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Thursday, March 27, 2008


The 'James Dean look' that jumpstarted his movie career

Lou Salvador, Jr. [born December 4, 1941], nicknamed Jojo, was dubbed as the James Dean of the Philippines. The young Lou belonged to the Salvador Clan --- Lou Sr. (the father), Leroy Salvador, Alona Alegre, Chona Sandoval, Ross Rival, Jobelle Salvador, Phillip Salvador, Jumbo Salvador. His dream of becoming an air force pilot was put on hold when he temporarily stopped schooling [third yr. high school] and entered the movies.

In 1957, Lou, only 16 years old, was spotted by veteran director Gregorio Fernandez at the LVN compound. Fernandez took Lou, who was then looking for his brother, and promptly tried him out in Hukom Roldan. From his first bit parts, Lou then went on to get an important part in Sanga-Sangang Puso, play second lead in Troop11 and eventually take the title role in Bad Boy with newcomer Marita Zobel as his leading lady.

In 1958, he went on to appear in Faithful, Barkada, Walang Takot and Isang Paa sa Hukay. He was nominated for Famas Best Supporting Actor in Krus na Daan in 1960 and finally winning it in 1962 for his performance in Ako ang Katrarungan, an FPJ starrer. He is married to Genevieve Poe, a younger sister of FPJ.

Bad Boy (1957)- Stars Lou Salvador, Jr., Leroy Salvador, Marita Zobel, Hector Reyes, Luisa Montessa, Chona Sandoval/ Directed by Lou Salvador Sr.

Faithful (1958)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Rosa Rosal, Marita Zobel, Rosa Aguirre, Oscar Keesee and Lou Salvador Jr./ Directed by Lamberto Avellana

Barkada (1958)- Stars Lou Salvador Jr.,Marita Zobel, Hector Reyes, Chona Sandoval, Ike Jarlego/ Directed by Lou Salvador Sr.

Isang Paa sa Hukay (1958)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Robert Campos, Editha Clomera, Guia Gomez and Lou Salvador, Jr./ Directed by Felix Vilar

Walang Takot (1958)- Stars Lou Salvador, Jr., Marita Zobel, Bernard Bonnin, Chona Sandoval/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

Combo Festival (1959)- Stars Lou Salvador, Jr., Hector Reyes, Chona Sandoval, Luz Valdez and Pugo/ Directed by Manuel Silos

Chinita (1959)- Stars Nestor de Villa, Lou Salvador, Jr. and Luz Valdez in the title role/ Directed by F.H. Constantino

Krus na Daan (1960)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Lou Salvador, Jr., Bentot, Chiquito, Carmencta Abad, Inday Jalandoni/ Directed by Leroy Salvador

Pitong Sagisag (1961)- Stars Efren Reyes, Cesar Ramirez, Johnny Monteiro, Ronald Remy, Lou Salvador, Jr., Lopito/ Directed by Efren Reyes

Dead or Alive (1962)- Stars Cesar Ramirez, Cecilia Lopez, Lauro Delgado, Miriam Jurado, Quiel Segovia and Lou Salvador, Jr./Directed by Alex M. Sunga

Albano Brothers (1962)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Bob Soler, Eddie Mesa, Carlos Padila, Jr. and Lou Salvador, Jr. / Directed by Efren Reyes

Ako ang Katarungan (1962)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Van De Leon, Lou Salvador Jr., Adorable Liwanag, Oscar Keesee and Paraluman/ Directed by Gerardo De Leon

Alias Golden Boy (1963)- Stars Lou Salvador, Jr., Berting Labra, Luz Valdez, Toto, Mary Walter and Perla Bautista/ Introducing Ross Rival/ Directed by Leroy Salvador

Kayo ang Humatol (1963)- Stars Lou Salvador, Jr., Luz Valdez, Perla Bautista, Jose Padilla, Jr./ Directed by Leroy Salvador

Tatlong Siga sa Maynila (1964)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Lou Salvador, Jr. and Romeo Vasquez/ Directed by Ding M. De Jesus


Anonymous said...

Is there a chance to sell more of his movies? and if you can find the last movie he made "Pagibig Magkano Ka" with Alma Moreno? (late 1980's)

please and thank you.

Anonymous said...

sorry the late 1970's :)

grandpa said...

Is there a chance to sell more of his movies? and if you can find the last movie he made "Pagibig Magkano Ka" with Alma Moreno? (late 1970's)
can we buy it???

Unknown said...

He is the brother of the late Leroy Salvador uncle of actress Maja Salvador dubbed "The James Dean of the Philippines" by Filipino film critics in Philippine movie history.Thanks! From:Wayne


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