agila at ang Araw nila ni Erap, ‘no?). Of course, not! Sabi nga kasi ni FPJ, ang Los Palikeros daw ay ‘yong tipong, “When you go to the movies, thirty minutes lang, gusto mo nang matulog, eh. Gusto mo nang umuwi, eh. You know, I didn’t sell that, ha, ‘yong rights, sa Channel 7, gaya ng maraming FPJ movies ngayon. I didn’t sell that, dahil sa kahihiyan!”
“Imagine, I can easily sell that for 1 million; 1 million is 1 million, pero nakakahiya sa audience!” matapat namang wika ni Ronnie. “Sa kahihiyan sa tao… kahit na libre… baka gusto na tuloy nilang masira ‘yong TV nila! Gano’n kagarapal. Wala ka nang makikita kundi tatawid (sila ni Erap), magda-dialogue, lalakad. Halos… you hardly see any action.”
Sina FPJ at director-prodyuser Cirio Santiago ang nagprodyus ng naturang pelikula, na ayon kay FPJ, wala namang istorya. “Ewan ko, hindi ko na tinanong,” aniya pang natatawa-tawa. “I don’t know if it was color na. Hindi naman talaga pelikula ‘yon, eh.”
Hindi rin daw maituturing na travelogue ang ginawa nila ni Erap. “Hindi bale sana kung magaganda… hindi ba pag travelogue, ‘yong leading man, leading lady, magandang tingnan?” Eh, hindi nga raw gano’n nangyari sa Los Palikeros. “Kaming dalawa ni Erap, ano’ng maganda ro’n? punchline pa ni FPJ, gaya sa tuwing aalaskahin niya ang matalik na kaibigan all these years.
Anupa’t ang sumunod niyang pahayag ang lalong nakapagpahagalpak sa tawa naming ng mga kasamang movie scribes. Sabi ni FPJ, still referring to his and Erap starrer, na silang dalawa nga lang ang mga bida, “Mahahalata pa ang isa sa amin do’n!”
O, ‘di ba? Sampol lang ‘yan kung gaano ka-witty o ng taglay na sense of humor ni Tito Ronnie na ikinatutuwa naming ipaabot sa nakakarami.
By William R. Reyes
Intrigue Magazine

January 27, 1994

(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ 1963)

"Los Palikeros" (1963)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Joseph Estrada, Paquito Diaz, Vic Diaz, Arabella Harmon and Maggie dela Riva/ Directed by Cirio H. Santiago and Armando A. Herrera


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