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Monday, February 4, 2008


"Lady Killer" (1965)- Stars Romano Castellvi, Maggie dela Riva, Stella Suarez and Lourdes Medel/ with Jose Romulo, Ben Perez, Jose Vergara/ Directed by Danny Zialcita

Romano Castellvi, Billy to his friends, is Enrique Guillermo Castellvi IV in real life. A Spanish-mestizo, he belongs to a family of twelve: his father, Jaime Castellvi was the only actor in the family while a cousin, Rosemarie Gil, was also in the movies. Castellvi was first spotted by Director Cirio Santiago in the TV show, Dancetime with Chito. When they met at a party, the producer recognized him and offered him a role in People’s Pictures’ Magandang Bituin (1964). Another movie, Dream Girl (1965), produced and starred in by Amalia Fuentes (her initial venture as a producer) paved the way for bigger things. He was a star in Magna East Productions’ Lady Killer (1965). His films varied from secret agent to drama-musicals (he sings, dances, plays guitar and other musical instruments), and Billy preferred them that way. He married Jean Lopez, another popular star of the 60s. They eventually migrated and settled in Canada in 1978 with their two daughters.

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"Magandang Bituin" (1964)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Fernandez, Lopito, Berting Labra and Nancy Roman/ Introducing Romano 'Billy' Castellvi/ Directed by Gerardo De Leon

"Dream Girl" (1965)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Tito Galla, Lauro Delgado, Nancy Roman, Billy Castellvi / Directed by Tony Cayado

"Target Domino" (1966)- Stars Romano Castellvi, Liberty Ilagan, Stella Suarez, Bessie Barredo, Tito Arevalo, Leni Trinidad, Val magno, Rolando Aquino/ with Roberto Gonzales, Marissa Delgado/ Directed by DLZ

"Tiger Lady" (1966)- Stars Romano Castellvi, Josephine Estrada, Rolly Aquino, Val Magno and Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ Directed by DLZ

"Cabonegro" (1966)- Stars Romano Castellvi, Divina Valencia, Ben Perez, Flor Bien, Roberto Gonzales, Chito Reyes, Ben Manalo/ Directed by DLZ

"Crossfire" (1966)- Stars Romano Castellvi, Gina Alonzo, Joe Sison, Marilou Ver and Rod Navarro/ Directed by Romy Villaflor

"Guns of Billy The Kid" (1967)- Stars Romano Castellvi, Imelda Ilanan, Rolly Aquino, Fred Santos, Jr., Val Magno, Jose Garcia, Angel Confiado/ Directed by Luis San Juan

"Let's Go Merry Go Round" (1967)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Romano Castellvi, Elvie Gonzales, Al Quinn, Bobby Gonzales, Tony Cayado, Jose Garcia, Merci Molina, Prospero Luna and Toto/ Directed by Al Quinn

"So Happy Together "(1967)- Stars Susan Roces and Romano Castellvi/ with Chichay, Rico Roman, Renato Robles, Helen Thompson, Alicia Alonzo,Teresita Sonora and Boy Chico/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

"14" (1969)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Bob Soler, Robert Arevalo, Eddie Gutierrez, Romano Castellvi, Bernard Belleza, Ramil Rodriguez, Andy Poe, George Estregan, Lou Salvador, Jr., Paquito Diaz, Romy Diaz, Ding Dalvador, Jumbo/ Directed by D'lanor

"Let's Go... Wet and Wild" (1969)- Stars Helen Gamboa and Romano Castellvi/ with Jerry Pons, Joe de Castro, Rodolfo 'Boy Garcia, Robert Rivera, Bobby sdantiago, Boy Pineda, Myra Luna, Boy Alvarez/ Featuring The Moonstrucks, The Insiders/ Guest Artist: Merci Molina and Diomedes Maturan/ Directed by Tommy C. David


hatebrai said...

Great post on Romano Castellvi. I remember watching Billy and Jean Lopez on their evening TV show on Channel 11 (can't remember the title) dancing to the Box Tops' "Cry Like A Baby."

Thanks a lot man. Great blog!

Billie Jean Castellvi said...

Thank you so much for posting this on Romano Castellvi... he is my dad and we are always looking for things of him and my mom on the internet. I will show this to my family and really appreciate this! Unfortunately my parents don't have many traces of their career... my dad threw away (in error) a really important scrap book they kept with a lot of these movie posters... so you've done us a huge favor by posting! Thanks again and much love,
Billie Jean Castellvi = )

Anonymous said...

hi...it was really nice reading or reviewing such a nice movies way back then that my mom used to love to watch way back then.....my mom used to say something to me that she likes to watch these kind of movie and wanted to meet the actors and actresses as well....but now it was so funny because i finally met Mr. Romano Castellvi....He is my co-worker...We work together at the Toronto Pearson Airport as a screener huh what a coincidence...Thanks for your post.

Anonymous said...

my gosh I was an avid fan of Castelvi and Jean,!how time flies,everyday that show of hers with Bayani Casimiro!!!What ever happened to her sister Jeannie???

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of working with Romano for 5 years in Rexdale Ontario Canada. He is a great man whom I am proud to have known. He showed me many films he worked on, his wedding pictures were facinating. I still cant believe the important people at his wedding. He is still the James Bond of the Filipenes to me

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

He is the Sean Connery of the Philippines he played as the secret agent in several films & he is also a singer dancer & performer cousin of Rosemarie Gil uncle of Michael De Mesa & Cherie Gil husband of actress/singer Jean Lopez formerly of now defunct Channel 11 Tayo'y Mag Hapi-Hapi a moon time variety show together with Johnny Wilson & Palito long before Wowowee Its Showtime & ASAP & resides in Toronto Ontario Canada & remains a popular icons from the Philippines. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I am the big fan of Filipino films & television in Philippine history of the entertainment world. Thanks!
From:Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I remember the 1967 spy film about an island princess daughter of Allah her name is Amihan ace of spies Agent Domino returns battles a rogue terrorist leader & adopted brother of Amihan try to takeover the world heroic agent played by Romano Castellvi with Amalia Fuentes & Renato Robles a popular action film from the Philippines. Thanks! From:Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I am the big fan of Filipino television shows films & media in Philippine history of entertainment world. Thanks!
From:Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

Unknown said...

My favorite actor is John Wayne Sean Connery & Fernando Poe Jr they are heroes of Filipino & American films television & media in the entertainment world . Thanks for the information. From:Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Romano Castellvi he is the man of the hour & Sean Connery of the Philippines in films & television from the Philippines. Thanks!
From:Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Romano Castellvi/Billy was a great man, I enjoyed his company for many years working together in Rexdale. I remember the scrapbook from his career that was discarded, As for the wedding photos that were included in his scrapbook, I recall that president Marcos and his wife were at the wedding as they were front row to the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Where are Romano and Jean Lopez now? Are they retired now in Canada?

Unknown said...

Did your dad study in de l salle university in manila


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