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Thursday, February 21, 2008


"Pinoy Crazy Boys" (1974)- Stars Tirso Cruz III, Jay Ilagan, Edgar Mortiz, Walter Navarro, Nick Romano, Romy Miranda, Ricky Santiago, Boy Camara, Raoul Casado/ Directed by Pablo Santiago

"7 Crazy Dragons" (1974)- Stars Tirso Cruz III, Edgar Mortiz, Walter Navarro, Nick Romano, Romeo Miranda, Rudy Fernandez and Jay Ilagan/ Directed by Tony Santos, Sr.

The Charlots' Crazy Boys (1973-75)


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the post man. I didn't know Boy Camara was in this movie. That reminds me, where is Boy Camara? Quite a big name during the 70's, especially after his portrayal of Jesus Christ at CCP's JC Superstar. And Raoul Casado. I remember him. He's the kid with the Donald Duck voice on Channel 13's "OK Lang." Have you got anything on that show? Nobody seems to remember "OK Lang" anymore. I mean, even the career retrospective of Tito Vic & Joey on TV recently failed to mention "OK Lang" which is where Tito Sotto and Joey De Leon started on TV. And oh yes, Ricky Manalo Jr.

Great post man. Thanks again.

Video 48 said...

Hi Guitar! Thank you very much for the inputs. Yes, where are some of those guys now? Rudy Fernandez, who was just starting out, was in the second movie.

Anonymous said...

Boy Camara is now based in NJ. He just had a show at the Perlas ng Silangan Restaurant in Queens, NY last Sat. Wasn't able to see it though. Hopefully, he's still good as ever.

Anonymous said...

if you look for some crazy boys movies look for les charlots that was their original name.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in the in the 90s, it's fascinating to hear that your uncle was famous in the 70s hahaha.

Anonymous said...

PINOY CRAZY BOYS... now that's a blast from & in my past & so with my Uncle & brother. Really excited when I came upon this old movie poster. I was there when they were filming, & @ the opening @ the theaters...back in the 70's. (I got to keep my Uncles costume, a white long sleeve embelished top w/a red vest!) I was there as well for OK Lang... I even remember when my brother came into the show... Huey found his Uncle Donald. However, Louie & Duey were..well, dead! There goes my chance to be Louie or Duey...FOO WEE! Xtra on an episode, LOL! Eto na kami! was fun as well. The Dynamic Duo Ducks were on Fridays. This was the birthplace of several STARS! Then there was TINGA & BULOK (voices of the Ducks) in Captain Crest! My Brother in "Ang inyong linkod Matutina"... now somehow my Sister got to be in that movie... Then DON FELIPE is cursed in DIOSA! KULOT ended up in BOYSTOWN... & then, GOOD MORNING MANILA!!! hmmmm...what about me? I seem to have always been in the background... well, okay I was in Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club... Juicy Fruit commercial... & Kodak! Do you remember the times of your Life? WOWOWEE @ BIGATIN! I certainly do & had a great time, LMAO!!! Now, if I can just get my hands on a couple of those mentioned movies & shows... would be the greatest gift I could give my Brother & Uncle, along with my Mother & Sister. For their Family keepsake & for a good LOL! Who knows, another member of the Family may just be popping up on the Boob Tube & Silver Screen. Could it possibly be me? Well, we'll have to see. STAY TUNED?


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