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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Pinoy cartoon strips and komiks cartoons have always been the favorites of our local film producers. Cartoon characters like Kenkoy, Kalabog and Bosyo, Tacio, Gorio, Sakay and Moy, Tisoy, Barok, Tartan, Max and Jess, among others were adapted and made into movies. The popularity of these characters among the readers could be the primary reason why producers chose and opted to gamble their money for they knew that it’s a guaranteed success in the box-office.
More on Pinoy Cartoons

Kalabog And Bosyo (1959)

Tacio (1961) Starring Oscar Obligacion

Tacio (1981) Starring Chiquito

Hugo, The Sidewalk Vendor (1962) Starring Berting Labra

Gorio and his Jeepney (1962) Starring Chiquito

Sakay and Moy (1962) Starring Oscar Obligacion and Cris De Vera

Max En Jess (1980) with Dolphy, Panchito and Lotis Key


Anonymous said...

Where can I get the movie Gorio and his Jeepney, either download or buy?

Anonymous said...

please send the link to amanteology@gmail.com. My mother was extra to it then.


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