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Friday, February 22, 2008


Probably one of the busiest action stars during his time and only in his mid 30s, actor Bernard Belleza died from bullet wounds after he was gunned down by an air force captain. From the front page of the Daily Mirror, here's the news account of that incident---

Johnny Do Or Die (1968)- Stars Bernard Belleza
Directed by Artemio Marquez

Front page issue of the Daily Mirror, March 7, 1970


PASAY CITY, March 7---(PNS)--- Movie actor Bernard Belleza died at 4:10 this morning at the V. Luna Hospital in Quezon City about 13 hours after he was shot allegedly by an air force captain. The actor did not regain consciousness since he was shot at about 3:30 p.m. yesterday at the driveway of the 528th air wing building at the Nichols Air Base here. He was shot four times in the back, navel, right leg and right thigh allegedly by air force Capt. Severino Francisco, assistant inspector general of the 520th air force wing who remained in the custody of air force authorities. Motive for the shooting is still unknown. (Police investigators said Francisco would be surrendered to them anytime today).

Police Chief Francisco Villa ordered this morning Det. Maj. Juanito Guysayko, assistant chief of detectives, to fetch Francisco from the office of air force Col.Milan assured Guysayko yesterday that he would turn over Francisco to him after he (Milan) had completed his own investigation. “If there’s any hitch in getting Francisco, I’ll take personal hand in the matter. If things go smoothly, I’ll let the detective bureau go on with its investigation.” Villa said. Gabriel Milan, wing commander, for investigation.

Guysayko, on the other hand, ordered his men to pick up possible witnesses to the shooting of the movie actor, a former air force sergeant in his mid 30s. He said details of the incident still could not be had as investigators started this morning their own thorough investigation. He expressed surprise why there were nine empty shells since the maximum load of a 45 caliber pistol is only eight even if a bullet is lodged in the chamber and a full-packed ammunition clip. A Hillman car, reportedly owned by Francisco, was hit with a bullet in the left rear windshield. The crime scene is close to the west gate of the Nichols Air Base leading to the domestic airport terminal.

The Daily Mirror/ March 7, 1970

More on Bernard Belleza

Alexander Bilis (1967)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Lucita Soriano and Verna Gaston/ Directed by Ben Feleo

The Sunjuka Master (1967) - Stars Bernard Belleza, Daisy Romualdez, Zeny Zabala, Rubirosa, Lauro Delgado, Oscar Roncal/ Directed by Ruben De Guzman

Eagle Commados (1967)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Max Alvarado, Mel Francisco and Bernard Belleza/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

Kapwa Walang Panginoon (1968)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Manolito Garcia, Sofia Moran, Gina Laforteza/ Directed by Celso Ad Castillo

Honey and West (1968)- Stars Bernard Belleza
and Shirley Gorospe/ Directed by Ben Feleo

The Karate Champions (1968)- Sars Bernard Belleza and Divina Valencia/ Directed by George Rowe

Mindanao (1968)- Stars Mario Montenegro, Bernard Belleza, Zeny Zabala, Stella Suarez/ Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza

Room For Rent (1968)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Anna Gonzales, Zeny Zabala, Arnold Mendoza/ Directed by Chito Tapawan

Sa Manlulupig Di ka Pasisiil (1968)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Zaldy Zhornack, Bernard Belleza, Divina Valencia and Max Alvarado/ Directed by Ben Feleo

We Only Live Wa-is (1968)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Anna Gonazales, Gina Laforteza, Carina Afable and Rico Roman/ Directed by Luis San Juan

Daredevil (1968)- Stars Bernard Belleza, SofiaMoran, Lucita Soriano and Stella Suarez/ Directed by Ben Feleo

The Wild and the Sexy (1969)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Marissa Delgado, Vic Pacia, Bino Garcia/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz
Cuatro Vendetta (1969)- Bernard Belleza, Rebecca, Rosanna Ortiz, Marilou Ver/ Directed by Hector Molina

Kawatan (1969)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Boots Anson-Roa, Ike Lozada and Rosanna Ortiz/ Directed by Hector Molina

Zoom Zoom Apollo (1969)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Divina Valencia, Anna Gonzales and Dante Varona/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

Godiva (1969)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Max Alvarado, Rosanna Ortiz, Johnny Monteiro, Verna Gaston, Vic Pacia/ Directed by Chito Tapawan

Gun-Runners (1969)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Rebecca, Berting Labra, Dencio Padilla/ Directed by Luis San Juan

The Incomparable (1969)- Stars Bernard Belleza, Divina Valencia, Marissa Delgado, Lauro Delgado, Johnny Monteiro/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

Pambihirang Tatlo (1969)- Stars Roberto Gonzales, Eddie Fernandez, Bernard Belleza and Divina Valencia/ Directed by Felix Villar


Unknown said...

He is a popular action star/martial arts expert father of Dranreb Belleza husband of Divina Valencia was gunned down by a military officer at Villamor airfield in Pasay City Metro Manila dies of bullet wounds on 3-4-1970 became popular during the 1960's in several movies like action/adventure/war drama/western and all others and remains a popular legend and icon of all time.thanks for the information .From:Wayne

Unknown said...

I missed him I watched all the pinoy flicks when I was six years old at that time like my idol Fernando Poe Jr Joseph Estrada Jess Lapid Eddie Fernandez Zaldy Zschornack
and other favorites during the 1960's at Larry Santiago/Premiere Studios.thanks for the information.From;Wayne


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