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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Mga Batang Bakasyonista (1964) - with the Sampaguita-VP All-Stars

Mga Batang Turista (1965)- with the Sampaguita-VP All Stars

In 1963, Sampaguita Pictures introduced a bunch of young teenage stars which they called the Sampaguita-VP (Vera-Perez) All-Stars:

The Girls: Rosemarie (sister of Susan Roces and mother of Sheryl Cruz), Blanca Gomez (sister of Daisy Romualdez), Gina Pareno, Shirley Moreno, Loretta Marquez, Sarah Calvin, Nori Dalisay

The Boys: Lito Legaspi, Dindo Fernando, Bert Leroy, Jr., Pepito Rodriguez, Edgar Salcedo (son of the great Leopoldo Salcedo), Romeo Rivera, Jose Morelos, the comic duo of German Moreno and Boy Alano.

Together, these young stars made a series of successful “Mga Batang” movies, similar to the Lo’Waist Gang movies of the 50s. The movies they made were, among others, Mga Batang Artista, Mga Batang Turista, Mga Bata ng Lagim, Mga Batang Iskwater. They were reintroduced in 1966 as the Stars of 66. Most of the career of these stars were short-lived as soon as they turned freelance. Rosemarie (after a failed marriage with actor Ricky Belmonte) and Bert Leroy, Jr. migrated to the United States; Dindo Fernando died early while in the peak of his career; Lito Legaspi and Romeo Rivera still doing movies in supporting roles; Only Gina Pareno, though she had a tumultuous personal life in her midlife, confidently regained her bearings and became a prized and award-winning actress and comedian German Moreno as a TV host and a star builder, made a go of their respective showbiz career.

Ang Class Reunion (1963) - with the Sampaguita-VP All-Stars

Mga Kwela sa Eskwela (1963)- with the Sampaguita-VP All-Stars

Magkakapatid na Waray (1964) - with the Sampaguita-VP All- Stars

Umibig ay Di Biro (1964) - with the Sampaguita-VP All-Stars

Mga Bata ng Lagim (1964) - withe the Sampaguita-VP All-Stars

Mga Batang Artista (1964)- with the Sampaguita-VP All-Stars

Mga Batang Milyonaryo (1964) - with the Sampaguita-VP All-Stars

Jamboree '66 (1966) - with Sampaguita-VP All-Stars


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I was looking for pics of my aunt Sarah Calvin during her days as an actress.

Unknown said...

I am searching for movies to purchase that my Mom and Aunts were in, you may have known them as The Paulettes. The movies I am looking to purchase is Mga batang Lagim, Eddie long Legs, Susan Susay Susie, Ako'y ibigin mo, Dalagang Matapang and Mga batang Bakasyonista. Any assistance you can provide would greatly appreciated.

Angelica G.M. Bias


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