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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Literary Song-Movie Magazines/ April 1955 and April 1956 issues

Lolita Rodriguez, Dolores Clark in real life, was born on January 29, 1935 in Urdaneta Pangasinan. In 1953, at the age of 18, she entered the movies. She was given walk-on roles. As an extra, she used to earn 5 pesos per appearance. Her first movie was Ating Pag-ibig, followed by Gorio at Tekla, El Indio, Cofradia, Kiko, Reyna Bandida, Sa Isang Sulyap mo Tita and Diwani.
She was introduced as second lead in Pilya (1954) where she portrayed Gloria Romero’s older sister. Her first starring role was Jack and Jill (1954), the same movie that established Dolphy as the top comedian of the country. After being nominated twice, she finally won her first Famas Best actress award in 1956 for the movie Gilda. In the first nomination, despite her credible portrayal as a tomboyish jeepney driver in Jack and Jill, she lost the 1954 award to a fellow Ilocana (Gloria Romero in Dalagang Ilocana) by a mere two votes. The next year, she again lost to Rosa Rosal (Sonny Boy) by only one vote.
From a comedy to light drama roles in 1954, Lolita eventually landed to a more mature and heavy drama roles in the 60s.

1. Pilya (1954)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Ric Rodrigo/ Introducung Lolita Rodriguez Directed by Tony Cayado
2. Sabungera (1954)
- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Dolphy, Boy Alano/ Directed by Tony Cayado

3. Batas ng Alipin (1955)- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Tito Galla, Liberty Ilagan/ Directed by Octavio Silos
4. Binibining Kalog (1955)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Lolita Rodriguez, Rudy Frnacisco, Rosa Mia/ Directedby Octavio Silos

5. Jack and Jill (1954)
- Stars Rogelio de la Rosa, Lolita Rodriguez and Dolphy/Directed by Mar S. Torres

6. Rosana (1955)
- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Norma Vales/ Introducing Daisy Romualdez/ Directed by Armando Garces

7. Tanikalang Apoy (1955)
- Stars Paraluman, Rita Gomez, Lolita Rodriguez, Van de Leon, Eddie Garcia, Etang Discher, Bella Flores, Matimtiman Cruz/ Directed by Jose de Villa

8. Gilda (1956)
- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Arenas, Rosa Mia, Eddie Garcia, Zeny Zabala/ Directed by Armando Garces

9. Kanto Girl (1956)
- Stars Oscar Moreno, Lolita Rodriguez, Aruray, Bella Flores/ Directed by Oliive de la Torre
10. Busabos (1957)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Arenas, Rudy Francisco, Daisy Romualdez/ Directed by Jose de Villa

11. Gabi at Araw (1957)
- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Eddie Garcia, Tolindoy/ Directed by Octavio Silos
12. Taga sa Bato (1957)- Stars Paraluman, Lolita Rodriguez, Luis Gonzales, Van de Leon and Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Conrado Conde

13. Tarhata (1957)- Stars Fred Montilla, Ramon Revilla, Van de Leon, Barbara Perez and Lolita Rodriguez/ Directed by Armando Garces
14. Kundiman ng Piso (1958)
- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Arenas, Tony Marzan, Marlene Dauden/ Directed by Tony Cayado

15. Mapait na Lihim (1958)
- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Van de Leon, Marlene Dauden, Etang Discher/ Directed by Octavio Silos

16. Alipin ng Palad (1959)
- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Luis Gonzales, Eddie Garcia, Tony Cayado,Bella Flores, Zeny Zabala/ Directed by Octavio Silos

17. Cicatriz (1959)
- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Luis Gonazales, Barbara Perez, Carlos Salazar, Greg Martin, Rosita Noble, Bella Flores, Zeny Zabala,Venchito Galvez, Ven Medina/ Directed by Tony Cayado

18. Lupa sa Lupa (1960)
- Stars Gloria Romero, Lolota Rodriguez, Luis Gonzales, Bella Flores and Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Mar S. Torres


The Purple Phoenix said...

Wow! Salamat po. Si Lolita ang the best sa lahat :)

Forever59er said...

I have to echo purple phoenix -- Lolita Rodriguez is the all-time best! Thanks, I truly enjoyed the write-up (no matter short) and the movie bills. Wala nga yung Pasan Ko ang Daigdig, ano? Maybe my rusty memory is playing tricks on me. But I do remember a still -- where Lolita carries her crippled mom piggy-back style beside a kariton.

BU (Mai-Cat) said...

Lolita Rodriguez all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

I only have 2 fave actors in the Phil cinemas...... Nora Aunor and Lolita Rodriguez

romy guillermo aka roberto villamor said...

I just watched Lolita's "Ina ka ng Anak Mo" wow super galing nila namaga mata ko s kakaiyak. No wonder my dad who keeps on talking about Lolita Rodriguez as the best actress of her time. He was lucky then given a chance to worked with her in one of the stage shows long time ago. I''m searching for the movie Dalawang Daigdig ni Carlota.

Unknown said...

If a much greater recognition can be bestowed to an actress rather than the Hall of Fame trophy, the Hall of Excellence award should be created and bestowed to Lolita Rodriguez, the one and only Drama Queen of Philippine movies.

Unknown said...
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