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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The 8os saw the rise of several young and promising action movie stars. Ace Vergel and Bembol Roco both started their career in a high notes. Ace, the original 'Bad Boy' of Philippine Movies, was re-introduced in 1977 in Lino Brocka’s Inay. He started his career when he was four in 1956 in Taong Putik and in 1959 in Anak ng Bulkan with a screen name of Ace York. From Inay, he started doing some drama roles, after which he reinvented himself as an action star in the 80s.

Bembol Roco, on the other hand, was launched to full stardom in 1975 in his second movie, Brocka’s
Maynila, Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag (his first movie was Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa ) where he won the FAMAS Best Actor. He turned in memorable performances in succeeding movies in Mario O’Hara’s Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos and Celso Ad Castillo’s Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak. In 1980, Roco, in a sudden shift of screen image, shaved his head for a role in Boy Pana, a role that perk up his sluggish and dull career.

Another actor who made a name in the 80s was Rhene Imperial, a Joseph Estrada copycat--- his looks, built and stance remind you of the former President. Though he had a brief movie career, he nevertheless made a good account and impression of himself.


Left- Tatak Angustia (1980)- Stars Rudy Fernandez, Ace Vergel, George Estregan, Jennifer Cortez, Anita Linda, Conrad Poe, Dencio Padilla/ Directed by Jerry Tirazona

Right- Kamandag ng Rehas na Bakal (1981)- Stars Ace Vergel, Conrad Poe and Phillip Salvador/ with Dencio Padilla, Ann Villegas, Ameriza, Johnny Wilson/ Directed by Nilo Saez

Left- Hantingan (1981)- Stars Ace Vergel, Ruby Ana, Eddie Garcia, Azenith Briones/ Directed by Francis 'Jun' Posadas

Right- Pieta (1983)- Stars Ace Vergel, Vivian Velez, Charito Solis, Luis Gonzales, Mario Montenegro, George Estregan, Deborah Sun/ Directed by Carlo J. Caparas

Huwag Kang Papatay! (1984)- Stars Ace Vergel, Rio Locsin, Johnny Delgado, Angela Perez/ Directed by Pepe Marcos


Left- Boy Pana (1980)- Stars Bembol Roco, Chanda Romero, Rosanna Ortiz, Gina Alajar, Beth Bautista, Raul Aragon, Dick Israel and Gloria Sevilla/ Directed by Romy Suzara

Right- Kanto Boy (1980)- Stars Bembol Roco, Rio Locsin, Chanda Romero, Beth Bautista, Eddie Garcia, George Estregan, Philip Gamboa, / Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Left- Bulldog (1981)- Stars Bembol Roco, Liz Alindogan, Carmi Martin, Ruel Vernal, Paquito Diaz, Arturo 'Bomber' Moran / Directed by Cesar Gallardo

Right- Asal Hayop (1981)- Stars Bembol Roco and Dante Varona, Michael De Mesa, Deeborah Sun, Chanda Romero/ with Pia Moran, Rosemarie Gil/ Directed by Bembol Roco

Left- Totoy Guwapo: Police Informer (1981)- Stars Bembol Roco and Tina Monasterio/ Directed by Joseph de Vilamor

Right- Over My Dead Body (1983)- Stars Tony Ferrer, Efren Reyes, Jr. and Bembol Roco/ with Raoul Aragon, Ana Marie Gutierrez, Lolita Marquez/ Directed by Arsenio Bautista


Quintin Bilibid (1981)- Stars Rhene Imperial, Techie Agbayani, Eddie Garcia, George Estregan, Deborah Sun/ Directed by Manuel 'Fyke' Cinco

Left- Gintong Araw... Ni Boy Madrigal? (1984)- Stars Rhene Imperial, Conrad Poe, George Estregan, Michael Murray, Donna Villa, Marissa del Mar, Tanya Gomez/ Directed by Carlos Diaz

Right- Miguel Cordero (1985)- Stars Rhene Imperial, Rex Lapid, Conrad Poe, Nick Romano/ Directed by Joseph de Villamor


Unknown said...

He is the son of the late Cesar Ramirez and a brother of Beverly Vergel and a former child actor appeared in 1962 scifi/fantasy Anak ng Bulkan died in 2007 due to syphilis/complications at the age of 55 years and remains a movie celebrity.thanks for the information.from:Wayne

Applehead said...

Heart attack po ang kinamatay ni Ace. 53 yrs old sya namatay at 1959 po ang Anak ng Bulkan.. Get your fact straight pls!


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