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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ten movies participated in the 1985 Metro Manila Film Festival. Amazaldy Productions' Paradise Inn, a film by Celso Ad.Castillo received five major awards--- Best Picture; Best Actress (Vivian Velez); Best Story (Celso Ad Castillo); Best Cinematography (Romeo Vitug) and Best Editing (Edgardo Vinarao). Triple A Films' The Moises Padilla Story: The Missing Chapter got four awards--- Best Actor (Anthony Alonzo); Best Supporting Actor (Tommy Abuel); Best Screenplay (Tom Adrales) and the Second Best Picture Award. Cherie Gil was awarded the Best Supporting Actress trophy for the movie, God... Save Me!. Lea Productions' Ano ang Kulay ng Mukha ng Diyos? received the most number of awards with six--- Best Director (Lino Brocka); Best Child Performer (Katrin Gonzales); Best Musical Scoring (Willy Cruz); Best Sound Engineering (Rolly Ruta); Best Production Design (Benjie de Guzman) and the Third Best Picture Award.

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"Paradise Inn" (1985)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Vivian Velez, Dennis Roldan, Michael de Mesa, Robert Arevalo, Armida Siguon Reyna, Lito ANzures, Jinggoy Estrada, Lucita Soriano, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Bing Davao, Jaime Fabregas, Juan Carlos/ Directed by Celso Ad Castillo

"The Moises Padilla Story: The Missing Chapter" (1985)- Stars Anthony Alonzo, Charito Solis, Gina ALajar, Tommy Abuel, George Estregan, Raoul Aragonn, Juan Rodrigo, Rex Lapid, Daria Ramirez, Frd Moro, Roi Vinzons/ Directed by Wilfredo Milan

"Ano ang Kulay ng Mukha ang Diyos?" (1985)- Stars Gina Alajar, Michael de Mesa, Edu Manzana, Caridad Sanchez and Kristin Gonzales/ Directed by Lino Brocka

"Boboy Tibayan: Tigre ng Cavite" (1985)- Stars Ramon 'Bong' Revilla, Jr., Lani Mercardo, Lyka Ugarte, George Estregan, Raoul Aragonn, Perla Bautista, Rez Cortez, Conrad Poe, Bomber Moran/ Directed by Pepe Marcos

"Bomba Arienda" (1985)- Stars Ace Vergel, Charito Solis, William Martinez, Carmi Martin, Tommy Abuel and Coney Reyes/ Directed by Mel Chionglo

"God... Save Me! (1985)- Stars Christopher de Leon, Charito Solis, Rio Locsin, Cherie Gil, Tommy Abuel, Juan Rodrigo, Rose Ann Gonzales/ Directed by Carlo J. Caparas

"Hee Man: Master of None" (1985)- Stars Redford White, Roderick Paulate, Emily Loren, Don Pepot, Tatlong Itlog, Joaquin Fajardo, Maning bato, Imelda Caparas, Ernie Ortega, Mario Escudero/ Directed by Tony Y. Reyes

"I Can't Stop Loving You" (1985)- Stars Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III, Rowell Santiago and Jackie Lou Blanco, Lani Mercado and Miguel Rodriguez, Nadia Montenegro and Richard Gomez/ with Liza Lorena, Marissa Delgado/ Directed by Elwood Perez

Menudo at Pandesal" (1985)- Stars Gloria Diaz, Carmi Martin, Tanya Gomez and Janice De Belen/ with Paquito Diaz, Max Alvarado, Lou Veloso & Caridad Sanchez/ Directed by Danny L. Zialcita

"Oks na Oks Pakner" (1985)- Stars Nino Muhlach, Janice De Belen and Aga Muhlach/ Directed by J. Erastheo Navoa

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