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Friday, May 9, 2014


A monstrous giant bird soars high across Manila and suburbs in 1959 in Emmanuel Rojas’s Anak ng Bulkan. It caught the attention of the moviegoers because of its awesome display of visual and special effects unprecedented during that time. It’s truly amazing how Rojas was able to capture the needed effects with the limited resources at hand. The movie, set in a remote volcanic island, tells of the friendship between a little boy named Bentoy and a giant bird named Goliat.

Fernando Poe Jr. shared top billing with veteran actress, Edna Luna, but the main stars of the movie was the giant bird and the little boy played by 7-year old Ace York (or Ace Vergel). Veteran character actor Bruno Punzalan in the role of Mang Kanuto, the stepfather of Bentoy was unforgettable who made life miserable for the boy.

Two film clips are uploaded (see below)---

"Anak ng Bulkan"
Premiere Productions, Inc.
Release Date December 23- 30, 1959/ Life
Story Jose Domingo Karasig
Screenplay Jose F. Sibal
Music Tito Arevalo
Direction Emmanuel Rojas
Cast Fernando Poe, Jr., Edna Luna, Miriam Jurado, Ronald Remy/ Featuring Ace York/ Introducing Elizabeth Rigor/ with Bruno Punzalan, Jose Garcia, Belen Velasco, Felisa Salcedo, Josephine Sancho, Dina Morales, Marieta Sanz, Diana Corral, Maya Navarro, Rosie Acosta

---to read, click images to enlarge---

Literary Song Movie Magazine/ 1959

"Anak ng Bulkan"
Story by Jose Domingo Karasig
Artwork by Dionisio J.Roque
Serialized in Liwayway Magazine

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Courtesy of Premiere Productions


TheCoolCanadian said...

Hi Simon:

Very crude animation, especially the clipping path showing as a line.

However, it works really well. The proportion of the foreground shot of the bird and the kids in the sky against the backdrop below of the town – looks very convincing and proportion-wise, was not bad either.

It's fun to watch. Is this available in DVD?

Video 48 said...

Not yet, JM. The movie was shown several times in Cinema One-

dexter said...

wow,great to see clips of this after all the years! this was my favorite movie as a child,i remember watching it every time its being shown on Ch. 9,along with FPJ's Prinsesa Naranja with Elizabeth Ramsey--isang libong halik...i remember a Chiquito movie where there was a genie in a lamp,it was in B&W still,do you know that movie Simon,and also a Chiquito movie where there is a sunglass-when he wears it,he can see thru one's clothes?

earl said...

Hi Mr. Simon
I was about to send you a request about featuring Classic Pinoy special effects when you posted an entry about Richard Abelardo.. It feels like you just read my mind.. I'm a motion graphic artist but just a newbie, and I was always wondering how do they make special effects in the early years of philippine cinema. The Richard Abelardo article that you posted was like a new found treasure to me. Thank you very much..
I hope you can post more about pinoy special effects soon

More Power to you

Video 48 said...

Dexter- here's the ad of Chiquito with a genie in a lamp. The movie was "Ang Mahiwagang Lampara," released in 1963---
You can also watch the video clip of "Prinsesa Naranja with FPJ and Elizabeth Ramsey --- http://www.youtube.com/user/wayne7153#p/u/30/DrBis1y7TjQ
Thanks for dropping!

Video 48 said...

Hi Earl!You're welcome! Hope to get more articles. I'm happy sharing stuffs like this!

Genfil Villahermosa said...

I love this movie, I used to watch it in as a kid in tv during the 70's.

Anonymous said...

Released in 1960 about a flying giant eagle soaring high in the Philippines starring Fernando Poe Jr. Ronald Remy Edna Luna Bruno Punzalan & Ace Vergel became a cult favorite & science fiction fantasy kaiju/monster melidrama film & became public domain in the Philippines.


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