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Saturday, December 8, 2007


The popularity and success of Bruce Lee movies --- The Big Boss, Fists of Fury, The Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and The Game of Death --- in the early 70s gave rise to the so-called Pinoy Bruce Lees or Bruce Lee clones. The Big Boss debuted in Manila theaters in 1971 with Chinese Kung Fu star Bruce Lee. It went on to become a largest grossing film in the Far East.The actor was known in Hollywood as sidekick Kato in the 1960s TV show The Green Hornet.

Ramon Zamora was the best and finest Pinoy Bruce Lee in Philippine movies, whose appearance and acting style somewhat resembled the legendary martial arts icon. He starred as the durable komiks character Pedro Penduko in the 1973 Celso Ad Castillo fantasy film Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Pedro Penduko and Return of the Dragon (1974). The resulting success of these films boosted Zamora’s popularity, and he soon became one of the top box-office draws in Philippine cinema in the 1970s

Zamora together with another Bruce Lee look-a-like, martial arts star Rey Malonzo were especially popular for a string of locally-produced martial arts films that emerged following the international success of Bruce Lee. Patterning their film persona around a Bruce Lee-type with a comedic twist, Zamora and Malonzo starred in such films as Bruce Liit (1978), Ang Hari at ang Alas (1978), The Deadly Rookies (1978) and Kambal Dragon (1978).

"Return of the Dragon" (1974) with Ramon Zamora / Directed by Celso Ad Castillo

"The Dragon The Lizard The Boxer" (1977) with Ramon Zamora, Delon Tam and Meng Fei

"Bruce Liit" (1978) - Stars child wonder Nino Muhlach, Ramon Zamora and Rey Malonzo

"Ang Dragon sa Maskarang Bakal" (1978) with Ramon Zamora

"Ang Hari at ang Alas" (1978) with Ramon Zamora and Rey Malonzo

"The Deadly Rookies" (1978) with Ramon Zamora, ReyMalonzo and Rio Locsin

"Kambal Dragon" (1978) with Ramon Zamora and Rey Malonzo

"They Call Him Bruce Lee" (1979) with Rey Malonzo

"Pinoy Boxer" (1980) with Rey Malonzo

"Pedrong Palaka" (1980) with Rey Malonzo

"Kato: Son of the Dragon" (1983)- Starred and directed by Ramon Zamora

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