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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Did you know that there was another Pinoy Batman made before Dolphy's James Batman in 1966 and Jing Abalos' Batman Fights Dracula in 1967? Inspired by the popular DC comics superhero and based from the Horror Komiks serial by Romy Espiritu and Marcelo Isidro, D'lanor Productions produced Alyas Batman at Robin in 1965, probably the first Pinoy Batman and Robin in the history of Philippine movies. The popular crime buster duo were portrayed by Bob Soler as Batman and Lou Salvador, Jr, as Robin. Soler was best remembered as the first Captain Barbell (1964) and later as Captain Philippines (1965) and Alyas Phantom (1966), all superheroes.

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Alyas Batman at Robin (1965)- Stars Bob Soler, Lou Salvador, Jr.,Nova Villa, Marion Douglas, Oscar Keesee, Nello Nayo, Pablo Virtuoso, Joe Garcia, Mary Walter/ Directed by Paquito Toledo


Unknown said...

I think I've died and gone to Bat-heaven.

This is the greatest post I've seen this year.

Simon, your superhuman powers to detect long-buried Pinoy costumed heroes are nothing short of astounding.

PLEASE, for the sake of mankind, keep up your great work!

And I will NEVER reveal your true identity as mild mannered video store owner - oops! Dammit!

Reno said...

Is this available for purchase? Do you have a copy?

todslaughter said...

If I understand well, there were two Filipino movies with (almost) the same title ?
a) Alyas Batman at Robin (1965) - this one is new for me,
b) Alyas Batman en Robin (1991), directed by Tony I. Reyes, starring Panchito ?

Video 48 said...

Hi Andrew!- Thank you for the kind remarks!
Hi Reno! I hope it's in the film archive of FPJ.
Yes, Todslaughter, the 1991 version starred Joey De Leon as Batman, Keempee de Leon as Robin, Rene Requestas as Joker and Panchito as Penguin.

rainmanred said...

This is so nostalgic. I remember watching this several times on afternoon TV growing up in the early 70s here in Manila. There were always reruns of film classics and entertainment fare. Wikipedia describes this film in error, it is not a comedy, this was a dead serious take on the comics legend. Someone needs to correct the entry. Thanks Simon!


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