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Friday, August 6, 2010


"El Filibusterismo" (1962)- Stars Pancho Magalona, Charito Solis, Teody Belarmino, Ben Perez, Carlos Padilla, Jr., Robert Arevalo, Lourdes Medel, Oscar Keesee and Edita Vital/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon

...Basilio is soon released with the help of Simoun. Basilio, now a changed man, and after hearing about Julî's suicide, finally joins Simoun’s revolution. Simoun then tells Basilio his plan at the wedding of Paulita Gómez and Juanito, Basilio’s hunch-backed classmate. His plan was to conceal an explosive inside a pomegranate-styled kerosene lamp that Simoun will give to the newlyweds as a gift during the wedding reception. The reception will take place at the former home of the late Captain Tiago, which was now filled with explosives planted by Simoun. According to Simoun, the lamp will stay lighted for only 20 minutes before it flickers; if someone attempts to turn the wick, it will explode and kill everyone—important members of civil society and the Church hierarchy—inside the house.

Basilio has a change of heart and attempts to warn the people inside, including Isagani, his friend and the former boyfriend of Paulita. Simoun leaves the reception early as planned and leaves a note behind.


-->Simoun examining the lamp that will start and ignite the revolution.

Initially thinking that it was simply a bad joke by those left behind, Father Salví recognizes the handwriting and confirms that it was indeed Ibarra’s. As people begin to panic, the lamp flickers. Father Irene tries to turn the wick up when Isagani, due to his undying love for Paulita, bursts in the room and throws the lamp into the river, sabotaging Simoun's plans. He escapes by diving into the river as guards chase after him. He later regrets his impulsive action because he had contradicted his own belief that he loved his nation more than Paulita and that the explosion and revolution could have fulfilled his ideals for Filipino society. (wikipedia)

Here's that climatic scene masterfully recreated by the great Gerry de Leon---

Courtesy of Arriva Productions

More on El Filibusterismo---


Anonymous said...

From the clip and the billing in the film poster, I can deduce that Lourdes Medel portrayed Paulita Gomez in El Fili. How long is the entire movie?

Thanks for sharing this, Sir Simon. This has inspired me further to work on a new film adaptation of EF since the '62 version by GDL is the latest one seen in theaters. My adaptation will most likely include (tentative):

Christopher de Leon as Simoun
Erich Gonzales as Juli
Precious Lara Quigaman as Maria Clara
Maggie Wilson as Paulita Gomez
Joel Torre as Kabesang Tales

Are these tentative casting choices okay for you? More details to follow.

Video 48 said...

The copy I have is 1 hr. 57 min. long.
Christopher de Leon is perfect for the role. Same with Erich Gonzales and Joel Torre. 50-50 for Lara and Maggie. Are you going to direct it? Looking forward and Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sir, I'd pick Raymond Red as the director because I believe I'm too young to direct a general-release motion picture (at age 18).

The new adaptation should be easily accessible to the "bakya" crowd through major cinemas so that generations of Filipinos will understand "that the social perils that Rizal has denounced still exist today". But I think the movie must be shot in a digital format to save production costs.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is Paquito Diaz' first movie appearance. Did he portray Juanito Pelaez? If not, then who did?

Video 48 said...

Mark, It was Jerry Pons who played the part of Juanito Pelaez. Paquito Diaz, on the other hand, started his movie career in 1958 (via Mr. basketball). In "EL Fili," he portrayed the role of Vicente, a student and classmate of Isagani and Juanito.

Anonymous said...

Understood. Do you know any other actors and their respective characters based on the clip you have posted, sir?

Anonymous said...

One more thing, sir. Can you post magazine articles (e.g. Literary-Song Movie, Kislap) about GDL's El Fili?

Anonymous said...

miss ko na talagang manood ng sine sa mga theaters in downtown..sayan at nawala na talaga ang mga ito..

I remebered itong Palace Theater is located Sta Cruz Manila..From Avenida turn right papuntang Sta Cruz Church..sabi ng sister ko first run moviehouse ito during 60's and early 70's..pero inabutan ko pa ito nung highschool..nagpapalabs sila ng mga chinsese film na double program... katabi yata nito ay ang mayfair theater noon na parang off iste casino na ngayon.


Video 48 said...

Mark--- Kabesang Tales (Ben Perez); Paulita Gomez (Lourdes Medel); Father Camorra (Oscar Keesee); Governor-General (Jose Garcia); Senor Pelaez, father of Juanito (Nello Nayo); Chinese trader (Alfonso Carvajal); Isagani (Carlos Padilla, Jr.); Basilio (Robert Arevalo); Father Florentino (Joseph de Cordova); Juli (Charito Solis); Maria Clara (Edita Vital)

Noli--- Tama ka, Mayfair ang katabi ng Palace.

Anonymous said...

@Sir Simon: The "Chinese trader" you have mentioned could be Quiroga. The "Señor Pelaez" is Don Timoteo Pelaez. What could be a plausible reason for Kabesang Tales to shoot Simoun instead of the Civil Guardsmen?

Anonymous said...

Sir Simon, do you have any additional information about Edita Vital, who portrayed Maria Clara in GDL's film adaptations of Noli and El Fili? I just want to know more about her aside from the facts that she was the first Filipina representative to the Miss International beauty pageant, and appeared in Mga Tigreng Taga-Bukid (1962) with FPJ and Zaldy Zshornack.

Video 48 said...

Mark, I don't have any article on Edita Vital.

Anonymous said...

What about Jose Garcia? Is he still alive today?

Anonymous said...

Did Robert Arevalo portray Crispin in GDL's Noli Me Tangere?

Misha said...

Jose Rizal is The Web’s Most Wanted Jose!
(Check your score for your name too.)
Baby Names Alert.

arak3nah said...

Hi. Uhm.Can you help me? kasi, I need to know the "symbolism" behind the lamp and its aborted explosion. yung symbolic account sana nito? pls help me. thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Francisco Quintana,play the role of Ben Zayb.A Spanish newspaper reporter.

Anonymous said...

Andres Centenera,is Padre Salvi,

Anonymous said...

Ramon D'Salva is Ben Zayb,Francisco Quintana is Don Custodio.

Unknown said...

Who will play the role of Shirley Gorospe and Zaldy Zschornack who will be Zanjoe Marudo and Lara Quigaman both portrayed in teledrama series Maalaala mo Kaya coming soon to ABS-CBN worldwide.thanks for the information for your comments in your opinion.From:Wayne

Noel Vera said...

Hi, would like to use one of the stills here for my blog. Will give due credit. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Do you know where i could find a copy of this movie?


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