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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Pitong James Bonds (1966)

The popularity and success of James Bond in the 1960s [Dr. No (1962), From Russia With Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965)] gave rise to numerous so-called Pinoy James Bonds, serious or otherwise- Eddie Fernandez as Lagalag (see separate post), Alberto Alonzo as Agent 69, Bob Soler as Dante Diamante, Bernard Bonnin (see separate post for his other films) as Doble Talim, Secret Agent M-1 or Agent 707 and even top comedians Dolphy as Dolpinger and Agent 1-2-3 in Dr. Yes and Chiquito as James Bondat and Mr. Thunderball and lots more. It was the era which local movie scribes during that time described as Bond-o-mania. The most successful of them all was the man they called Tony Falcon, Secret Agent X-44 (see separate post).

Dolpinger (1965)

Dolpinger: Agent ng Lagim (1965)

Dr. Yes (1965)

Dressed to Kill (1965)

Napoleon Doble and the Sexy Six (1966)

Scarface at Al Capone (1965)

Alyas Don Juan (1966)

Dolpong Istambul (1966)

Doble Solo (1966)

Dolpong Scarface (1966)

Operation Butterball (1966)

Mr. Thunderball (1965)

Prettyboy Playboy (1965)

Mga Abilidad sa Akong (1966)

Doble Talim: Secret Agent M-1 (1965)

Lambat [Dragnet] (1965)

Karate sa Karate (1965) with Bernard Bonnin as Agent 707
and Alberto Alonzo as Agent 69
Dante Diamante (1965)

Target Max (1965)

7 Mata-Hari (1965)

Tatlong Mabilis (1965)

Tatlong Mabilis sa Hongkong (1965)

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Unknown said...

Philippine espionage/action films was influenced by American and European adventures like James Bond Charlie's Angels Starsky & Hutch and other stories in popular culture in films television comics animated series and media in Philippine history. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne


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