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Saturday, May 17, 2008


This was the headline news in 1966. Bus operators in the Greater Manila area, after heeding the request of President Marcos, volunteered to return to the minimum rate of 10 centavos for the a five-kilometer ride. The return to the old rate benefit thousands of bus commuters, most of them from Quezon City and Pasay City.

Today, after 42 years---

May 19, 2008/ Inquirer

The LTFRB announced the provisional fare increase on Sunday and had set its implementation on May 21, Wednesday. Under the LTFRB joint resolution signed Saturday, the fare for Metro Manila and Regions III and IV jeepneys will increase from P7.50 to P8 for the first four kilometers. Jeepney operators from other regions will also raise their fares by P0.50. The fare for Metro Manila regular buses will increase from P8 to P9 for the first five kilometers, that for air-conditioned buses from P10 to P11.50 for the first five kilometers. There will be no increase on the rates for every succeeding kilometer for both Metro Manila jeeps and buses. Provincial regular buses will increase their fare from P8.50 to P9 for the first five kilometers and P1.40 for every succeeding kilometer.


Anonymous said...

That's right ! I used to pay, VILFRAN,FRED LINER, BELFAST, DM buses from Frisco Q.C. to UST , 10 centavos fare, everyday coomuting, at wala pang traffic. Umaalis ako sa bahay, quarter to one sa hapon, abot ako sa class na one o' clock. Those were the days. But then life was relatively easy noon. The population was around 40-45 million ( compare it to 90 million now). Pacosta and Magnolia chocolait were just 25 centavos, and so with ham & cheese sandwich at the UST Coop. Coke, RC Cola, Canada Dry, 7Up, Royal Tru Orange were just 10 centavos, BIRELEYS Chocolate was 15 centavos. A movie ticket was 85 centavos at orchestra in second run theaters and 1.20 in First run theaters. Komiks was 25 centavos.


Video 48 said...

Tama ka, Auggie! Those were the good old days! I used to ride JD and De Dios Transit buses from QC going to Quiapo. I remember De Dios Transit plying the route of Quiapo- Quezon Avenue- Timog- Tomas Morato- Kamuning (solo nila ang ruta nito): JD transit naman ay papuntang PAGASA at Project 6.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember those buses na LAWANIT ang dingding. JD, the red one and DEDIOS the brown and yellow colors, with ersatz wood patterns.There was also that YUJUICO Bus liner ( Green). Naka uniform pa ang mga kondoktora ng Khaki, with corresponding black regulation shoes with white socks. Also the GREYHOUND Bus plying the Pasay route...


Anonymous said...

I was born in Jan 1966 in Manila.. Glad to see read this post and its comments but sad how everything turned out 42 years later.


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