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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Action superstar Rudy Fernandez did a movie on the life of Eddie Fernandez in 1994. The movie, aptly titled Lagalag: The Eddie Fernandez Story also starred Dawn Zulueta under the direction of Romy Suzara.

Presidential Pardon (1982) - The movie reunited Eddie Fernandez with former co-inmate Berting Labra. Both actors were imprisoned in the late 70s because of their involvement in the fatal shooting of a Bulacan businessman. They were later released on parole by then President Marcos after serving the minimum term.

Did you know that Eddie Fernandez and Rudy Fernandez made a movie together in 1980. The title: Pader at Rehas--- seems like no problem with the billing! Failed to see it during its theater run. Love to see it! The question is--- Is the print still exit?

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Anonymous said...

Napanood ko ng ilang beses yung "Pader at Rehas" sa Viva Cinema noong may cable pa kami.


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