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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Did you know that in 1965, a certain Rudolf Histcock directed a Pinoy spy film, Scarface at Al Capone: Espiya sa Ginto? Who really is Rudolf Histcock? Yes, Histcock is the pen name of top ace comedian Dolphy, (Rudolf from his real name Rodolfo and Histcock from the Hollywood film director Alfred Hitchcock). This is probably Dolphy's first uncredited directorial job.

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"Scarface at Al Capone: Espiya sa Ginto" (1965)- Stars Dolphy,
Berting Labra, Nova Villa, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia
and Eva Darren/ Special Participation-Panchito/
Directed by Rudulf Histcock

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Unknown said...

His real name was Rodolfo V Quizon under his screen name/monicker Dolphy became the undisputed king of comedy he also sings dances & performs in films & television throughout several decades in Filipino film history. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne


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