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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Batwoman and Robin (1972)- Stars Robin Aristorenas, Virginia, Sofia Moran, Johnny Monteiro, Prospero Luna/ Directed by Junar

70s Queen of action movies, Virginia and son, Robin Aristorenas teamed up for this spectacular adventure in the 1972 movie, Batwoman and Robin. The movie, directed by Junar, short for Jun Aristorenas, was a hit when it was shown that year. A sequel, Batwoman and Robin meet the Queen of the Vampires was released two months later.
Batwoman and Robin meet the Queen of the Vampires (1972)- Stars Robin Aristorenas, Virginia, Angelita Ortiz, Aldo Cruz/ Directed by Tony Cayado


Reno said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Matagal na akong nagahahanap ng info for this particular movie! Thanks for featuring it here in your blog!

I was googling this with the title "Batgirl and Robin." It should have been Batwoman pala. :) I knew it starred Robin Aristorenas as Robin, but the actress behind Batwoman eluded my memory. Thanks to you, I now remember!

Anonymous said...

Salamat at natagpuan ko rin ito. Saan kaya puwede makakuha ng kopya ng movie na ito (vcd, betamax, vhs, dvd, film, etc). Sayang naman kung mababaon na lang sa limot ang pelikulang ito. Noong late 1970's madalas itong ipalabas sa tv. Sana may nakakaalam kung saan puwedeng mapanood ulit ito.

Stanley Head said...

Hi there, wasn't there Another batwoman Movie called "La mujer murcielago" starring malura Monti?
If you have any information, plaese let me know.
Thanx Stanley

Anonymous said...

sana atleast we can see some pictures, paborito ko din ito nun, and better if we can get hold of atleast vcd,s of these movies. thanks again

Unknown said...

Salamat pinanood mga pelikulang Pilipino noon bata pa sa Pilipinas noong 1960's nakaraan ang paborito ko si Fernando Poe Jr Susan Roces Rosemarie Sonora Amalia Fuentes Tony Ferrer & Joseph Estrada ang type kong mga fans ng pelikulang Pinoy. Salamat Po! Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I am the big fan of Filipino film & television from the Philippines. Thanks!


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