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Friday, September 11, 2009


Left- Signed autograph of the actor courtesy of "Purico."

Right- "Aladin"(1946)- Stars Norma Blancaflor and Jaime de la Rosa, Naty Bernardo, Salvador Zaragosa, Leroy Salvador, Vicente Salumbides, Gil de Leon, Juan Urbano, Canuplin, Menggay/ Directed by Vicente Salumbides

Jaime de la Rosa Film Retrospective is now ongoing at SkycableTV-Cinema One this week (with replays the following week). De la Rosa, a LVN’s prized contract star, was one of the country’s popular and bankable actors in the 40s and 50s and was best remembered in movies like Garrison 13 (1946), Waling-Waling (1948), Batalyon XII (1949), Satur (1951), Korea (1952), Dyesebel (1953), Batanguena (1953) and many other memorable films.
Five of his movies are included in the retro: 1. Aladin (1946) with Norma Blancaflor; 2. Biglang Yaman (1949) with Rosa Rosal and the tandem of Togo and Pugo; 3. Parola (1949) with Norma Blancaflor; 4. Galawgaw (1954) with Nida Blanca and 5. No Money No Honey (1955) with Carmencita Abad. Some months back, a romantic comedy, Nina Bonita (1956), one of my favorites and co-starred Charito Solis in her debut movie, was also shown.
It’s great to see these outstanding Tagalog classics once again and fans and movie enthusiasts like us are overwhelmed of such rare development.

Left- "Biglang Yaman" (1949)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Rosa Rosal, Pugo & Togo/ Directed by Joe Climaco

Right- "Parola" (1949)- Stars Norma Blancaflor and Jaime de la Rosa

"Galawgaw" (1954)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Nida Blanca, Eddie San Jose, Priscilla Ramirez, Metring David, Pamboy/ Introducing Nita Javier/ Directed by F.H. Constantino

Left- "No Money No Honey" (1955)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Carmencita Abad/ with Jose de Cordova, Oscar Obligacion/ Directed by Bert Avellana

Right- "Nina Bonita" (1955)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa and Introducing Charito Solis
/ with Milagros Naval, Gil de Leon, Eusebio Gomez


TheCoolCanadian said...


In 1970s, Betty, Jaime's daughter, was my classmate in FEU Mass Comm. We always go to their house to hang out and Jaime would always be there to share some stories or jokes about showbiz.

Funny how they never told us that Rogelio de la Rosa was Jaime's brother so we never suspected since they didn't look alike.

I think Betty mentioned to me once that writer Piere Salas (nom de Plume) was actually her uncle on the mother side, and her aunt Purita was Diosdado Macapagal's first wife.

Jaime lived a very simple life. He could have bought a beautiful house in a gated subdivision, but he didn't. Instead, he chose the Sampaloc area (somewhere near the University of the East and National). It is a modest house and not very big, yet it was obvious that it was a home full of love.

Jaime's home reminded me of the lyrics of an old song by Nat King Cole and Vera Lynn (must have been recorded in the late 1940s):

"A house with love in it – is rich, indeed."

Anonymous said...

sino po ba ang wife ni mr jaime dela rosa artista rin po ba?buhay pa po ba sila pls gusto ko rin pong mapanuod ang lahat ng movie ny thanks u w8 ko po ang lahat ng.

Sam said...

Hindi po artista ang napangasawa ni Jaime dela Rosa. Childhood sweetheart po niya ang nakatuluyan niya, Beatriz din ang pangalan niya, sabi po dun sa ilang articles na nabasa ko.


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