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Friday, December 14, 2007


with Vilma Santos

with Esperanza Fabon, now Judge Esperanza Fabon-Victorino, Presiding Judge of Branch 167, Regional Trial Court (RTC)- Pasig City (see link)

I recently acquired nineteen (19) pcs. of about 3 x 4 wallet size vintage Nora Aunor photographs at php30 each. A little bit pricey, but not bad if you are a die-hard Noranian, a movie enthusiast or just a plain collector like me. This set of photos probably taken in the late 60s to early 70s, when Nora was just starting out as a young teenage star. The photos, mostly in sepia, were considered collector’s items. I want to share them and hope all Noranians or even us who grew during that era would appreciate and enjoy them or even reminisce and feel the good old days.

See Nora Aunor: The Seven Golden Years (1976-82)
See Nora Aunor's Early Years in Showbiz

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