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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Only 23, young and promising, Alberto Alonzo, moviedom’s Agent 69, was shot dead. Alonzo had made movies ala-James Bond (Agent 69, Dolls for Hire, The Experts) and had a one-hour TV weekly series “Target Agent 69.” Isn’t it ironic that the actor who made a living acting out James Bond roles should die in a movie-like atmosphere (in a dimly lit nightclub at the wee hours of the morning) unarmed? That was one time when Agent 69 was “outmaneuvered,” to quote a daily columnist that time.

Here’s the news account on that fateful day from The Manila Times.

PARANAQUE, Rizal Oct.6 --- The police filed murder charges today against Armando Trinidad, Jr., who allegedly shot to death movie and TV actor Alberto Alonzo shortly after 3 am today in the Amihan nightclub on Roxas blvd. in Baclaran, this town. Alonzo, whose real name is Eduardo Alonzo y Soriano, 23, single, of 253 D. Tuazon st., Quezon City, was super spy Agent 69 on the screen. He died on arrival at the San Juan de Dios hospital. Alonzo suffered bullet wounds in the upper chest, head and buttocks. Wounded were Pat. Ricardo Valdez, 33, of the local police force, and Trinidad, 26, of 2143 Manuel Carreon st., Sta. Ana. Both Trinidad and Valdez are still confined at the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Trinidad was hit in the right thigh while Valdez sustained a wound in left thigh.

Witnesses said Alonzo was shot at close range while seated at a table near the railing of the elevated portion of the club. Alonzo was with a companion, Melchor Ramos, 22, a student, of 9115 Banuyo st., San Antonio Vilage, Makati, and two women identified as Celia Mendiola, 29, of No. 2 Ideal st., Mandaluyong and Teresita Santos 20, of the same address. Ramos, said that Alonzo, the girls and he were chatting when the suspect came from behind, and without any warning, fired at the actor, hitting him in the chest. Instinctively, Alonzo stood up but collapsed. Witnesses said that as Alonzo fell, the suspect continued to pump bullets into his body. After shooting Alonzo, Trinidad tried to flee from the club. However, Valdez blocked the way of Trinidad. Trinidad ran back into the hall. In one corner of the hall Valdez cornered Trinidad. As Trinidad and Valdez grappled with each other, shots rang out. When the lights were switched on, Valdez and Trinidad were seen limping. They were both hit in the thigh. Valdez said it was Trinidad who shot him. Trinidad refused to give any statement. Capt. Antonio P. Abaya, commander of the 221 PC company and Capt. Tomas Manlongat, officer-in-charge of the PC controlled police department, theorized that a grudge motivated the shooting.

It was gathered that Leni Trinidad, an actress and sister of the suspect, filed a charge of physical injuries against Alonzo last May 28, 1967. The charge stemmed from a beating the actress allegedly received from Alonzo. In her complaint, the actress charged that she was beaten up by Alonzo in a car and later, in a motel in Pasay City. However, the case was dismissed in the fiscal’s office after the actress signed an affidavit saying that she was not pressing her charge.

The Manila Times / October 7, 1967

Labo-Labo (1964)- Stars Jess Lapid, Jun Aristorenas, Tony Ferrer
and Alberto Alonzo / Directed by Armando Garces

Karate sa Karate (1965) - Stars Bernard Bonnin, Alberto Alonzo, Lyn D'Amour, Bessie Barredo and Vic Silayan/ Directed by George E. Rowe

Hari ng Lansangan (1965)- Stars Alberto Alonzo, Max Alvarado, Bessie Barredo, Margie Tanquintic and Helen Thompson/ Directed by George E. Rowe

Wanted: Johnny L (1966)- Stars Bernard Bonnin, Gina Alonzo,
Alberto Alonzo and Eddie Fernandez

The Experts (1967)- Stars Alberto Alonzo, Eddie Garcia, Rod Navarro, Joe Sison/ Directed by Abelardo Cortez


TheCoolCanadian said...

It seems to me that in the 60s, several action stars were gunned down in night clubs. These incidents were like a scene from a movie, played again and again.

However, during my time in the 70s, there was another killing (not in the night club) and this time it involved an upcoming young dramatic actor named RUFFY MENDOZA. His death rather touched me because the day before he was gunned down, he was the guest performer in one of the TV shows I was a mainstay writer, called ALINDOG, Alma Moreno's weekly TV drama anthology. During the taping of that particular episode, Ruffy mentioned to me the conflict he was having with his business partner (who was his best friend as well), and he said he was going to confront him the next day. I warned him to be careful. The next day, he got shot and killed – by his best friend. If you have the Manila Times clipping of this case, kindly feature it. Thank you.

Maikeru Shizaki said...

hi sir!!!!
ask qoh lng poh kung meron kaung lhat movie ni alberto alonzo sa shop nio
thank you

Anonymous said...

We miss you Tito Eddie, I was not born yet when you died. just saw your photos with grandma and moms album. I am very proud of you my dear Uncle Alberto Alonso. ❤️ Gone too soon.

Chie tree said...

We miss you Tito Eddie, I was not born yet when you died. just saw your photos with grandma and moms album. I am very proud of you my dear Uncle Alberto Alonso. ❤️ Gone too soon.

BUTSOKOY said...

Jess Lapid a promising action star was killed too in the 60s in a night club if Im not mistaken

Unknown said...

Kainuman ko ngayon ung apo, legit ang kuwento...

Unknown said...

Yes, I remembered the Actor Ruffy Mendoza of the late 70s. He belongs to the breed of the young actors in that genre such as Marlon Ramirez, Greg Lozano Drey Dadivas and Allan Valenzuela. But i think Ruffy died from stab wounds and not gunshot wounds. Also, it is really true that in the late 60s, a lot of Action Stars were involved in different fracas and troubles.. And just like Alberto Alonzo whose old films I was still able to watch in our black and white television sets either in sine siete during those lazy afternoons and the bahaghari, sinagtala and mga aninong gumagalaw in the early primetime night show screens of tagalog movies, the other action stars who also got into hot troubles then were bernard belleza, the father of dranreb belleza and the ex husband of divina valencia. He was shot dead in Villamor Air Base and also Jess Lapid who was also shot dead by about three to four armed men inside the Lanai Night Club (now Heartbeat) along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City... Also, in 1969, actor Eddie Fernandez got involved in a shootout with a certain businessman named Mr Pangilinan, a good frind of Actress Rosanna Ortiz. This happened along A. Bonifacio road near the boundary of QC and Manila and just a few walking distance away from the North Cemetery and Laloma Lechon ni Mang tomas in front of Laloma Cockpit arena. Fernandez was then with another actor, Berting Labra. And they were both lucky because they both survived the ordeal although Fernandez sustained minor gunshot wounds. But Because Pangilinan was killed in the encounter, Fernandez, Labra and another companion, Tony Bagyo were all sentenced to life imprisonment in Muntinlupa. It was just during the early 80s that their sentence became a little lighter and they were all released via parole by then Former President Ferdinand Marcos.


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