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Sunday, August 29, 2010


"Balik Tanaw: The Filipino Movie Stars of Yesteryears" by Romy Protacio is now available at all National Bookstore outlets nationwide at a very reasonable price. Grab your copies now! It is something worth owning!

I just received a copy of a wonderful book from the author, Dr. Romy Protacio. The book, "Balik Tanaw: The Filipino Stars of Yesteryears, Volume 1" is a compilation of articles, snippets, anecdotes, quotes "from the stars themselves, talking about their past achievements, the love(s) of their lives, life lessons learned and thoughts on their lives today." Featured in the book are: Tessie Agana, Robert Arevalo, Perla Bautista, Bernard Bonnin, Robert Campos, Charlie Davao, Myrna Delgado, Lilia Dizon, Dolphy, Linda Estrella, Bella Flores, Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Garcia, Shirley Gorospe, Liberty Ilagan, Anita Linda, Mona Lisa, Liza Lorena, German Moreno, Oscar Obligacion, Paraluman, Barbara Perez, Delia Razon, Corazon Rivas, Boots Anson-Roa, Susan Roces, Pepito Rodriguez, Ramil Rodriguez, Gloria Romero, Rosa Rosal, Caridad Sanchez, Gloria Sevilla, Luz Valdez, Norma Vales, Nova Villa, Zeny Zabala and Marita Zobel.


Rodolfo Samonte said...

Hindi na natin kailangan ito. Mayroon namang Video 48 sa internet, hehehe. Simon, someday, I hope you write a book, you have so much material here, it will fill ten books.

heyjay said...

Please update us when this book will be available locally. Thanks!

More power to you.

Sam said...

I first found this while browsing in NBS. Since I haven't got money to but it, I just read it right then and there... Hehe...

Dito ko na lang nalamang husband pala ni Tessie Agana si Dr. Roberto Labay Jao ("Lolo Odeng"), first cousin ng lola ko. Share lang.

Tapos taga-Pasay din si Anita Linda o Alice Lake sa totoong buhay...

Karamihan ng mga artistang nafeature sa libro eh mga ka-close na talaga ng author..


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