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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Did you know that besides the ever popular Mars Ravelo creation, Dyesebel and the TV series Marina, we also have other characters portraying mermaids in the silver screen?

See The First Dyesebel

--------------Dyesebel (1953) -------------------------Dyesebel (1973)-------------

In 1964, eleven years after, Director Gerardo de Leon directed a sequel to his first Dyesebel. The movie, Anak ni Dyesebel starred Eva Montes as Alona, the mermaid-daughter of Dyesebel. De Leon retained the original cast of Jaime de la Rosa, Edna Luna and Carol Varga.

Anak ni Dyesebel (1964)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Edna Luna, Carol Varga, Aruray, Eddie Fernandez, Jose Cris Soto, Miriam Jurado, Jose Garcia, Paquito Salcedo and Eva Montes as Alona/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon

In 1966, Lea Productions produced Miranda, Ang Lagalag na Sirena, a novel by Pablo S. Gomez, serialized in Universal Komiks. Newcomer Marifi (Maria Filomena Araullo in real life) was tapped for the role of Miranda.

Miranda, Ang Lagalag na Sirena (1966)- Stars Gloria Romero, Van de Leon, Bella Flores, Matimtiman Cruz, Menchu Morelli, Jing Abalos, Roger Calvin and Marifi as Miranda/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

In 1975, fresh from her second runnerup place in the 1974 Miss Universe beauty pageant held in Manila, Miss Finalnd, Johanna Raunio was selected and handpicked to do the role of Lorelei opposite top comedian Chiquito.

Lorelei (1975)- Stars Chiquito, Johanna Raunio, Anita Linda, Frankie Navaja, Jr., Zenaida Amador, Bernardo Bernardo, Ruben Rustia and introducing Raul Roa/ Directed by Danilo H. Santiago

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