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Saturday, November 15, 2014


1963- The extort case on actors Berting Labra, Joseph Estrada, Fernando Poe, Jr. and Romeo Vasquez and almost all the big male stars has gained considerable attention – with the report that some actually fork over big sums. Chiquito has beaten all of them to the draw by getting himself drafted in the Makati Police force. The only trouble with this policeman is that nobody cares to believe in him as such, especially when he starts pulling a credential from a pocket. Going after errant characters must be fun for Chiquito, and getting apprehended by him must be doubly funny. But seriously, because of this turn of events – actors reportedly hiding from the goons - movie stars are no longer seen walking around alone. Even Pol Salcedo goes about with a battalion of bodyguards.

Which reminds us that actors Poe, Estrada, Vic Diaz and Paquito Diaz have proceeded to Hollywood after a week or so at Honolulu. Maggie de la Riva, the female star of Los Palikeros arrived the other day with stories full about Hawaii and Fernando Poe, Jr.(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ June 6, 1963)

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