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Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Oriental Blood (Dugong Silangan)" (1930)
Carmen Concha
Release Date: December 12-20, 1930/ Savoy Theater
Director Carlos Vander Tolosa
Cast Annie Harris, Atang de la Rama, Purita Carino and others
(Image above: URIAN Anthology Book 1990- 1999)

José Corazón de Jesús (November 22, 1896 – May 26, 1932), also known by his pen name Huseng Batute, was a Filipino poet who used Tagalog poetry to express the Filipinos' desire for independence during the American occupation of the Philippines, a period that lasted from 1901 to 1946. He is best known for being the lyricist of the Filipino song Bayan Ko.

De Jesús, who was already famous around the Philippines as Huseng Batute, was asked in 1930 to act in the movie Oriental Blood, which starred Atang dela Rama and Carmen Rosales, the most famous actresses of the day, and his own son, José Corazón de Jesús, Jr., who would later gain some fame as a silent movie actor. De Jesús contracted an ulcer during the filming of Oriental Blood and died of complications on May 26, 1932. (Source: Wikipedia)


Anonymous said...

wow this is a nice one... is this carmen rosales first movie debut.. or Ang Kiri(1939) wikipedia, which is right.... thanks and more upload... from 1930 to 1938 carmen surely made more film than that... Damn.... Wikipedia is not always that reliable...

Anonymous said...

may takies na ba tong pelikulang to..


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