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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Gulong ng Palad, one of the most successful radio dramas in the history Philippine radio, was first heard over DZRH in 1949. The soap opera, written by Lina Flor, ran from 1949 to 1956, with talent Loida Viriña playing the main character of Luisa.

In 1977, the popular radio serial was revived, this time in television via BBC (Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation) Channel 2. Loida was instrumental in bringing this soap opera to television and it became an instant hit. It made household names out of Luisa (Marianne dela Riva), Carding (Ronald Corveau), Mang Emong (Augusto Victa), Aling Idad (Caridad Sanchez), Mimi (Beth Bautista) and Peping (4-year old Romnick Sarmenta). Gulong ng Palad went on air up to 1985.
(Source: Jose Mari Lee/ http://pinoy-comics-tv-movies.blogspot.com/)

Trivia: Lead stars Marianne and Ronald fell in love on the set of "Gulong." They got married but later separated. Ronald migrated to US and Marianne stayed on to do movies. They have two children. Marianne is now based in the US and her marriage to Dr. Oscar T. Ortiz was her reason for leaving the country.


Jojo Devera said...

Kuya Simon wasn't Augusto Victa's chaacter named Mang Tomas?

Video 48 said...

Hi Jojo, I would be wrong. Here's my source--an article by Leah C. Salterio published at The Philippine Star-- http://forums.abs-cbn.com/thread/1431366.aspx--- Thanks!

James DR said...

Simon, meron akong articles na nai-post about Gulong Ng Palad of 1978 and the original cast of the 50s (posted Sept.19, 2008, Label: TV Soap Opera). Sa original pala, si Rosa Mia yung Aling Menang na ginampanan ni Tita de Villa.

Video 48 said...

Thanks James! Here's the link http://pelikulaatbp.blogspot.com/search/label/TV%20Soap%20Opera

Anonymous said...

augusto victa's character was indeed named mang tomas.

beth bautista left the show when she became a famous movie star. her character mimi came back to the show with another actress who looked tame and passive (as opposed to bautista's sexy and aggressive version).

the show was revived in the early 80's as a daily 30 minute serial to serve as a pe-programming for "flordeluna" on rpn-9 but it did't last long. another revival was attempted sometime in the mid-80s, this time as a weekly soap on channel 2 on saturday afternoons. re-titled "gulong ng palad: sa pagdaan ng panahon", it didn't last long, either.

claudio.blogspot.com said...

Hi. Pwede pong magtanong kung saan po kaya makakahanap ng copy ng original version ng gulong ng palad (TV version) at Flor de Luna?
Salamat po.

Anonymous said...

Enrique 'Ric' Valdes was the original Carding in GnP radio with Loida 'Loi' Virina as Luisa in the 1950s. Ric Valdes's daughter, Cecile Valdes replaced Mimi as another character for a short period after Mimi's character was killed off in the series in 1978.

Anonymous said...

Charmie Benavidez replaced Beth Bautista as Mimi in the 1977 version.


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