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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"Ako si Emma, Babae!," the movie that made newcomer starlet Janet Bordon a big star in 1977. The movie deals with the sensitive issue of 'transsexualism,' where Bordon plays the role of a male who undergo a sex change.

"Ako si Emma, Babae!" (1977)- Stars George Estregan, Allan Valenzuela, Rosemarie Gil and Rudy Fernandez & Janet Bordon (First Star '77)/ Directed by Augusto Buenaventura


TheCoolCanadian said...


It's unusual that the ad didn't put: "serialized in komiks by Elena Patron." She wrote the original story of this material in komiks.

The emergence of women writers in komiks in the 1970s produced some stories with more feminist thrust. Amongst these women were: Elena Patron, Lualhati Bautista, Nerissa Cabral, Helen Meriz, and many more. It was during this time that the male komiks writers, including Ravelo, decided to do a detour, and produced more materials with feminism in them. In fact, the decade of the 1970s produced more movies with women as main characters in them. In the komiks, I remember when I was told by a publishing company to write a nobela and make sure that the leading character is a woman.

This is the reason why I tend to believe that this particular decade was sort of "coming of age" in Filipino movies and komiks. Both seemed to have suddenly "grown up" from the more innocent decades before.

Anonymous said...

upload ko ang ilang scene nito sa youtube


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