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Monday, December 10, 2007


Barok- Hiwaga Komiks (1970s)

Tartan- Pilipino Komiks 1970s

Cartoonist Bert Sarile was the popular creator of two well-loved Pinoy cartoon characters, the caveman Barok and the ape man Tartan. Barok was regular feature in Hiwaga Komiks in the 1970s, while Tartan can be seen in Pilipino Komiks, also in the 1970s. Both cartoon strips were made into movies.

More on Pinoy Cartoons

Barok (1976) starring Chiquito

Tatay na si Barok (1979) starring Chiquito

Sabi Barok Lab ko Dabiana (1978)- this time Yoyoy Villame playing the role of Barok and Cecille Inigo as Dabiana

Barok cartoon- Hiwaga Komiks 70s

Tartan (1981) with Tito, Vic and Joey

Tartan cartoon- Pilipino Komiks 1970s


Basag said...

How about TVJ other classic films like Mr. WanTuTri, Iskul Bukol, Palpak Connection, Goodah!, Bilibid Gays? Please feature these films.. Salamat.

Anonymous said...

I love tito vic and joey, hope to see more on this site

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a Barok Compilation book strip, or any comic related books or multi media form. Please do email me here; barokkhokae@yahoo.ca


Anonymous said...

Hi I really like your site. Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to correct the surname of one of the creator of the well-known Filipino Comic Character, Barok, it's POL RALLANKA not RaLLANCA. Thank you and please cotinue in updating your site. God bless.


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