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Sunday, June 22, 2008

MARS RAVELO: 'KOMIKS' KING #2 of 3 [Circa 1960s]

Mars Ravelo continued his highly successful comic writing career in the 60s turning out numerous komiks novels. From Darna in 1951, he introduced the other highly popular superheroes, Captain Barbell in 1964 and Lastikman in 1965. Ravelo also created other equally popular characters--- Little Lucy, Trudis Liit, Ging, Maruja, Kwatang, Facifica Falayfay, Galo Gimbal, Ginkee and many more.

Four of the many komiks serials he created in the 60s

Trivia...rewind... year 1949

Mars Ravelo’s first attempt at comics work nearly ended in disaster. He presented another comics strip "RITA" to the major publications. And got promptly turned down (Remember that he was not a member of the club) Clodualdo Del Mundo (then the big man at Ramon Roces Publications) and company, wouldn’t even deign to look at it. The same fate befell the strip at Bulaklak Publications. While being turned down the second time at Bulaklak, Ravelo spotted the owner, Aling Bating (Beatriz Guballa). That venerable woman was having lice picked from her hair by a minion. Ravelo went to where she was and, voice quivering in sheer desperation, pleaded: “Please take a look at this,” while thrusting the strip at the woman.
“I”, said the woman imperiously, “have editors to do that. Show it to them.”
“I already have,” replied the flustered Ravelo,. “But they turned it down.”
“Why?” asked the woman, as she crushed a kuto.
“I do not know. They have not even read it. Please spare a minute of your time and read it. Please…”
Perhaps it was Ravelo’s bold approach. Or it could have been his whining plea. But at length the doubting woman reached for the strip.
The rest is history.
After reading a few panels of the strip the woman was by turns giggling, then chortling and later nearly rolling on the floor, choking with laughter. The strip, on command of Aling Bating was included in the first issue of Bulaklak Magazine.
It was an instant hit.
In 1947, the strip, Rita, which told of the antics of a smart-assed brat, struck a familiar chord in the Filipino reader for the situations portrayed in it were typically Filipino, with Filipino actions and reactions. Ravelo’s first strip, it was also his first bull’s eye against the then prevailing trend in comics writing, a derivative kind of writing that was patterned after American and other alien models.
At that time the leading vernacular magazine was Liwayway. Pretty soon it wasn’t leading anymore either in circulation or popularity. An apprehensive Don Ramon Roces ordered a survey and the awful truth was revealed: The reason for Bulaklak’s ascendancy, and Liwayway’s consequent loss of readership, was Ravelo’s Rita.

Source: Ravelo Iconoclast by Ros H. Matienzo
The Philippine Comics Review 1980

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1. I Believe (1961)
- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Mina Aragon, Lauro Delgado, Carol Varga, Oscar Keesee, Teroy de Guzman/ Directed by Cesar Gallardo

2. Little Lucy (1961)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Aura Aurea, Lily Marquez, Naty Bernardo And Ludy San Juan in the title role/ Directed by Cesar Gallardo

3. Trudis Liit (1963)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Luis Gonzales, Bella Flores, Charlie Davao and Introducing Coonie Angeles and Vilma Santos in the title role/ Directed by Jose de Villa

4. Ging (1964)- Stars Jose Padilla, Jr. Olivia Cenizal, Carol Varga, Ramon D' Salva, Aruray and Vilma Santos in the title role/ Directed by Cirio H. Santiago and T.C. Santos

5. Isputnik vs. Darna (1963)- Stars Nida Blanaca, Liza Moreno, Tony Ferrer, Arnold Mendoza,Mila Montanez, Vicente Liwanag, Dencio Padilla, Danilo Jurado, Jay Ilagan/ Directed by Natoy Catindig

6. Si Darna at ang Impakta (1963)- Stars Jose Padilla, Jr., Carlos Salazar, Daisy Romualdez and Liza Moreno as Darna/ Introducing Gina Alonzo/ Directed by Danilo Santiago

