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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Left- "Huwag Mo Akong Limutin" (1960)- Stars Cesar Ramirez, Cyntia Zamora, Aura Aurea and Arsenia Francisca/ with Ramon D' Salva, Oscar Keesee, Nello Nayo, Danilo Jurado/ Introducing Robert Arevalo / Directed by Gerry de Leon

Right- "NBI" (1961)- Stars Jose Padilla, Jr., Efren Reyes, Alicia Vergel, Van de Leon, Johnny Monteiro, Cecilia Lopez, Miriam Jurado, Oscar Roncal and Robert Arevalo/ Directed by Eddie Romero

Acting runs in his blood. Robert Arevalo, an A+ and multi-talented actor, comes from the Ylagan clan. Award-winning director and National Artist Gerry de Leon is his uncle. The famous Tito Arevalo, a movie actor in the 1940’s and a musical scorer, is his father. Angel Esmeralda, also a movie actor and the father of Jay Ilagan, was his uncle. Liberty Ilagan and Jay Ilagan, both famous movie stars, are his cousins.

Arevalo made his movie debut in 1960 in Gerry de Leon’s “Huwag Mo Akong Limutin.” He was tapped to star in a major role in two relatively unknown movies early in his movie career--- "NBI" (1961) and "Panginoon" (1962). His biggest break was in 1965 for the movie “Ang Daigdig ng Mga Api,” for which he won the FAMAS Best Actor Award, together with his wife, Barbara Perez, who won the Best Actress trophy. In all, "Daigdig" got a total of 8 awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for De Leon. He was also best remembered in other two De Leon’s award-winning epic masterpieces, “Noli Me Tangere” (1961) and “El Filibusterismo” (1962).

"Bangkay Kaming Hahakbangan" (1961)- Stars Efren Reyes, Jose Romulo, Bob Soler, Eddie Mesa, Robert Arevalo/ with Oscar Keesee, Teroy de Guzman, Lito Anzures and Aura Aurea & Miriam JuradoDirected by Efren Reyes

Left- "Noli Me Tangere" (1961)- Stars Eduardo Del Mar, Edita Vital, Teody Belarmino, Johnny Monteiro, Oscar Keesee and Leopoldo Salcedo/ with Ruben Rustia, Robert Arevalo and all-star cast/ Introducing Lina Carino / Directed by Gerry de Leon

Right- "El Filibusterismo" (1962)- Stars Pancho Magalona, Charito Solis, Teody Belarmino, Edita Vital, Ben Perez, Carlos Padilla, Jr., Lourdes Medel, Robert Arevalo, Oscar Keesee/ Directed by Gerry de Leon

"Panginoon" (1962)- Stars Bob Soler, Aura Aurea, Mina Aragon, Johnny Monteiro, Oscar Keesee, Carol Varga, Lito Anzures, Jose Garcia and Robert Arevalo/ Directed by Efren Reyes

""Magtago Ka Na, Binata!" (1963)- Six Episodes: Stars Efren Reyes & Lolita Rodriguez; Cesar Ramirez, Fred Galang & Arabella Harmon; Robert Arevalo & Daisy Romualdez; Dolphy, Bob Soler & Luz Valdez; Mike Parsons & Aura Aurea; Nestor de Villa & Lita Gutierrez/ Directed by Eddie Romero

"Tagumpay ng Mahirap" (1965)- Stars Fred Montilla, Cynthia Ugalde, Greg Martin/ Robert Arevalo, Barbara Perez, Leonor Vergara/ Directed by Lamberto Avellana, Eddie Romero and Gerardo de Leon

"Ang Daigdig ng mga Api" (1965)- Stars Barbara Perez and Robert Arevalo/ with Ben Perez, Oscar Keesee, Dely Villanueva, Manny Ojeda, Mona Del Cielo, Ruben Rustia, Francisco Cruz/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon


TheCoolCanadian said...

I have seen this DAIGDIG NG MGA API, another powerful film from Gerry de Leon. Arevalo was quite good here, and the surpise package was a new actor named JET DEL MUNDO (son of writer Clodualdo del Mundo Sr). However, despite his fine performance, he was never seen again in any Tagalog films.

Video 48 said...

JM, was 'Daigdig' based on the life of President Diosdado Macapagal? There was an article written that it was, but I think it's 'Tagumpay ng Mahirap.'

TheCoolCanadian said...

You're right, Tagumpay ng Mahirap was Macapagal's story. It was , in reality, a propaganda film, but you would never notice it by the way it was presented.

Though it's true that Macapagal was one president who made the Philippines second to Japan in economic growth during his regime. He also never used nepotism in his government. Pretty good guy, I must say. Maybe it was the reason why many people was hoping that GMA will do the same thing... but she didn't.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm Anna, Robert's daughter. Where did you get all these posters? Would you know where I could get a copy of any of these films as well as those of Lolo Gerry De Leon? Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

He is the uncle of Lorna tolentino and jay ilagan are both cousins as well as liberty ilagan they are relatives was once played Jose Rizal in tv/movie and biopic story and screenwriter actor and popular veteran of Filipino movies was hosted balintataw a mystery/horror/suspense anthology series aired on channel 5 from 1967-72 tv series then revived since the late 1980's and a possible comeback to tv5 hosted by Ryan Agoncillo as host in a revival of classic tv series equivalent of twilight zone or outer limits and next step beyond combined in one tv drama.and remains a classic tv show thanks!from:Wayne


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