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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Fourteen-year old Nora Aunor topped the Tawag ng Tanghalan in 1967. She went on to do some radio programs, recorded some singles and made her movie debut in Sampaguita’s All Over the World. Most of the movies she did with Sampaguita were initially “guest roles” and one of these was a Susan Roces-Eddie Gutierrez movie, Ang Pangarap Ko’y Ikaw, where she sang one number. Here’s that unforgettable scene and hope all of you will love it---


TheCoolCanadian said...


LOL. Nora's voice was really raw and refreshing here. There wasn't even any trace of vibrato, unlike later on when she had her show in TV called Superstar.

Too bad Boy Alanao's voice was not lip synched by another male singer to complement Aunor's voice. His singing became even more obviously desafinado and just totally out of pitch, because her voice was so good. I had many opportunities working with Naty Mallares, and like any pre-war actors in RP, she was a very competent performer. That other young girl in the scene, she must be Maribel Aunor?

What follows after Aunor's Sampaguita films were series of horrendous quickies directed by Artemio Marquez. But, nevertheless, the Nora fans didn't care about the quality. What was important was their idol was there, singing, and they were tickled by the Nora-Manny (de Leon) and Nora Tirso (Cruz III) love teams.

The 1970s. The best of RP movies, and the worst of RP movies.

Fallacy of contradiction. But, this was indeed the reality of those years.

Ken said...

Thank you Simon for sharing this video clip. I hope you can post more Nora video clips from the late 60's or early 70's.

Anonymous said...


Totoo bang nasa Oakland, California na nagre-reside si Nora? ano ang trabaho niya doon? mi planong film sa kanya si Celso Ad.Castillo, ayon sa mga blurbs dito....

Pero sayang ang boses ni Nora, sana magrecording ulit siya, mga OLD STANDARDS, preferably from the AMERICAN SONGBOOK, nila Porter, et.al

TheCoolCanadian said...


Yeah. That would be fantastic. Miss Aunor has indeed a unique voice and old standards are quite hot these days. Look at Tony Bennett having a wonderful singing career in his 80s. Teenagers are buying his CDs! And even Canadian singer Michael Bubblé is turning out old standards left and right and he's selling them everywhere.

Our very own Nora Aunor can also do this, no doubt. But first, she must have – FOCUS. This one is missing somewhere. She's still having concerts allover north America, but I think she has to go back to recording. Nowadays the RP singers who became so popular by screaming (you know, pasigaw-sigaw style na parang baboy na kinakatay), Miss Aunor has a very good voice and a genuine singing ability.

Anonymous said...


Tama ka, pasigaw-sigaw na kanta, BIRIT ang tawag diyan, at ang champion eh si REGINE VELASQUEZ. I'm irrtitated by it. Si Nora hindi sumisigaw, talgang au naturel ang boses niya.

NORA AUNOR COVERS COLE PORTER, sino kaya ang record producer nito?


Anonymous said...

May bagong CD si Nora, Habang Panahon. Hindi pa ito officially release by any recording company but you can get a copy during her concerts/shows. From an article from PDI...

"Nora Aunor, whose long and checkered career officially began as a singer in the 1960s, is back with a new album. Recorded as an independent production in the United States, the 10-track CD, “Habang Panahon,” is her first attempt to interpret an all-original set of material.

Nine of the songs are credited to the husband-and-wife team of Bodjie Dasig and Odette Quesada, likewise the album producers and backup vocalists. Dasig wrote five of the tracks; Quesada penned one; and the duo collaborated on three cuts. Christine Bendebel composed one song."

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Thanks for the movie clip of Nora Aunor. I immediately recognized Boy Alano now grown. That's the same boy I was schoolmate with in Elementary School, and who became famous for the movie Kiko, where he played a boy raised up as a girl. I didn't know he made this movie or that he was still making movies around Nora's time.


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