7. Captain Barbell (1964)- Stars Dolphy, Bob Soler, Martin Marfil, Bert Olivar, Victor Bravo, Vic VarrionRebecca, Jay Ilagan/ Directed by Herminio 'Butch' Baustista

8. Captain Barbell Kontra Captain Bakal (1964)- Stars Wilie Sotelo, Nancy Roman and Carlos Padilla, Jr./ Directed by Ruben Rustia

9. Anak ni Dyesebel (1964)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Edna Luna, Carol Varga, Aruray, Eddie Fernandez, Jose Cris Soto and Eva Montes in the title role/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon

10. Lastikman (1965)- Stars Von Serna, Lyn D'Amour, Bella Flores, Matimtiman Cruz, Nancy Weber/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

11. Darna at ang Babaing Tuod (1965)- Stars Eva Montes, Gina Alonzo, Anita Linda, Ruben Rustia, Nancy Roman, Tito Galla, Georgie Quizon, Aruray/ Directed by Cirio Santiago

12. Ang Iniluluha Ko'y Dugo (1966)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Rodriguez, Van De Leon, Lou Salvador, Jr., Lito Anzures, Zeny Zabala and Eva Montes/ Directed by Teodorico C. Santos

13. Maruja (1967)- Stars Susan Roces, Romeo Vasquez, Luis Gonzales, Eddie Garcia, Nello nayo, Mary Walter and Perla Bautista/ Directed by Armando de Guzma

14. Kwatang (1967)- Stars Divina Valencia, Roger Calvin, Caridad Sanchez, Ray Marcos and Alicia Alonzo/ Directed by Tony Cayado

15. Galo Gimbal (1968)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Barbara Perez, Johnny Monteiro, Ruben Rustia/ Directed by Augusto Buenaventura

16. Bittersweet (1969)- Stars Rosemarie, Ricky Belmonte, Verna Gaston, Boy Alano, Matimtiman Cruz, Nenita Jana and Jose de Villa/ Directed by Tony Cayado

17. Jinkee (1969)- Stars Rosemarie, Ricky Belmonte, Bella Flores, Norma Blancaflor, Matimyiman Cruz/ Directed by Mar s. Torres

18. Rowena (1969)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Romeo Vasquez, Dante Rivero, Boots Anson-Roa, Jose Padilla, Jr., Mary Walter, Vivian Lorrain, Eddie Mercado and Perla Bautista/ Directed by Armando de Guzman

19. Facifica Falayfay (1969)- Stars Dolphy, Pilar Pilapil, Panchito, Rod Navarro, Martin Marfil, Dely Atay Atayan, Teroy de Guzman/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

20. Si Darna at ang Planetman (1969)- Stars Vic Vargas, Gina Pareno, Boots Anson-Roa, Cesar Ramirez, Gina Alajar, Boy Alajar and Bella Flores/ Directed by Marcelino Navarro

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Natatandaan ko itong GORO nung bata pa ako, gustong-gusto ko itong nobela ni Mars Ravelo. Marami pang nobela si Mr. Ravelo na hindi ko malimutan, yung BOOMA sa Pilipino Komiks. Yun bang JAVLIN si Mr. Ravelo din ba ang author? HAYDEE, NGITNGIT NG 7 WHISTLE BOMB, ELEPANTA, DARNA AT ANG BABAING LINTA, TRAHE DE TRAHEDYA, KITI-KITI. Talagang si Mars Ravelo ang tunay na Komiks King dahil sa dami ng mga nobela niya at naisa-pelikula. Ah, Komiks! Sarap talaga gunitain ang nakaraan! Sino makakalimot sa RIMPAMPANITA, GOOMBO-ROOMBO, BLACK ORCHID, MARIA LUCASTA, TINY TONY, SUICIDE SUSY, SA BAWAT PUNGLO?


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