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Thursday, February 10, 2011


National Artist for film Manuel Conde directed his first movie in 1940 via LVN Pictures' Sawing Gantingpala. The movie starring Mila del Sol and Ely Ramos which opened on July 25, 1940 packed crowds at the Grand Theater everyday during its entire exhibition.

"Sawing Gantingpala" (1940)
LVN Pictures
Release Date: July 25-31, 1940/ Grand Theater
Director Manuel Conde
Screenplay Susana C. de Guzman
Cinematography Remigio Young
Music Juan Silos, Jr.
Lyrics Dona Aurora Quezon
Cast Ely Ramos, Mila Del Sol, Tita Duran, Dina Valle, Salvacion Ortega, Precioso Palma, Cecilio Joaquin, Amelita Sol, Manuel Eloriaga, Alberto Lazaro, Nenita Sarmiento, Purita dela Rosa, Fred Cortes

Synopsis: Two girls, Dolores and Maria Corazon, are left orphans when their mother dies. Dolores, the elder, promised their mother that she will always care for her younger sister. From the orphanage, Hospicio de San Jose, they are adopted by different people. Maria Corazon goes to live in the province. Corazon (Dina Valle) blooms into a young woman and falls in love with Dr. Benjamin Raceles (Ely Ramos), who does not return the feeling. Summoned to the province by a former teacher, Raceles meets Dolores (Mila del Sol) and falls in love with her. Maria Corazon folows him to the province and tells Dolores how much she loves him. Dolores, at great personal sacrifice, gives him up. He goes back to Manila and ask Maria Corazon to marry him on the rebound. (Source: Tribune, July 25, 1940)

Dina Valle, Ely Ramos and Mila del Sol

Source: The Cinema of Manuel Conde by Nicanor Tiongson

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