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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I like taking candid shots.

He writes, he shoots. Ricky Lee and Romy Vitug in a series of amusing photos. Here, multi-awarded cinematographer Romeo ‘Romy’ Vitug taking snapshots of Ricardo 'Ricky' Lee during the latter’s book launch last May 31. Both subjects are
icons and "hall-of-famers" in their respective fields.

photos by Simon Santos

Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Lee, one of the Philippines’ premier scriptwriters, has written more than 130 produced film scripts since 1979, earning for him more than 50 trophies from award-giving bodies. He also won several awards in fiction (Phil. Free Press, Palanca, National Book Award, etc); a Gawad-Balagtas Awardee 2000 from UMPIL and 100 Centennial Awardees of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Romeo ‘Romy’ Vitug is one of the country’s prized and multi-awarded cinematographers. He has won numerous awards from various award-giving bodies--- Gawad URIAN (6 times); FAMAS (4 times); FAP (8 times); Metro Manila Film Festival (5 times); Stars Awards (3 times) and a recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award from Cinemanila International Film Festival.

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