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Friday, August 7, 2009


The Fabulous Reycards/ TV Performance/
BBC Channel 2 / March 26, 1977

Do you still remember the " ReyCard Duet”? This dynamic popular duo made it big in Las Vegas.

The Reycard Duet (Rey Ramirez and Ricardo ‘Carding’ Castro) started their career in the entertainment world in the 50s doing stage shows at the Clover Theater and Manila Grand Opera House. They also performed in town fiestas. In their performances, Ramirez was the singer while Castro provided the comedy part. Carding’s big mouth was the duo’s main draw and asset. The two also appeared in movies, even doing a bio-pic in 1964, titled “The Reycard Duet Story.” In the late 60s, the Reycards hit it big in
Las Vegas, which became their home for more than 40 years. From time to time, they do concerts here in the Philippines and also in Europe and other parts of the world. The two returned in the 90s and hosted "Awitawanan," with Pilita on Channel 13. They also starred in comedies like "Katabi Ko'y Mamaw and "Yes, Yes, Yo, Kabayong Kutsero.” When Rey died in 1997, Carding turned solo and appeared in ABS-CBN sitcom, “Home Along the Riles” with Comedy King Dolphy. He did several movies under Star Cinema. He died in 2003.

Trivia: 6os movie actress Lyn D’ Amour was the wife of Rey Ramirez. Did you know that Carding had an affair with
Hollywood legend Lana Turner? Incredible but true!

Left- The Young Reycard Duet

Right- Clover- Circa 1961

Clover - Circa 1961

"Alembong" (1958)- Stars Leroy Salvador, Lita Gutierrez (first starring role), Linda Roxas, Rey Ruiz, Oscar Obligacion/ Featuring Reycard Duet/ Directed by Fred Daluz

Left- "Pamilya Galawgaw" (1964)- Stars Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Lita Gutierrez, Willie Sotelo, Luz Valdez, Robert Campos, Diomedes Maturan, Jose Mari, Von Serna, Reycard Duet/ Directed by F.H. Constantino

Right- The Reycard Duet Story
" (1964)- Stars The Reycard Duet and an All-Star Cast/ Directed by Armando de Guzman

"Everybody Dance" (1964)- Stars Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa and Reycard Duet/ with Von Serna, Malony Antonio & Lou Salvador Sr./ Directed by F.H. Constantino

Left- "Let's Go" (1964)- Stars Eddie Mesa, Jose Mari, Helen gamboa, Vilma Valera, Reycard Duet, Elizabeth Ramsey, Ciqui Somes & Jerry Pons/ Directed by Pablo Santiago

"Let's Do It... The Las Vegas Way" (1969)- Stars Reycard Duet, Jean Lopez, Jimmy Morato, Jessica, Chichay/ with Bobby Santiago, Bert Marcelo, Tony santos, Jr./ Directed byLauro Pacheco

"The Young Idols" (1970)- Stars Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz and Reycard Duet/ with Johnny Delgado, Rosanna Ortiz, Alvaro Muhlach, Ernie White, Eva Marie, Alicja Basili/ Directed by Ben Feleo


James DR said...

Meron ako nabasa noon na merong inatake sa puso na isang amerikano dahil sa kakatawa kay Carding sa isang show nila sa Las Vegas. Ito yung ginaya nilang Madame Butterfly. Simon, sana meron ka clippings tungkol dun.

Anonymous said...

hi mr. simon...rey died in 1997...not 1977.

Video 48 said...

Thanks, just corrected it.

Anonymous said...

olive santos is my "tita" she's still living sana may mga file k p niya dahil tinago ng tita ang mga files niya ngayon


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